May 23 2009Delicious: The Spoonful Of Cereal USB Drive

cereal usb.jpg

This is a USB drive that looks like a spoonful of cereal. And, just like Mary Poppins would say, "a spoonful of cereal helps the....WHY ARE THERE GRAPE NUTS IN MY LAPTOP, YOU LITTLE BITCHES?!?"

Hit the jump to see a video of the cereal in action.

Guy Turns Cereal, Spoon into Working USB Flash Drive [techeblog]

Thanks to Greg, who once fed his computer a spoonful of tomato soup when it was sick but it didn't make it any better. IT NEEDED A GRILLED CHEESE TOO, GREG, GOD.

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Reader Comments

Last :( <----- fight meeee!

1st biatch?



How bout the glass of OJ USB drive?


You can tell its fake because all the shadows are wrong, its like in the film spider man 4 where youd think peter parker was in the spider man costume but it turned out to be peter aundre and his wife jordan getting it jiggy so in the end they all sat on the bed which belonged to mary jane and drank some coffee and killed doc fok

My laptop needs a good spoon of fibre in the morning to stay regular .. :) ... :(

Come and join the short and easy game mybrute:

But.....won't that damage the USB port and all the hardware internals!?

HAY GUYZ, shouldn't that spoon be plugged into the serial port?!?!?!?! lolololol

This isn't Goliath's cereal, it's his drink stirrer.

Unless you're some clown prick,it looks totally unusable to me.Who is gonna buy this?

For the total bored and spoiled person!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max needed a mobile home and went to go buy one from a piker. the wheels fell off as he pulled out, and then his friend took a beating from Tyler Durden.

i so want this!!!!!!!!!!!


USB = Universal Serial Bus


kinda lame

...and by "kinda" i mean totally

See? There's that Daisy bitch saying shits fake again. You're retarded. And thas awesome!

I imagine the weight would put a lot of strain on the USB components, unless the spoon was fake (read: light) and no strain was had. But I doubt it.

No, @15, you are the FAIL. @8 was making a really really really bad pun.

Serial. Cereal.


Transformer one is better.

Can I get on your Lap so you can be Top Geekologie Writer!


this is cool also off topic
geekologie click my name for an important message that could save the world or doom us because of a robot.

lulz to everything

ok ok I made a brute. fight me bitches!

Umm, what if your USB port is the other way round, or is sideways like on my notebook???

And at @15: oh the irony!!! Failing someone when you are clearly the one who is failing! Hilarious!!!!!

theres only one thing that i could say while plugging this in....


@ 25 and 19

He said it'd be funny if you put it in a serial port because of the dumb pun. It already is in one, because USB = Universal Cereal Bus.


guys you HAVE to see this!

@18 aluminum spoon maybe? or it could be just plastic painted with metallic paint.

Also, i should like to point out that the GW changed "COCOA PEBBLES" to "CORN FLAKES".

Hoot Hoot bitches....This is perfect for me


@ 27: well duh!!! But you plug the thing into a PORT, not into a BUS.

So you FAIL!!! Again...

what a shitty video, it pans up before we see the INSERTION


cocoa pebblz to corn flakez to grape nutz, can i get some plain ol' oatmeal next?

I guess its kinda cool, but in a completely unmentionable kind of way....

Must See!!!



It's a good idea .Thank you.

LOL all you haters out there. This is a REAL SPOON with REAL CEREAL on it.
I still use it at work all the time, there is no strain on the USB port because all the weight (very little) is at one end.
How can anyone think this is that would be a serious waste of time. One day i'll post a "MAKING OF".
Thanks for all the postiive comments..keep them coming :-)

good article...thanks a lot for the information!

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