Jun 5 2009XM-25 Shoots Laser Guided Exploding Bullets

boom boom bullets.jpg

I haven't decided if the new XM-25 will be a useful weapon against the robotic uprising yet, but I'm leaning towards *pew pew*. Hook me up government, I pay my damn taxes. Well, I did last year anyways.

The system is clever enough to detonate its exploding 25mm bullets within 3 feet of their targets, picking off unfortunate foes with uncanny accuracy, even when they're hiding behind obstacles.

After calculating the target's distance with a laser rangefinder, this lethal weapon sends a radio signal to a chip inside the bullet. That brilliant projectile can precisely measure the distance it's traveled, exploding at precisely the right distance for maximum killage.

Oh shit yeah I need one of these. Maximum killage, that's what I'm talking about. You here that, Skynet -- MAXIMUM KILLAGE. I will ride into battle atop my trusty tyrannosaur steed and pew pew your shit all up. Then, my mount will dine on all the dead Terminators while I reach around him for a job well done.

XM-25 rifle shoots tiny laser-targeted smart bombs [dvice]

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Reader Comments

Sweeeet. I'll take 2

Your gonna give your dino a reach around!? SICK!

Who the hell uses trenches anymore?

Oh great smart bullets. 4th place today?!


Gardner's use trenches to provide sufficient irrigation drainage. So, I suppose we can use it against them.

The bullets must cost a fortune

"Maximum killage"? Is that an official government term now?

I loved this gun in MGS4. It was handy.

I spot an error.


You quoted the wrong part of the article. They have been showing these off for a couple years now. However:
The U.S. military will begin field testing this crazy tech this year, with the goal of rolling it out on battlefields everywhere in a couple of years.
Now that is news. It's about time that they started rolling out smart guns to the soldiers.

@3 & 5

It's not just for trenches.. walls, windows, any kind of corners where the enemy might be taking cover or hiding.

Problem is, how do you know if the target you were shooting at is actually dead when you can't see them get hit.

YOU ARE ALL MISSING THE POINT!!!! They are pulling the wool over your eyes!

Didn't anyone notice these are called "smart" bullets with chips in them?

Just as soon as we get comfortable in "our" trenches we're shooting from, these bullets will turn on US, maximum killage for the machines.



Who cares, I'd be more concerned for the gardeners.

wait but if its a robot appocilipse wont the computerized bullets turn on you too? than the maximum killage is against the humans... damn you robots damn you


This is nothing but half of the old OICW rifle. See OICW on Wikipedia for more info.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was tripping and running away from the loch ness monster (baja) in the desert. At one point he hid behind a big rock, which he thought was transparent, and he imagined the monster looking for him on the other side. Baja saw him behind the rock and snuck around and reached in his pocket for the keys. Max felt this and looked to see neessie's tongue in his pocket. He liked it.

I worked on designing this. Its mostly a novelty. In testing it couldn't achieve the lethality the army wanted. Its on life support as a project. They're fielding it and ordering it only as its needed rather than stock piling it; this is being done mostly as a means of funding continued development. Its a few years off from being what the government really wants.

Must See!!!



I <3 futuristic toys... In my pants :)

This is great news for the one who's shooting.

if the enemy hack the radio frequency, this rifle could xploid in the sooldier face ????

That'd be awesome for hunting possum.. mmm possum..

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