Jul 6 2009I'd Eat You Up: Candy iPhone Circuit Board

candy iphone board.jpg

Insired by the iPhone's motherboard (it's such a thing of beauty, is it not?), Sarah made her boyfriend James a delicious rendition out of candy. What a lucky bastard.

My girlfriend Sarah made this candy circuit board birthday cake topper. Originally she wanted to make a gingerbread MakerBot, but didn't have the time or space.

Instead she was inspired by the iPhone motherboard and went from there. The base is dark chocolate covered with green frosting. The resistors are Tic Tacs!


Sorry guys, I was making a sandwi....why's my chair warm?

Candy PCB most likely ROHS-compliant [make]

Thanks to kelly and towhee, who promise to make me a dinosaur cake for my birthday. Heads up though: I'm gonna need some private time before the cutting.

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Reader Comments

Yum, mother!


LAST!!!!! FTW!!!!!!!

Now this is sweet!!!!!!!!1


Still loving the robot-fearing posts... :P

this reminds me, as all circuit boards do, of turning into the hulk and smashing things. "scurl...angry...rawr" like i always say, if you can't fix it with a hammer, then you're probably just going to break it and should pay me money to fix it for you. i also say "looks like your flux capacitor is fried, it'll take at least a week to get another one in, why don't you just leave it here and i'll go ahead and refurbish the flange on the sprangle so it'll be ready when we get the part."
and "Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati"

You started your sentance with "inspired" but you have written "insired". Just to let you know lol.

If she was a REAL girlfriend she would have hooked him up with a threesome, now that's a gift from the heart!

So many iPhone articles today. Daddy likey.

zomg apple products are so much better than anything else.. pc's are dumb


You spelled "sentence" as "sentance". Just to let you know lol.



That cake looks delicious and awesome all at the same time. Mmm, iPhones.

yum yum

you gotta admit. thats a good job. it makes me hungry for.....nuttcups..... http://tinyurl.com/3fwqb2

Sarah...if your boyfriend won't marry you...I will! Just keep them cool cakes coming baby!

lick the circuitboard

Ok, seriously?? How does he expect this circuit board to actually function. First of all, it's not even small enough to fit into an iphone. Second of all he needs some sort of adapters so the wire connections would be compatible. Everyone knows the mainframe needs to have backwards compatibility for the SRW (sweet rainbow wire) to function at a below-average level. Why he go through so much trouble soldering all the internals and leave out the main component?


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max stole his stepfathers corvette and drove it off a cliff.

had to be a iphone didn't it. couldn't be like an amiga or something. everything is iphone, sooo sick of every article being about an iphone or being compared to a iphone.


James is probably a fatass.

@12 :D doesn't that always happen? You try to point out someone's fail, and end up failing yourself. Wait, wasn't that in the Bible? "And why beholdest thou the fail that is in thy brother's blog, but perceivest not the epic fail that is in thine own comment?" Jesus knew what he was talking about, man.

And GW, I hate to be a snitch, but I think your dog is being controlled by robots. Just so you know.

If anyone wants the Bible verse, it's in Luke 6:41, GWV (Geekologie Writter Version).


We all know you don't have a girlfriend. Just own up to your own culinary talent, you'll sleep easier that way.


you are wrong sir. the iphone is the best piece of machinery ever made. you are a moron, and are simply jealous because you didnt think of it first, because you are dumb. good day.


oh yes I'm oh so super jealous of this guys amazing fresh brand new idea.
why don't you type in 'circuit board cake' into google pictures and see how many hits you get then you can revise your " didn't think of it first" comment.

and this is laughable...
"the iphone is the best piece of machinery ever made"
that was obviously the amiga.

another gay fanboy.

Candy IPhone's motherboard look so delicious!

great desert... after working all day with circuit boards, it's the only thing you could want :))

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