Jun 16 2009You + Me - Clothes + Mario = Romance

mario sheets.jpg

This handmade bed blanket was created by Etsy seller punzie and looks great (punzie also does custom work and has a bunch of other designs if you look in the sold items section). Granted, it would look even better with you underneath it. I'm not talking dead hooker style either, I'm talking real romantical like. What do you say, come over around 8? We'll fire up some oldschool NES, drink some sparkling cider (my parents don't allow alcohol in the house) and then retire to my luxurious twin-size. Oooh, you like a little role playing, do you? Well then, let me just slip into my Raccoon Mario costume. Okay, now pretend you're a garbage can.

Hit the jump for a ton more blankets (including some Zelda, Mega Man and Metroid action) and another link to the Etsy store.

mario blanket 2.jpg

mario blanket 3.jpg

mario blanket 4.jpg

mario blanket 5.jpg

bubble bobble.jpg

mega man 1.jpg

mega man 2.jpg

link 1.jpg

link 2.jpg

link 3.jpg

samus 1.jpg


Etsy Store

Thanks to Anthony, whose parents make him keep his bedroom door open if he has girls over.

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Reader Comments


That's awesome!

Perfect for all those 30+ year olds that get a little chilly living in their mom's basement.

I love how mario is punching luigi's nuts in the fourth picture....

("you're gonna love my nuts")

The sheets are made from virgin wool, and designed to stay that way.

I think Pew Pew Pew wins the smartest post award for the day...

I may hump the Metroid one

I would pay great amounts of bullion for these. How much? Where can I get them?

I agree with STOMPY, Pew Pew Pew wins. That was great.

that's just beautiful, DO WANT

I would be to scared to spill my penis butter and jelly sandwich on it...

STOMPY I'm scared to know that you even made one of those


@13 For being a firstard in the 13th position, your last name shall now be..




@16. So old you've already worn out your first set, right?

Sleep with a italian plumber? I will stay with metroid and geekologie can keep the dinossaur.

I never noticed before how much the cross on Link's shield actually looks like it's giving you the finger

#3 -- Hilarious!

The jumping Megaman is by far the best.

Oh how I want these all!

i need these right away. thank you.

i need these right away. thank you.

I suddenly have new and profound respect for my grandmother's quilting collection.

You gotta be a Mario freak but it looks great! Good job!

those are beautiful. epic want.


really, if we're gonna be picky should the title be (You + Me) - Clothes = Romance, coz without them brackets only GW is taking off his clothes, and thats no fun for ne one!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max arrives in a small town to deliver his cargo and win a few bucks playing cards with the locals down at the Chinese market. Practically bankrupting nearly all of his opponents, his friend Wang bets him a game of "double or nothing" to try and regain his cash and loses. Max wants his well earned money, but Wang explains he doesn't have the cash on him and that he'll pay later because he's due to pick up a long, lost girlfriend from the airport. Convinced Wang's pulling something sly, MAx insists he drive Wang to the airport so they can stick together. However, at the airport Wang's girlfriend is kidnapped by the Lords of Death and Max is sucked into helping rescue her.

@ 32

Geez Daisy! Thats a long one! (bet thats the first time you heard that huh?)

Anyways, this is cool in a 8 to 12 yr old kind of way. Kind of wish I had these when I was that age. Now-a-days my gf would kill me for getting theses, course that may be because she is a sega fan...hmmm.....

I'm in.
Let's make a date of it babe!

I dont know what your looking at daisy but i garentee its not fake because i have bought from punzie before and if you wernt such a noob you would check it on etsy before saying something so stupid not to mention the shadows are fine. I bought a umbrella quilt and she also does requests as long as you give her the right reference to work from all good stuff.

I'm pretty sure this is made of awesome! :D


Good job refenencing yourself

OMG... ::D I have to recreate those Zelda ones... Then I can invite Link (I shit you not, it's my friend's name, too) and Artie over and have a LoZ orgy! ::D ::D ::D

My Wife wants these as badly as i do... i love being married to a hot gamer chick, so rare... if it wasn't for my crap job it would be safe to say i win at life.


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