Aug 18 2009I See You, Little Stuff!: A USB Microscope


Hey guys I'm getting kicked out my hotel (which is fine because it's a shithole and caught fire yesterday) so I have to relocate. I'll be back this afternoon with more posts though, I promise. In the meantime, here's a $130 USB powered microscope.

This week e-Supply Japan announced the EEA-MAN1011, an digital USB microscope to use with a PC. It's powered by a 2Mpix censor manufactured in by Sanyo Japan with a 5x to 150x zoom.

Oh man, I want one. Remember the first time you ever looked at something under a microscope? What was it? Mine was a scab. And no, I didn't eat it afterwards. It's not eating if you swallow something whole!

e-Supply Japan's New USB Microscope [akihabaranews]

Thanks to naas, who once looked at a fingernail clipping under a microscope and never bit his nails again.

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likely story.

2nd. Sorry the whole hotel burning down thing overshadowed the article


o ya and i claim 4th (or 5th )too..... i just saw giant robot in japan. it went pew pew pew. then i pew pew back and it turned into something so small ...i think i need this microscope

That kicks ass. GW, you should buy one so you can find your dignity after your divorce.

5 - Ouch.

GW - I was going to make a "use this to differenciate between your pubes and your penis" joke, but I think OJ's Mom went lower, thus rendering my comment useless. But you all read it anyway... HA!

Sorry about the hotel.
Sorry about the divorce.
Sorry about this crappy post - while not as cool, my son has had a USB microscope for a few years now.

I don't mean to advertise, but here's a 200x 1.3Mpix usb microsocope for $45

Sorry about your hotel burning. But I told you before, you can't put robots in the microwave it just makes them stronger.

And the first thing I looked at under a microscope was my blood, but then it cracked the slide. So I went back to playing in the bottle factory. ADIOS!

Honestly, looks like a POS to me. No underlight, too expensive and really only good for electronic and not biologic applications. PASS.

GW is getting divorced! START THE RUMOR MILL vrooom.

11 - He is already divorced. Dumbass.

I got a nice sister. and the basement is fun in the summer time..

This post gets "meh"....

Mainly because there are no boobs or lasers

what part of town are you staying in?

what part of town are you staying in?

Don't answer '15', IT'S A TRAP!

Don't answer '16', IT'S A TRAP!

this is why GW is my hero, not only can he stay cool after a fire and getting booted from a public facility, but then he shows me that I can be cool while ingesting scabs, 2 things I never thought possible


I thought the manager said last night "THIS WOULD NOT BE A PROBLEM" after the burning curtains were put out AND after they found out WE pushed the housekeeping carts down the fire escape trying to re-enact the explosion Bruce Willis made in die hard with the monitor & Hans' detonators


That's not much of a rumor dingleschnitz. Thanks for playing. Jesus.



This is a conmplete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max was playing around in the lab, and accidentally shrunk his kids. He explained that all he did was reduce the space between their atoms, but they didn't appear to have the same mass shrunken as they did big, which would imply he removed much of their matter.

@21 But did the cart explode..??

whats a USB

@26 USB = Ur a Stupid Brute...

I just made that one up, you like??

Couldn't find any news about a hotel fire in D.C. You sure you didn't trash the hotel room rockstar style?

don't the iphones have an app for that yet?




28 - You should look for a fire in NYC.

Whoa! All this time I thought Gw was married.
I don't feel so bad for hitting on you now lol
Btw sorry about the fire, and your divorce, I'm here for you gw :)

@21 obviously, otherwise GW wouldn't have gotten the boot
@31 yes


You yes'ed to my yes? I'd ask if you were drunk or high, but I already know the answer you silly bitch. Me love you long time.

I bet it doesn't hold a candle to the Celestron 44306 microscope...which is only $90 shipped, more powerful, and does video.

Sorry about your divorce, GW. Look at this way, now you can re-sew your oats cosplay style and roll around in one of those group photos of Gold Bikini Leia's once you get on your feet again.

@35 yesss


You're a towel.

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