Aug 26 2009Genius: Booze Light Helps Prevents Spillage


The ElectraPour LED bottle top was designed to light up the stream of fire-water pouring from a bottle so that when you're home alone drinking in the dark you don't miss your glass (read: man up and drink from the bottle like a normal damn person). Each top will set you back $7.30 or you can pick up one short of a baker's dozen for $81. Alternatively, only drink liquor over 150 proof and always light it on fire. But if you do, remember these important words: stop, drop and pop & lock. Now you're breakdancing on fire!

Hit the jump for a video of the light in action.

ElectraPour lights up that stream of booze [dvice]

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Who says you can't drink by yourself in the dark?


Brilliant. I want. Laser sights for liquor; what's next?

It's difficult to type while your popped and locked.

I'm sure this will a find a home in some ultra-hip bars.

The red would look damn good at the zombie bar.

I solved that problem ages ago. I have a glass which lights up, seriously. It's got LEDs at the bottome. That way I can mix drinks without having to buy several 'ElectraPours'.

I just look at the f*cking glass I'm pouring into.


Exactly. Stupid idea.

I don't drink alone at night! Swine.


I don't think it's supposed to be practical, it's aesthetic. :- /
Again, it's like dog nail polish. Pointless but some folks can't waste their money fast enough.

DO WANT! It'd be a fun addition to my bar.

::sips vodka::

No, I'm not an alcoholic. Why do you ask?

"Yes it's MR. COW! When you want to be the funny and have a running joke like Daisy, but you just can't be bothered to make an effort or don't have a microgram of creativity."
MR. COW! Ask For It By Name!
MR. COW! Just A Quarter Step Above Firstards!
MR. COW! The Inspiron Sticker On The Laptop Of Life!
MR. COW! The Sawdust Used To Clean Up Vomit In The High School Of Life!
MR. COW! I'm Rubbing It On My Face!

Better share!

Yeah this would be cool for some themed bars etc, or even just to show off if you have a bar at home.

Will make it a lot easier for me to pour peeps drinks under my coat at my next AA meeting.

j/k - i wait till we get to the parking lot.

@ 15


This wouldn't work for me....I only drink from the bottle. Dont trust glasses....

@ 18


Must See!!!

I think it would be handy to somehow make your pee glow :)

This is exactly what I expected to find out. Thanks for informative article

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