Aug 3 2009It's About Time: Attaching Lasers To Airplanes


Applied Electronics, a company we last saw developing lightning guns, has now been handed a big ass check by the gubment to start strapping lasers to planes. And, I, for one, am all about it. NEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOW -- pew pew!

the Navy and the Marines have given a company called Applied Electronics about a million dollars to attach lasers onto planes. The weapons would be ultra-short-pulse (USP) lasers, which shoot beams of frequent-pulse light that create a path through the air, via which bolts of electricity can travel toward a target.

Okay, I have no idea what all that meant, but I'm pretty sure Zeus just popped like 16 electric boners.

Company Last Seen Making Lightning Guns Is Now Attaching Lasers To Planes [popsci]

Thanks to Mih0, who, for two tips in a row, gets to yell "lightning bolt!" and hit me in face with a foam dart.

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Reader Comments

First! pew peww

2nd! woot woot



Me nd Jew r at the same house..... on vacation together nd getting high every day.

LOL @ your Zeus comment!

Essentially, it's a laser that is shot from and airplane and electrocutes/burns whatever it hits. Or short circuits it if it were aimed at a vehicle or some sort of electronics. They have been tasting weapons like this for a long time now. They haven't become practical though for vehicular travel until recently however. Like you can buy a hand held laser that works and actually burns through stuff now too.

The laser systems weren't being researched majorly until Regan began the Strategic Defense Initiative aka Star Wars Defense Initiative. Which was focused on laser systems that would destroy Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles mid-air.


@6 who has been tasting these weapons? and what do they taste like?

It's just like that scene where the Applied Electronics board is meeting on a secret island to discuss world domination, and the CEO says: "You know, I have one simple request people. And that is to have planes with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads!"

lol, zeus..

Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf*ckin lasers on this motherf*ckin plane!

I had quite a few mistakes there spelling wise

About time! Sweet.

Like the Zeus comment.

#8, I was thinking exactly the same thing.

@9 Ha!

I love the taste of new weapons AND the idea of laser shooting airplanes. There's something about watching a boeing blast an incoming missile out of the sky with a laser at 31,000 ft that tickles me a little, great job

Freakin awesome. cant wait till we get these on civilian planes so we can start blasting geese out of the sky. Until then i will just have to settle for falling planes

Star Wars + tasting weapons = pwnage.

Coming Soon: taste your weapons in a varity of flavours! Now in cherry!

I'll have some more Pew please.

You can never have enough Pew.

Only a million dollars? That seems hella cheap for this kind of project.

Just like star wars...yessssssss

Pew Planes? ^_^
I am glad I'm alive to live in a time where fiction becomes reality at alarmingly increasing rates xD

Help! It's Monday and I can't escape!!

We are going to get PEW PEW PEWED!!!

Next they will put this on the toyota robot and then what happens an army of highly efficient robots that never break and have freaking lasers on them .... does anyone know where i can get like 2,000 RPGs for cheap?

next step Tie-Fighters!!!!!!

Will they come in different sizes? Because, ehm.....I need to compensate for something.

"which shoot beams of frequent-pulse light that create a path through the air, via which bolts of electricity can travel toward a target."
So it's Tesla's deathray finally come to life?

I just LOVE the way the geeKologie writes. Cracks me UP!

Must See!!

did anyone notice that the article said they had received "about a million dollars" from the military? Doesn't that seem a little light for creating flying death lasers? I thought everything defence contractors did cost billions...

I'm unsatisfied that no one made a response to my previous comment. (4 and 5)

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