Aug 4 2009Goodbye Cruel World: Snuggies For Dogs

Snuggies for dogs. Or, "Why the Geekologie Writer had a staring match with an oncoming train and lost on purpose." $15 plus $8 shipping gets you a dog Snuggie, a recordable dog tag, and a complete loss of respect for your dog. Just pay additional shipping and you'll get two of each! Act now and I'll even knee you in the genitals -- FREE! And you will like it. YES SIR, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER? You may!

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Thanks to David, who loves his dog too much to do this to it. Right, David? RIGHT?!

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Reader Comments

These ads are the death of poetry.

I swear to God, the dog at 1:45 is a ROBOT!

That...That's just not right...

anyone who buys one of these should be kicked in the face with a hockey skate

...and the dogs punted like bony little footballs

no fụcking Shumway would I put that smuggie on the dog


only if Prince wears one

have we lost all humanity?!?!? those damn dirty apes...You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

dumbets thing ever

now, make one for cats and we can talk

but dogs


i dunno, i think it's a pretty good gift idea for someone you hate.


If you really hate them, why would you buy them anything at all? Why not shit in a box and give it to them?

My dog would tear that fụcking thing up in about 30 seconds. He does not tollerate stupid dog bullsh|t like that. Just give him a bone and a cat to kill and he is happy.

That's not a dog snuggy that's Goliath's.... i duno.... toe warmer?



Where have you been hiding?

Beware the Cult of the Snuggie! Now it's moving on to animals. Beware! BEWARE!

I got a snuggie for my junk. I made it using a whole pallet of snuggies sewn together...


You buy them something terrible out of spite.


The people who buy these also do shyt like this....

@18 hehehe, church people

I don't see what the big deal is. I dress my dog up in a three piece suit every day. I don't care if she's a girl. She'll wear and she'll like it, dammit! That's normal...right?

It's almost as good as..being covered in your own fur..hmmm

Cult of retardation has new recruits...

@14 - Whats up Gordon? Just been busy as hell.

In a mild defense of (some) people who put stupid crap on dogs, we have a cocker spaniel who gets terribly cold--in Florida mild winters. He spends all his time huddling in blankets. I eventually made him some sweatshirts so he can spend more time playing instead of huddling. I'd never put anything on a dog just to dress him up, but this poor li'l guy just can't handle anything remotely resembling chilly.

So hey, maybe it's a valid thing for some dogs. Maybe. On the other hand, most people who dress up their dogs deserve a visit from Dog Protective Services. And most of the crap people PUT on their dogs is decorative, not practical, and ... ugh.

@ 11. if by "box" you mean reservoir tank of their toilet, i agree. that would trump a dog snuggie. i believe they call it an upper decker.

Dog outfits:

Isn't that why dogs have fur?

@ 18

That shit is HILARIOUS! I peed a little and shot milk out my nose! And then the government tasted them both

the gimp eye pooch looks like robert deniro
when he was at his PRIME

that dog straight doesn't give a sh|t if it's wearing a normal sweater, it's owner is making it look like the dog is putting up a fight... it's not.

Useless. Now, snuggies for hamsters would be awesome!

haha, the sound effects alone made this worth watching

I thought it was a joke!

And to think, there are people in the world who can't afford to eat but and some people who have an extra $15 for dog sweaters. Maybe those Christian children funds should wrap those poor f**kers up in a snuggie - they'd be much more huggable.

I love the 20 seconds of silence at the end. LIke the silence after a bad joke where the one telling the joke is like "get it?" and everyone else just give him a facepalm.

Also, if they think the dogs don't like the sweaters, don't make a video "torturing" the poor thing to make that point. I think he broke a leg there...

REAL men would never buy this for their dogs, but then again REAL dogs would never wear this sh*t. Now those overgrown rats that everyone calls "dogs", they would wear this stuff. Which is why they should be made with flamable materials.


I'm a dog and the Snuggie is the best thing in my world. All hail the mighty fabric! Obey.

But what about my cat??

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha... lets all wear a blanket over fur coats.......

Must See!!


I disagree. I think the dumbest thing ever is how you spelled dumbets.

I think it's a great idea. If they're good enough for humans, why not pets?

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