Aug 14 2009Rain-Free, Hands-Free: The Shoulderbrella


This isn't the first hands-free umbrella we've ever seen, but it does rank right up there with the stupidest (you're going to get one, aren't you?). The Shoulderbrella is a $25 flexible dong that attaches to the end of any umbrella so that you can form it around your shoulder for hands-free umbrella usage. Also works with parasols! Unfortunately the Shoulderbrella does NOT work with taste and decency. Or shoulder mounted cannons. Which, okay now I'm thinking about boobs. My God I love those things.

Shoulderbrella: Because Holding Your Umbrella Is Haaaarrrd [gizmodo]

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Reader Comments

Wait a minute! That isn't marry poppins!!!!

and kids proceed to be X-TREME jumping off their roofs in style


Never mind, yes it is. You just have to look at her upside down with one eye half way closed.

@2 they should wrap it around their neck first


I've already ordered 3 for the dildo collection.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max set off a model rocket and it went right through his Dad's office. This made him have to move out of town to shoot them off. Later this skill got him into college and eventually into the Iraq war, but ultimately an airplane engine fell on him.

It seems to me that this would flip over as soon as you started walking. And forget about the wind!

eeeeeeEEEEEEEEEE I wrap on shoulder

Interesting. But this had better not be the post I go out onto my weekend with...that would be terrible. DO WORK, GW.

or maybe we are looking at it upside down

its not even raining in the picture!
im sure the wind would knock it over.
but its not such a bad idea, especially if your shopping!

ONE gust of wind...... How stupid.


yeah... what you said.


And this i why I love you so damn much. You had me at "dildo".

This is simply a post to save my new URL. Since I've been here I've never had one, and now I do. You're welcome.


this reminds me of all the other photo's out there begging to be photoshopped.
also, dildo collection? tell me i'm not the only one who bought a 3 foot long double ended dildo just to put on a gun rack....which i bought just for ridiculous dildos...

For handjobs in the rain.....and with a face like that you can tell she's given a few.

Totally Jackie Chan in disguise

-ps - this is totally not photoshoped u wannabe

drive bike no hands, hold umbrela no hands, write comments no hands:D

its about freaking time!!!!


What's with Asians needing hands free umbrella's so badly? I noticed in this picture and the older hands free umbrella picture, that everyone in them is Asian. Seriously, I, an American, can hold my umbrella, but an Asian can't? Although they are probably using hands free umbrellas to make more time for doing math or inventing the creatures of destruction (robots), while I can still hold a cheeseburger in one hand and the umbrella in the other.

wow that's ugly.

I only wear hat umbrellas

great! i just got 10 of em'. and ive got 2 possible hurricaines heading towards me, what timing! thanks GW! and asians!

why not wrap the bloody thing around the head and call it a hat... :B

Must See

That young man needs a haircut least he be mistaken for a female.

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