Jul 22 2009Robot Built To Model Wedding Dresses


'Miimu', a HRP-4C robot, is seen here being utilized as a runway model for Japanese fashion designer Yumi Katsura's line of bridal gowns. And, since I know women so well, I'll give you men a little insight into how their minds work.

"I really love this dress -- but how would it look on a robot?"
Which brings up another disconcerting thought -- robot marriage. And you know what's sad? They'll probably allow unholy robotic matrimony before gay marriage. And that, my friends, makes me want to blow up the moon. And I don't even care if it's delicious cheese.

It's a nice day for a robot wedding [metro]

Thanks to Doctor Steel and Graf Zeppelin, who together form Doctor Graf Steel Zeppelin, which, you know, is pretty cool.

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Reader Comments

and firstarded

hehe first

Looks more like a blow up doll than a robot....

ugly ass dress.......
Robot can suck it...


Looks like her mouth is in the right position for the honeymoon...ZING!

Yes - come to marry me or die!! Is she hiding some maimed corpse under her dress cause this thing is frightening

ummm....can they shut the mouth or is this the standard crazy japanese O face that is required on everything they do?

I don't care what they say....I am not sticking my ween in that thing.

robots running off human corpses + open mouth = no penis

Scary just scary........ and nobody needs cyborg children running around do we...nope i thought not.

The robo marriage will probably only be allowed between a man and robot woman. And visa versa.

the robot's expression looks retarded.
I see men marrying sex robots but not a robot like this.

I've never wanted a wedding dress until this VERY moment.
Lol psyche.

She totally wants me

Looks like a re-animated man corpse in drag.

I'd hit it.

@10 ...until Proposition 9

its got MAN HANDS!!!

Haha I was just about to say Manhands!! too funny - I think all Japanese women should aspire to this level of elegance - and general non-scariness


After you marry the robot does the mouth convert to permanently short?

...or at least after the honeymoon is over?


Short > shut



@2 - pwnt

@robot goddess in a dress - show me your "O" face... oh, oh, oh...

OMG shes such a pretty bride!!! Awwww.....

2. that dress is f*$%ing hideous.
3. is that robot horrified, or does it want to dish out sexual favours?

she looks like a he

Looks like a muppet

The mouth makes me picture it going HURRBLRARLBLGLGBLLEL as it models. In fact, most models should do that.

"Does my capacitator look big in this?"
I think the mouth says it all about the fantasies of it's maker.

I bet GFS is pissed that she is wearing white, LIKE THAT SPECIAL NIGHT IN TOKYO NEVER HAPPENED!! Sorry, GFS it's just that robot women are so coldhearted sometimes.

Please! I more pissed she's wearing anything. Take it off suger tïts!

That is just so damn creepy.

Wow - O-face bot is creepy.
80's wedding dress is ugly.

Yeah , the robot was talking, it got more ovations then the models did.... it was walking very funny like, kinda cool ... but still sucked ass. When the robot had to turn around they turned off the lights because it was to clumsy XDDDDDDD
P.s they accualy love these kind of dresses in Japan .. (ewww)

It's like a train wreck, I just can't look away! Seriously though, this is like a drag queen's dream dress, "I NEED MORE FRILLS, MUCH MORE!!!".

I have never seen the beautiful designs like these , these long dresses in lace style are beautiful .

I have never seen the beautiful designs like these , these long dresses in lace style are beautiful .

Yes, there is artistic. Particularly appreciated

Ah! this robot look like very strang!flower girl dresses

geez the robot model looks strange. where'd the mannequins go??

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