Jul 10 2009Time Lapse Video Of Super Hornet Jet Build

This is a time lapse video of a F/A-18 Super Hornet jet being built. And let me just say, wow, that thing must have over 100 different pieces. Making it nearly twice as complicated as the hardest LEGO set I've built.

Constructing A Super Hornet: "A time lapse of the construction of a Super Hornet" [liveleak]

Thanks to Spy, who may or may not have secretly recorded this footage with a bowtie cam.

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This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max hires the partially retarded son of a mobster to be in his TV Show. Later hitmen who are trying to kill Max mistake the retard for him, and kill him. This makes the mobster angry, and the killers are dealt with harshly.

Time-lapse! not "stop motion"


@ Gordon "Fücking" Shumway (and a few other people)

oh i have been around.. lockheed has taken some new measures to make sure that we are not web surfing while at work.. however the proxy i use to look at geekologie wont allow me to comment on the site. so im still here in spirit haha. and to everyone else that sent me well wishes thank you.

Wow, it must have taken all day to build that thing...

I got bored after 0:39 and decided to comment instead.

i am d!cks

The company I work for makes components for this aircraft, and now i'd really like to show this vid off at work. Too bad They're complete internazis.

ow look at how fast they work

not ow

its a damn shame they havnt figured out how to mass produce stuff like this.....cut down on costs dramatically... :(

AHHHH, now i see why the one I made at home didnt work!

wow. for such a cool plane, it was an incredibly boring video.

Spy huh? i can assume that the plane was sapped after all those engies put it together

Cool lego set .. where do I get one ?

Now I can see why the Austrailians have such a great airforce...........bleh

I want 1 for me.

Now we're talking about organization!

How lame!!!
Boeing Sux!!!
We make the F22 & F35... ha!!!

The problem with our Death Star project is that there aren't enough people on this planet for employment!

Great... now some asshat is going to try to build one in his basement and have to dig it out with a backhoe.

OK...overall not too bad but I work for the company that makes this bird and that was a regular Hornet, (NOT Super Hornet), C/D model (C one seat D is two seat). The Super Hornet is E/F (you guessed it; E one seat and F is two seat). No foreign countries have the Super Hornet yet. All go to the US Navy for a few more years then it's open for foreign sales. In fact, the building shown in assembly is actually vacant now.

OK...geek vent over.

I bet they still have a washer left over.

That was really amazing to watch. We got to see from its very beginning a machine that will some day "accidentally" bomb children at a wedding the Middle East.


C models are single seaters, and D models are two seaters, you're right on that part.


See those square intakes? That's no Hornet, that's a Super Hornet.

Plus that aircraft is a little too big to be a regular Hornet.

Sorry bro! You're wrong here and I doub't you work for a company that produces aircraft (or maybe a receptionist? :P ) but its good that you have an interest in aircraft. :)

Not exactly a geek rant, more an ex-plane-buff rant.

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