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The Worst And Saddest Of Yahoo! Answers

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Okay, this one is actually legit, but everything after the jump isn't. They're the kind of questions that make you want to bathe with a toaster (or SPOILER ALERT: poisonous jellyfish). I assume some of them are fake, but I sadly guarantee a good portion are serious. And, well, *pouring out a little liquor* it's been real, humanity.

Hit it for a dozen or so of the worst questions ever asked.

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yahoo 3.jpg

yahoo 4.jpg

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Thanks to Kane, who phrases his answers in the form of questions because JEOPARDY! is his bitch.

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  • Suneha

    god some people are just ignorant or have really messed up lives. we shouldnt judge them by the questions they put on yahoo answers.

  • jake the ass

    ahh yes how quaint my good ass, but why? im not sure. k den

  • iristhebest

    your dumb :P to skank below me

  • orregisterwithdickus

    what's sadder yet is the dummies who are being suckered into the trolling on yahoo answers.. these are mostly by trolls, ok? you did realize that? right? so, next time, be careful when you stalk the sadness instead of just be smart about it and avoid it.

  • Samus Marie

    Oh my... I don't even... :: facepalms her overwhelming feeling to mourn common sense ::

  • sigarodifigaro

    evolution is wrong. round one goes to the pro-creationists. let's hope evolution stands a chance here.

  • Tina Furlett

    I joined chess club because I wanted to get with its president. It totally worked; we went out for a year. But I found myself becoming good at chess! How terrible!
    true story

  • christina thomas

    I bet all those Yahoo Answer questions came from Americans.

    Vivarium tanks

  • Rachel Fajardo

    Well, I'm American and I'm suprised you remembered the capital a on american. Typically, americans are better than your snobby attitude. Just because you don't like america doesn't mean we are mentally retarded. THIS IS WHY I ONLY LIKE PEOPLE FROM MY OWN COUNTRY!!! EVERYBODY ELSE ARE JUST UNGRATEFUL SNOBBY, IDIOTS!!!

  • Jonathan Lucas
    It took me about 15 seconds to find this on the front page. UK Answers.

  • orregisterwithdickus

    sighs, oh i just can't get enough of the anti-american bigotry.

  • christina thomas

    yeah...everything's "bigotry" these days....

  • RhetoricalQuestion

    Jingoism is a more accurate description of what you have done.

  • christina thomas


  • Argle Bargle

    I actually went to Yahoo answers today and I completely understand why the world is the way it is after reading some of the questions asked there. It's a complete mystery to me how the human race has actually survived this long because to me the water in the gene pool looks pretty damn murky.
    And I can personally attest to the fact that 'some' cheerleaders are dumb. My first wife was one in high school. She thought the Aurora Borealis was an alien attack. No lie.

  • orregisterwithdickus

    wow, this is why i don't listen to the 'wisdom' of people such as yourself. dear, it's a trollfest, nothing more. plus, getting your impressions about the world through yahoo answers? i suggest you do not find the exit, you're better off tucked away.. from the world. (in that safehouse you call a closet.)

  • Lukas S.

    He was joking... I hope you know.

  • i totally lolled at some, but i dont think cheerleaders are necessarily dumb, but that maybe because the only experience i have knowing Cheerleaders is at my university hobby club.

  • Cheerleaders are dumb.

  • ElDiabloke

    You meant cheerleadrrz r dum.

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