May 19 2009More Than Meets The Eye: Transformer USB Drive Is Awesomest I've Seen In A While

transformers usb awesomeness.jpg

What do you buy for the man who has nothing? While you ponder that nugget of vast intellectuality, I'll tell you about this 2GB Transformer memory stick (which is way better than these ones). Probably the awesomest USB drive I've seen in forever, the unit transforms from a normal looking USB ding-dongle into Ravage, a fierce jungle cat Decepticon (which some believe to be a dog, WHICH HE IS NOT YOU WILL NOT RUIN MY CHILDHOOD). Available fro pre-order from the BigBadToyStore, this piece of badassery will set you back $43 and ships in September. But the question remains: shouldn't you avoid trusting a Decepticon with your porno?*

*Does Optimus Prime piss transmission fluid and wipe his ass with corrugated steel?**

**Bumblebee says so!

Product Page
Transforming Ravage Flash Drive [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Tank and Julian, who once convinced a Decepticon it was human and then broke its heart with a backhoe.

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Reader Comments


Sloppy seconds

I would actually buy that...but I'm not gonna

I'm planning on getting this and the Blaster USB Hub that is big enough to hold the old cassettes:

kinda pricey but also way cool. usually this stuff is crap but i actually like this. think i'll wait though they'll probably come out with other ones

Thats an F-ing VOLTRON lion

Assuming this would fight the Autobots, it's either a cat the size of a middle finger, or a memory stick the size of a real panther. Whatever option it is, it will not win a fight!!! Ok, maybe.

Well dang it this is real awesomness, I would get a couple for sure

You're 100% correct. It's a Voltron lion with a Decepticon sticker slapped on it.

i would totally rock one of these

...why does it only come in 2 gig though?

so if thats a voltron cat... could they make a usb hub that looks like the body and connect the cats to it to make a big voltron flash drive?

the idea has been put out...make it happen already!

im waiting with card in hand

This. Is. Awesome.

Even better than the glue stick USB!

my thoughts exactly @1 - neato!

Hope Michael Bay didn't design it as that would mean it would cause explosions upon insertion.

Yes, I said insertion...


Have I mentioned that I want this?

My son would love that...

Only 2gb?

This is really cool, but that's pretty low storage these days. It's really well sculpted and articulated, and I wish they'd put that sort of attention into the Transformers Universe Hound w/ Ravage figures.

I just hope it comes in higher storage capacities when it hits the shelves.

That's expensive. But I totally want it.

On other, totally unrelated news, my birthday is coming up soon... anyone?

OMG!!!! This is totally cool. I used to have one of these. ... minus the USB drive!


Come and join the short and easy game mybrute:

it reminds me of my transformer watch.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was throwing a party for his accounting clients, and chased by a dog like beast. He asks who brought their pet to the party, and then ran away to save everyone else. He was eventually captured by the law, and subsequently set free when Peck has his way with the containment.

Now this is something i want!

Whoa! Coolest USB ever.


DO WANT!! Too bad the pre orders are sold out. wtf? how does one sell out a pre order? dont you take orders and then make said number of product?

Voltron? are you joking? its Ravage from TransFormers, One of Soundwaves cassett Henchmen. While you were out playing with friends i was watching Carttons LMAO. Voltrons lions had shorter necks and wherent Black/Silver like RAVAGE WAS!...haha

check this out > > > > > >


that is one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen

This is pretty sweet. I need another item at the office to validate my geek status. This should do nicely.

USB-sticks are always ment to be lost,as small and boring they look.This could be a good alternative!

My Master Spies are having a lot of secret information on USB-sticks. . . Unfortunally they always lose 2-3 sticks in average a year.Instead of hanging them for the lost i should give them these sticks to prevent losing.

Yeah, that's pretty sweet and I will buy it. After all, I do have the Soundwave mp3 player and the Ravage and Rumble headphones that go with it. I tried to get GW to post about those, but he's slacking off as usual. Probably humping a dinosaur as usual.

My lil bro bought me this sweet ass toy for my 24th birthday and i never been happier, probably the best USB memory stick i have ever seen.
Can a 80's geek get an amen?

This is something nice.

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It's a good idea .Thank you.

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How can i get it...???

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