Aug 10 2009I'm At A Loss For Words: An LOL Swastika


For once, I'm at a loss for words. But not bullets.

LOL Swastika Tattoo [buzzfeed]

Thanks to stephen, who went all Inglourious Bastards on this guy.

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Reader Comments

hahahaha I'm not even a racist & that's fuĉking funny LOL.

ok wait it's not funny, that's mean & a one way ticket to HELL

....aaah who am I kidding, it's funny again

this almost make me want to get a tatoo

yay lol

It could be a 707 swastika, which sends a completely different message

For the discriminating geek.

@naas, let's see if you can post 90% of the comments on this one! Yay for naas.

from this point onwards, everyone must change their name to naas for posting on this thread, ready.... go.

that guy needs to be shot in the face and lit on fire

ahhh yes, isn't white power funny...

wtf is it supposed to even mean??

GFS would set this asshole on fire for using lol outside the intertubes.

Come on! Everyone can't pretend to be me because then nobody will know who the real me is.

this has nothing to do with white power but what the hey...

dissapointing that you would even give this deusche the light of the interwebs... dissapointing--

delete this asshole and post...


This is the real me.

2 post in a row that are old... get wit it GW

I'm not racist either! I suck black dongs just as much as i suck white ones... which is all the time!


No. I'm Spartacus!

First thing that came to mind: the LOLocaust.

Shut up imposter, I'm the real naas, kill him not me!!!!

sherief don't like it...... lock the taskbar lock the taskbar...

@11 OMG That's a real movie! Geisha-Transformer!
Jesus wept.

If I get in prison one day, I'll make one like this!

handicap gun.....

But I AM racist! And I am addicted to man loving!

thats quite possibly the most horrifying back i will ever see



somebody should beat this guy's face in with a rusty pipe, all while LOL'ing! LOL!

those chatroom nazis are a dedicated bunch. white to the power of funny.

this is obviously an ex nazi that needed to turn his swastika tattoo into something else.

Why do I feel like I wandered onto /b/ ?

The only problem with all the naas's here is that none of them have my writing style. I never punctuate the last sentence I type.

@10 had it close, but I usually recommend being lit on fire before being shot in the face

Anybody ever see that movie Romperstomper? Sweet movie. I love Russell Crowe in a sexual way.

badger badger badger badger MUSHROOM MUSHROOM


**Watching twilight for the 281st time**

WHY WOULD YOU EVEN PUT THIS UP HERE. IM not coming to this site anymore.. eff this.

Emily you're a racist.

omg! LOL!
thats one hairy back


See you later, bitch. Try not to suck any dick on the way through the parking lot ...


@42 shut up nerd, you smell like my dogs balls on a hot day. nom nom my butthole


he got it on the gay side of the chest.


Don't feed the troll

@ everyone NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM, naas is troll food and he tastes like sweaty dog ballz!

the troll is racist too. but he loves him a rainbow party.

This guy is retarded

lol. okay so who's gonna get the tattoo with a white flower and a guy holding his arm straight out in a nazi salute goin " WHITE FLOWER"

@ 49. my 21st birthday party was hosted by Lisa Frank (tm) in conjunction with Polly Pocket (tm) that doesnt mean you dont treat the sperm bank like a soup kitchen :D

OMG, do my eyes deceive me or is this guy REALLY this stupid? Talk about your rampant Antisemitism. I'm quite offended...


Did you say WIFE POWER?

I'm sorry the correct headline was: LOLOCAUST

@ 54, sack-up and take it like a nerd. or go eat dog ballz

Um, is there a chance that this guy may be Hindu...? I can't tell from the angle but maybe this is the Hindu symbol svastika denoting good luck?

@58 if albinoism has been sweeping india for the past few decades, then maybe

clearly this tattoo is referencing the :



man, I blinked and we're already past 58 comments.

Damn racists.

@58 dont be stoopid you idiot

@58 dont be stoopid you idiot

@63 nice website, i also frequent that site. wanna suck my dogs ballz?

@63 nice website, i also frequent that site. wanna suck my dogs ballz?

Hey wazup dudezzz it's me again and i would like eat a big poo !

I dunno, it's not tilted enough. Maybe it's the Buddhist symbol for good fortune that the Nazi's ripped off? Otherwise, the guy's a douche.

