Jun 24 2009Yikes!: How To Make Gundam Even Scarier

gunmadam 1.jpg

Like this. Just look at those hands *shivers*. That's not Gundam, that's Gunmadam. Happy ending: DO NOT WANT.

Hit the jump for an action pose.

gunmadam 2.jpg

pink gundam: cute or stupid? [technabob]

Thanks to rox, who used to ride in a giant mech until it tried to go rogue and had to be put down. That's the chance you take when you flirt with an inferno, rox.

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What's a Gundam?


This is a complete potoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie NEver BAck Down where MAx painted a submarine pink for a party, and then it was called into service. All the enemies thought it was a secret weapon and fled in terror.


I think naas just swallowed some arsnic...

My whole perception of reality has been altered.

Whats with his big clear penis in the second picture?

Oh this is just awesome.

I just got shivers...not even a robot deserves that fate...just kidding, every robot deserves that. Lets pont and laugh!

@2 certainly not that, that's more like an insult
@5 zomg, that is GHEYER than GAY HE-MAN aaaAAaAAAAaaa Kill it KILL IT

What has been seen cannot be undone.


@ Bill.... you fail
@ Gay Gundam... awww. Not cool

What is up with Girly Gundam having a giant penis?
I would like to see the "vehicle" this tranny forms into.

Thats kewt

Jezus, even the stance the thing is in screams GAY. It looks like it just walked into a room of gundams, stopped to observe everyone, tilted in it's left knee while contemplating ramming ass, ugh - and the look on it's face. Clearly it's wondering why it exists.

The 2nd pic is missing a rainbow shooting through the background, then through the galaxy - but seeing how the thing is mounted like STOMPY pointed out the rainbow probably cried itself away.

For all the ammunition stockpiling FDSY is doing for the robopocalypse, doing something like this to a gundam isn't helping the resistance one bit


don't you mean "seeing how the thing is hung like STOMPY the rainbow probably cried itself away"?

HA! If that's how your hung STOMPY, wow man..... but I hope that's not how you fly through the galaxy

You guys are looking at this all wrong. You see a gay Gundam.

You're supposed to see a female Gundam riding a clear dildo that your manly Gundam now wants to fǔck the shĭt out of!

Pew Pew Pew!!!!

That's not Gundams Penis! It's goliath's Drink Stirrer!

my god. Hello Kitty is everywhere.

I want one!!.... i would say if i was a girl, but i'm not, so screw that, i'm gonna watch some porn!!

Agreed. Definitely a girl...
That is what I thought when I first saw it.
we need more action figures riding dildos....

@19 I see no female gundam here despite all that flamboyance. I see a metallic powder puff that's crying on the inside, wishing it were never let outside to be seen like this
@21 more like heeeeey kitty got their lipstick & sashes on this poor machine, utter sadness

Gundam doesn't need women because everyone he meets he makes his beeach!!!

I'd hit it...

With a mallet Bugs Bunny style

If the did that with Evangelion, THEN I'd be pissed

Reminds me of Fei-Yen Knight from the Virtual-On games.

#19 - exactly.

This is not a gay gundam, its the Chun-Li of ghundams....with smaller thighs.

Also, gotta love the garter belts.

hey baby i get off when you get on *flexes robo guns* ~.^


Ahhh yes.... Chun-Li's thighsicles.... man they were huge...

Can I fück it?

@29 sorry, but no. A female gundam would look far more shaplier, curvier, hotter and much less GAY than those pictures above. As much as we'd all like to try and think it's a female gundam, it simply is NOT.

THIS IS WHAT A FEMALE GUNDAM LOOKS LIKE http://fc07.deviantart.com/fs35/f/2008/239/e/7/Nobel_Gundam_by_amiba00.jpg

#34 is a complete idiot....

Just sayin.....


Obviously a robosexual looking to sodomize unsuspecting soda machines and possibly the odd abandoned automobile...up the tailpipe.....so maybe a robohobosexual.

that's either a cruel joke...or a bored person, very bored

Next story guaranteed, "Will.I.am's manager punches Gundam Bot and blames it on Crazed Fan!!!"

I hope that Girldum is legal because I just abused myself over it.

@34 hahaha

HA... HA.. questionable sexuality choices.

#33 Naas NO!! I t can 't be a gay one... it just.... CAN'T!!!! I don't believe it.

...so what does that mean if I got a little chubby thinking it was a girlie one? I'm so confused.

@41 exactly my friend, you're confused. Just keep referring yourself to the link of the girly gundam when you start to hear tapdancing or the clangity clinking of pocketchange after looking at the gay one up there

haha awsome


Dear sweet zombie Jesus. I think I threw up in my mouth a little.

LOL funniest thing I've seen all morning lol.


My girly geekiness wants it.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhaha This just made my day. *wipes tear* *sigh* it's just so beautiful.

id tap that

I want one!

Oh no! There is a Perez Hilton robot now?!?! Dear God Why??? Oh wait, this robot doesn't have a black eye....yet.

HAHA whats with its freak leg in the first pik??!

this one transforms into a wedding cake.

DO NOT WANT. Lol this is scary

Which company did this? My Little Kitty?

AAARRGGGHHH!!!!!! my eyes!!!!! someone was finally so stupid to make a Quadsexual!!!!

(O_O) what did you do to exia?!?! TOTAL MUTILATION!!

Holy shyt.
I want it.
I don't care if it's so gay, awful, or Photoshopped you can see its gayness/awfulness/Photoshop qualities from the moon.
I want this mother****ing queer Gundam.
I want to be able to whip this overly flamboyant, sparkling, eye-blinding piece of crap off my shelves and show it to my friends and say with the most serious face I've ever used that I have THE Gunmadam.
Hell I'd buy myself a model, paint it over, and glue every single last spangle and sequin to replicate this if I can't get my hands on it. Damn.

i knew it, heero felt sorry for relena and gave her a gundam...
Pargan must have asked trowa to paint it, only he would have the acrobatic ability to do it, but he must have asked quatre to get the colors and gems, cuz only a guy with 40 sisters would know how to decorate it, and duo must have knocked wufei out to keep him from having an insane justice meltdown... or one died of laughter (duo) and one of a heart attack (wufei) (and it was a ruptured blood vessel in the brain)

@19 &23: That's not a dildo, those are anal beads, but don't ask me what those are because I've never heard of them. But I do know it puts the robot's sexual orientation and/or preference in question again.

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