Jul 1 2009eBay: The Ocarina of Time All White Meat

ocarina of all white meat.JPG

Lucky McDonalds customer 0iz0 just so happened to score the most covered of all chicken strips: the Ocarina of Thigh.

The shining beam of light accompanied by the melodic Zelda jingle blared out of the chicken select treasure box that was handed to me by a late night, tired, acne infested teenage boy as I opened it and discovered what lay in wait for me. Anyone who is a true Zelda fan must get this precious gem of unintentional craftsmanship! It will help you find your Zelda roots, and be just as much of a heroic mastermind as Link! Don't pass this opportunity, for I am certain you will be able to make great music and friends with this golden nugget!

This is your chance to own a piece of history!

Do not eat

*Licking fingers* Sorry, what was that last bit? TOOT TOOT TOOT TOOTLE TOOT!
eBay Auction

Thanks to VinnyC, who just played the Song of Deliciousness.

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Reader Comments

Que wow!

next to first

next to next to first

Most covered in what? Batter?

reading all that made me☺

This looks the same as just about any other of the billions of chicken mcnuggets sold.

Looks more like an upside down Star Trek phaser





How is that even legal? If you are allowed to sell mouldy food on ebay under the guise of looking like an object then surely you should be allowed to sell kidneys, is all i'm saying. And by that I mean actual human kidneys, not pigs, or beans.

@ 8. FDSY Who wants a shoe that lasts forever...

I think I saw Jesus in there. He was dry humping a dinosaur, who looked bored and was probably thinking of Twilight, specifically wondering what's so bad about being a vampire if the only "drawback" is that you twinkle like a gay (fun-loving, merry) little fairy in direct sunlight. Then I thought, no, that's not Jesus. That's deep-fried crap that merely LOOKS like Jesus...

This article made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Are there people out there that are really that sad? And what's worse? The person who started the auction, or the people who are making a big deal about it?


gw, i know you meant to put "covered in delicious seasoning/batter and bbq sauce of all time" but it LOOKS like you meant to say coveted and accidentally hit the R.

p.s. it looks less like the ocarina of time and more like a turd with a party hat.

@ 10

You see. Saving money on shoes for lie isn't useful?

Or maybe saving 265 dollars a month isn't your "thing"

I think it looks more like the Beatles' yellow submarine.


This is a complete photoshop job. YYou can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max cut the head off of a statue to make his friends think he was cool, and right before he told them, they said - someone cut the head off the statue - thats not cool. So max lugged the head around in a backpack and eventually tried to fix the statue, and got caught.

And yet... Its got 0 bids.

@17 definitely thought about saying that but i liked turd with hat better,

not the joke, i mean i liked turd with party hat better than yellow submarine.

what a waste of a post

I wanna eat it!

I kept reading and waiting for a comment regarding the "white meat flute" and was sorely disappointed.

Too sad. It was fun and cute when people created fantastic stories to sell their useless crap online. Then, yuppies and hippies found out about it and want to make a quick buck. Too bad it won't be fun anymore.


Check This Out!!


Please tell me nobody bought that, I would be so dissapointed with humans

This person's utter desperation is giving Bloomington, MN a bad name. Just eat it.

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