Aug 18 2009Music Video: Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?

This is a music video for a song by The Guild titled 'Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?' And to answer your question, no. The Geekologie Writer does not do Night Elves. Dwarves, call me.


Thanks to Mel, who farms awesome like some poor saps farm WoW gold.

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good morning

C''s raining outside. I'm stuck inside at work. Videos just wont do...



Now that is awesome. Especially the tank spank comment.

I would love to pull a train on your avatar

i dunno, this music video is better

more relaxing anyway

Quick reference for the ladies out there...

Nerd girl adds +10 to hotness...

Cosplay adds +15 to hotness but only of if base rating is above 5, if below 5 then -20 from hotness

Hey the big blond one... I seen her some where oh yeah! its Robin!

ROFL yes i have to agree with you on the cosplay comment...if ur not hot..don't do makes you look worse

I thought the Vid was great !


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max accidentally spilled a bottle of india ink into his cable modem, and created a worm hole into the mind of Ted Kennedy. Unfortunately Max was quite used to the effects of hallucinogenic drugs, but not to the sheer volume of alcohol in the Senators system. Max started vomiting, and immediately got rid of his cable modem. As he said to Baja, some things are better left to the experts.

Ha! It's the girl from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog and the Buffy TV show - last season.

I was wondering what she was up to.

You linked to WoWGold? Shame on you.

On another note, that song is almost as catchy as the "Ponyo" theme song.

::hums:: Ponyo, Ponyo, little fishy by the sea...

mmmmm avatar

I fell in love with this when I saw this video this morning. And I told myself, man I hope Geekologie puts this on the website! And you did! This vid rocks!

I'd bang the redhead with a vengeance.

Websense hates me.

@ 8. your rating system is sort of elaborate. i thought 10 was as hot as the babe scale went. maybe 11 if she uses the right guitar amps.

i just got back from japan.

so this is cultural.. ?


that tattoo on that girls inner thigh is HAWT!
I would date her avatar, fo sho!
nom nom nom nom!!!

Is she a pirate hooker ? Pirate hookers are hot.

@8 I like those rules
@17 ditto
@20 awesome

i love the guild

She doesn't do "sexy" and "sultry" very well ... she should stick to just being cute.

This really should have a link to WatchTheGuild, the group that makes the show:

I watched all of seasons 1 and 2 in one sitting, and I've been on the edge of my mount waiting for season 3. I guess they've been doing conventions and making music videos lately tho, so who knows when season 3 will start.

A friend of mine who plays Wow says it's too painfully accurate to watch.

The new season starts the 25, Dishy.

Loves it but EWWWWWW Fat girl has to go

In the picture for the video it looks like she's getting eff'd in the aye with that sword

this is what it comes to?
I suppose it was only a matter of time xD

This is one of those music videos I'll watch once and if it comes on again I'll just flip to another channel. Still, +10 Nerd Girl Cosplay Hotness; yes

I love Felicia Day

Do you accept Draenei women?

OOOh I heart Dr. Horrible!

I never thought it would be possible for me to find Felicia Day to be anything more than cute and kinda sexy...

...but now I think she's ABSOLUTELY FRICKIN' HOT and it makes me want to have angry sex with her because she just proved me wrong!!! ;)

Oh, and I'm thinking Joss had better find SOME way to get her into the Dr. Horrible sequel that's in the works!

Well, to point out someone who's NOT Felicia Day, I went to college with the girl who is the blondie playing "Clara" - so psyched for her to be doing stuff!

Must See

The backup dancer Jul Kohler (the tall brunette) are so HOT!
I really love her moves! Tonight she got a new fan!
I quickly made a wallpaper of her, screens from the video:

Hope you like it :D

need to remember her again after tonite.

i ate people

COME ON how can you not do nightelves man! theyre one of the sexiest!


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