Jun 27 2009MacBooks Made With Space Technology

Here's video proof MacBooks are made with space technology. Now I don't want to ruin it for you, but I'm going to anyways: they are among us. And by they I mean them. The French.


Thanks to Ryan, Geekologie fan.

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wait what

HAHA. I saw that on youtube a few days ago.

damn french!


We are masters of Macbooks !!!

How the French toast do I make my Mac do that!?

The only French I can stand are Canadians......oh! and toast, fries, and dressing. But seriously, that's it. Wait! I forgot that foreign exchange student Sheris. She's ok I guess. In a "I don't mind if you cry after we have sex, but don't call me when I go back to France" kind of way.

I don't get it. IS IT NOT REAL?

Hmm looks kinda fake, my mac does that slower, and mine turns into an arwing look alike not a Great Fox one

This is totally real. Does this mean we have to exterminate the French?

lol. so what ? my pc has a decent start menu... xD

I'll get my hands on a Macbook Air... someday.

France rhymes with gay

I didnt think that Star Fox's ship was a Mac Book also I thought it was much bigger

Anybody really surprised? Another $2200 out the window for a MacBook.

leave the french alooooooooooooooooone.

I heard this won't be available to the general public until snow leopard is released.


bahahhahaha. That's great.

Perhaps this is the new iSpaceship? Nothing really surprises me much anymore.


I nearly shit myself when it started to transform.

I have a Mac Book PRO. does is still do it for mine?

i hate it when my MBP does this.....cuz then i gotta go chase the damn thing around the yard.....DAMN YOU APPLE!!!!!

@ 15


Seriously, that's dope like heroin. I'm literally wanting to have a boner right now. It's too bad I lost my genitalia in 'Nam. In '69, for irony's sake.

nice motion tracking, but the design failed, too many parts popped into existence, esp the curved bits instead of doing a part transform, so it ended up just unrecognizable and generic sci fi cg

¡ǝǝǝǝǝz-ʎʎʎʎʎɐɐɐɹɔ ǝɹɐ sʞooqɔɐɯ

goddamnit, fscuking decepticons.

yea mine keeps doing that too, is there a recall or something?
(HOLY CRAP, the only thing daisy didn't comment on in like EVER.)

yup... thats true... already chased mine a couple times.
lucky me, that mine likes those bug zappers... easy catch.

does it come back?


This is a completely real video. You can tell its real because the shadows are just right.

This is nothing like that scene in the move Never Back Down where Max makes a model spaceship fly but it ends up crashing into an old lady and killing her.

I just thought it was funny that he wasn't overly concerned until it took off through the window. He just says "ah, oui" when it starts to hover, as if the jets were a perfectly normal feature :)

Anybody Else think that looked like the Great Fox from StarFox 64?

Great video, but the thing that caught my eye the most was the thanks at the end. Time after time GW thanks in his own clever and witty ways, but this time he slacked off. Or maybe GW is just trying to confuse us all. Or maybe he was busy fending off evil robots. []=

It's an ad for a mail service which allows to send real letters from the website

Holy Hell, Even Daisy agrees. It MUST be real!!!

Isn't "Geekologie" french ??? i mean the term Geekologie , the IE at the end ^^ wouldnt it be Geekology in english ?

Nice bit of CGI; effect was seamless!

Wait, what's with the super bland shoutout?

Sorry Geekologie. I saw this on another website days ago. DAAAAAYS AGO!!!


This is an viral advice for La Poste (Mail service in France) of course it's CG.


I will taunt you a second timea...



This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene int he movie Never Back Down where Max figures out the earth is under attack from aliens who are replacing people with spacemen. Max and Baja eventually thwart the aliens plans when they find out the aliens are allergic to copper and throw pennies at them.


Noticed that too :- /

i think i might decide to swith to macbooks after seeing this :o


NOOOOOOOO! Billy Mays: 1958-2009...*wipes eyes with zorbeez while giving Shamwow a mean look*

This would be a great ad for a Mac ...

Forget about making an ad with the thin Mac dude vs the fat PC dude ...

A transformable notebook to spaceship is where it's at!!!


Come and join the short and easy game mybrute:


The game takes less than 5 minutes to play!

...Yes. I'm quite alright, #11.

Billy Mays is dead.

*punches 48*

Holy schneikes. Two Daisys?? And Billy Mays is dead??

That's it, I'm headed to Canada. It will take an extra 20 years to learn of the apocalypse up there.

La France au moins elle sait faire de la CG, pas comme ces américaines marmottes numériques dans Indiana Jones 4 ...

I want one!!!!

I hope my MBP never gets the secret call from Apple to transform and return to home base. I love her too much.
Wait...WAIT...What's that...MAC...What are you...No! You can't leave me! What will I do without you, I won't be able to brows.............

man there is a series of these kinda videos, all are great.
never get old.

is anyone really surprised? i mean really? what do you expect from 1) French People 2) Apple and 3) Aliens for making our laptops time traveling space shits

You slack!

Post new shiz.

ITS A DECEPTICON!!!!! KILL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

am I the only one that thought that was a stupid video?...


When i make my macbook do that I make sure my window is closed. XD

taking the piss of french people never gets old ... arfarfarf Brilliant ..

Wow- that's what Transformers would look like if directed by the French. Boring, slow moving, etc.

Big deal. My laptop converts to a frisbee when I close the lid. It flies too...kinda....

Is the macbook died?

That's not fair - my acer only transforms into a turd.


You stupid.

Learn better English.

@37 that might be true. in english is used 'y' while in french, dutch or european languages is used 'ie' and in latin is used 'ia'.

:P we're ubiquitous

so what, my dual pc can turn into a robot and plane!

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