No wonder I'm 69. Naas I'm looking at you.

#60: LoL

@ everyone, pool party at my house, none of you can come cuz you're all nerdz... remember to lick tonz of dog ballz too

@ everyone, pool party at my house, none of you can come cuz you're all nerdz... remember to lick tonz of dog ballz too

naas: Im a racist nerd!
emily: Im an uptight whore!
naas and emily: ZOMG! wanna have babies?!

(the story of how Daisy was born)

Thanks Kat to point out that this symbol is not only the symbole of m*********cking dumb of the last century.
This tatoo may not meant what we could think...


Lol who would permanently mark their skin with that? What a moron

this really explains a lot.

Get Wet with Eliza Dushku

4chan tats. must see a gallery


Wowzers. I'm all over the place. All you imposters need to eat shi*t and die. Oh wait, that would be me.


I'm not worried about the tatoo. What scares me is the 12 5 inch long hairs on his back

@ 82, you would like that fag, go lick dog ballz HAHAHAHAHAHA

@ 83, you would like that fag, go lick dog ballz HAHAHAHAHAHA

@8 I had no idea that would happen but that has to at least be close to 90%

420 comment, WOOT

you retards its not on his back its on his chest. i cant believe his tat made it this far lol. ftw!

Thank you all for the kind words. I really appreciate all the attention you've given me! I'm also glad that my conversation piece has done just that.. given something for you people to talk about.

PS. For those who know about the LOLOCAUST... good job on knowing your internets.

PPS. Everyone else needs to educate themselves on the various types of swastikas. There's nothing racist about my tattoo :)

NO! This is the real me! kill the other 134 imposters.

@53 therealRoboticDeathArmy
your sperm bank joke was probably the funniest (not saying much) comment youve posted since contaminating Geekologie. i still hate you but that was funny


I, for one, am in awe. Mostly because I never would've considered doing this.

Too bad the FAKE PHOTOSHOP artist forgot to clone tool his hair out of the pic

Well that sign (Swastika) is a religion signt. Hitler only gave it a very very bad name. But they guy should be glad to have a religions symbol like that:
From wikipedia:
It remains widely used in Eastern religions / Dharmic religion such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.


This is more appropriate for 4chan. the first place I saw it.

Still, it's a little disturbing what a bunch of crybabies you are. Oooooh a swastika. Who gives a flip.


funny thing is the tattoo artist was jewish....


me naas

I actually pity this guy. I have a hard time believing he's actually racist, I just think he's really really stupid.

Unlike GW, I am at a loss of bullets, I just unloaded my last few clips into my...well, my "other" monitor at his picture

its at least a little funny, and the swastika meant things other than racism before Hitler used it

@88 the guy with the tattoo,

how can you say congratulations for those of you how know about the LOLOCAUST AND THEN TRY TO SAY THE SWASTIKA YOU HAVE ISNT THE NAZI GERMANY ONE

wow gw. wow. do you think its trendy to post 2 week old news?

@103. The Swastika shown is the equal cross and is not accosiated with racism. The Nazi German Swastika is tilted.

Don't be such a retard.

Actually, it's spelled Associated. At least you're right about it not being the Nazi Germany swastika.


Hhaha shoop job fools some more naive people. Ya'll postin' about a troll!


ive seen the tat in real life. why do you think the red is behind it? that's because its a real tat.

Not shopped. 100% guarantee.

it doesnt matter if it is tilted or not, this upstanding fellows tat is the nazi swastika; the buddhist symbol is almost always presented as a mirror image of this, with the arms facing left.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie NEver BAck Down where MAx oversold the shares in a musical play about nazi germany, and expected it to be a flop, letting him make a personal profit. Unfortunately the play was a hit and his investors put him in jail.

This should be tagged under "Bad Idea:"

He's not the first

naas has only made 49% of the posts FAIL!

Must See!!

I got sent this one exclusively on LOLTATZ ages ago. (2 weeks)


Who's Lou? And why does he swastika him?

The square between the 4 L's shall not have been filled.

zomg... i just realized that is his chest not his back. What a scrawny d-bag!

this guy is no more a nazi than GW.

he is just the ultimate troll.

*claps out loud* (and not inside)


HOLY! Your right! I had to take a second look.

#110: No, it's not. It depends on which country your in, which sect you're dealing with, etc. I have pics from when I was in Tibet and the swastikas go in this direction.

