Jul 15 2009It's Aliiiive!: Zombie SNES Mod Still Functional


French modder skadrums71 went and busted up a Super Nintendo and modded it Frankenstein style into an undead console. Amazingly, it still works. Per my tipster's translation:

Of course it works! it would have been non-sense to mod it!! we can plug in and out the cartridge without any difficulties!! the power button can be moved without difficulties... nevertheless, the eject button is blocked (it was already blocked before the mod process and the reset button is doomed (just for fun)

Well that ain't bad! Of course, I don't know how I'd feel about having another cartridge eating zombie running around the house. I'm looking at you, zombie dog. Damnit, you're slobbering through your neck again.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots, some with the lights off for full effect.







Thanks to nico, who has an undead Genesis that still haunts the TV room.

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Reader Comments

That's awesome looking...

SECOND! sweet mod

Thats awesome, I want that done to my X-Box 360, or my PC

Segundo :P Só plo "nevoeiro" e luz verde jogava

wtf, does it have a fogger inside it?

i kind of looks like a piece of shit, but like a cool piece of shit...you know?

and whats with the single dangling led light?



Failmod... yay for paint, stick on eyes, a hammer and LEDs. I did something of the sorts to an old gameboy minus the lights when I was little

Sweet mod!

@5, No, it doesn't have a fogger inside. All snes' do that.


I don't particularly like this. It kinds looks like all the douches that feel the need to proclaim which number his or her comment was beat the crap out of and dry humped a Super Nintendo to death.

Fail damaged console is fail.

looks a little like my ex-girlfriend with that little eye staring up at you

Nicely done. Reminds me of the time I modded my junk to look the master sword and when it got stuck in something the chick i was with said try force....

^look like the master sword...

@14, mine looks and functions like the hookshot.

that controller port looks like its gonna fall off, your junk too, err , i mean master sword, yeah

Woo cool!

So, this French guy takes a hammer and smashes in an snes and calls it modding? That should be illegal. It's gotta me unholy. So, based on this hideous monstrosity, does that mean that every kid with a wiffle bat and a pinata are just modding it? "Hey. Good job, little Timmy! You got the candy out!" "No, mom, I was modding it. Take a picture and send it to the GW. I'm gonna go watch Backyardigans before my nap."

this looks like...... twat


These are all words we can use on this site. Please don't be surprised. The one's we can't use are, f.uck, c.unt, t.it, and a few others that I can't remember. If you wish to use a "bad" in every post, atleast make it a good one. You smelly twat.

hehehe, funny pic....



i know, i just tested mine out. i missed that switch in the back.

now i play zelda:alttp in an ominous pool of fog.

"You need to remove the head, or destroy the brain"

What if it doesn't have either?


Of course it works, it's a Nintendo! I've heard horror stories of people washing their Game Boys, dropping controllers and other terrifying objects flung at consoles and these beastly systems still work. Nintendo is like a Cadillac for videogames.


Looks like a Reaver mod to me. Ain't no power in the verse make me wanna play that.


This is a complete photohop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie NEver BAck Down where Max and Baja were walking home and Max turned into a thriller werewolf. He chased Baja and danced with a bunch of zombies, and then later it turned out they fell asleep and it was just a dream....or was it?

Interesting.....I wouldn't do it myself, but if you are REALLY into zombies I guess I could kinda, maybe, sorta see how you could get into this. Now I would like a moment of silence for the desecrated Super Nintendo......................you will be missed. Amen.

@ 27

Nice Firefly reference!

yeahhh.... it rocks so much.

when you play with that snes, you got to have Bicksmans world going in the back of the room.


prolly stuck some dry ice inside for fog effect

... or did a bong hit and passed it shotgun style to the zombie machine :o

epic fail

how do I buy one?!

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