Great googly moogly! Do you see that water cooler in the back round? For shame!

108, 111, and anybody else who thinks is a shop, quit being retarded. its real, a jewish woman actually did the tattoo. ive seen pics of him getting it done. hes already posted in here, and yes it seriously was him.

heres another pic of it in public, this was taken 2 weeks ago.

quit thinking everything is a shop, this is as real as it gets.

Are you stupid? this guy is not nazi, he's just awesome

do you guys know that the swastika is a holy sign in many cultures
stop those stupid coments
i have a lot of swastika tatoos but im far away from the believings of the nazis
viva la swastika

millions died under that symbol's reign of power, i think that trumps whatever effed up symbol of peice you may think it is you peice of shiit.
did you know that me raping your mom is considered a compliment in a culture somewhere in buttfack egypt?


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie LOLOCAUST where 6 million people died because the holocaust was FAKE!!!, it was a complete photoshop job. You can tell its fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

he put his tatoo on the chest like in america history X


Thank you GFS.

He definitely has some balls to show off a tatt that is in the shape of a Nazi symbol- but let s not forget that ther is a VERY similar symbol fromt he Tibetian Buddhism of good luck. Even with that being said- the Nazi symbol IS the most popular and the dude DOES have some balls to rock it on his chest without a shirt. I probably would have blasted him-either verbally or physically first then asked questions later [Without a close look at the tatt-hopefully-depending on how drunk I happened to be at the time-lol]

lol this must be the joker, it would only make sense!

see kyle for victory rhee!


Well we all thank you for your enlightening education on swastikas and uber-classy lolocuast, but your wrong. The orientation of your so called non-racist swatstika is the one the Führer (if you even know that means) had reserved for himself as the highest form of the symbol as he admired the eastern philosophical meaning of creation and purity, as in the creation of a master race. The other uses of the Nazi swatsikas were rotated 45 degrees to definertiate them as politcal symbols of the SS. And it's funny how this all about the lolucoust -something so funny that 6 million people died, yeah, I get it. I don't even have words to describe how repulsive that is. So even though your referencing something that has the the O'CUAST suffix which is Greek and means Burnt sacrifice, That of course shouldn't be confused with the Nazi holocaust, right. Anyone offended by that I guess just doesn't have all the information, like you do.

Your so simple minded you don't even realize that your attempt at smug irony is a complete fail and the jokes on you! You have forever branded your self not only as a sad casualty of pop-culture but as an uneducated tool suffering from the most severe form of drug induced video-game mind-rot.

Your self held esteem of your pathetic sub-culture knowledge and arrogance is more repulsive than your tattoo. - No wonder you work the third shift at a diner.

This could be a manji, not a swastika. It's the same image, but is a symbol in Asia meaning universal harmony. Although, maybe he's just a dick.


Q. Where did Nazi Germany get the swastika from?
A. Other religions that used it as a symbol of harvest or something. Not death or war or famine or whatever idiocy you're spouting.


This really fits with your camwhorism, eh Brandon?

When you google lol swastika, your pic is the only one that comes up!


Swastika doesn't even stem from Nazi's. and I'm pretty sure it's meant as a joke, to disrespect Nazi's. God you guys need to calm down. It's FUNNY.



Peachykeen got trolled

take note the swastika is a Hindu religious symbol for rebirth, just because a mentally ill genocidal person liked the symbol, doesn't mean he owns it.

It's possible that this guy was a skinhead in his youth and decided to get the tattoo covered up in some way. I mean, what else are you going to do with a giant, heavy-black swastika tattoo? (Other than not get the damn thing in the first place)?

hahahahah......bad infulence bu

Have any of you even realized the swastika isn't even tilted?? Hahah, so it's not even a nazi swastika. Tilted USUALLY means nazi, not tilted isn't nazi.
You're all SO educated...
Hahaha! <3
ps -Life gets too serious; some people need to learn to laugh. This tattoo is great! IMO of course.

Have any of you even realized the swastika isn't even tilted?? Hahah, so it's not even a nazi swastika. Tilted USUALLY means nazi, not tilted isn't nazi.
You're all SO educated...
Hahaha! <3
ps -Life gets too serious; some people need to learn to laugh. This tattoo is great! IMO of course.

ahh double post. sorry!!


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