May 8 2009Pillow Laptop: Working Never Felt So Zzzzz

pillow laptop.jpg

This is a pillow that looks like a laptop. It's nonfunctional (as a computer, fully functional as a sleep aid), but soft. I don't even know if they're for sale, but let's be honest, you wouldn't buy one if they were. Oh you would? *yelling down to the basement* Say, it doesn't have to be sweatshop free, does it? Anyway, I think we can all agree this laptop brings new meaning to the phrase, "passing out on your laptop and puking into the keys and then it catching fire and torching your eyebrows off", doesn't it? Well I think it does.

This Is the Best Laptop in the World (Or At Least the Softest) [gizmodo]

Thanks to trishna87, who once fell asleep on a netbook and woke up in a web. Spiderman is an online predator.

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Reader Comments

thirsty for firsty

Well good thing its modeled after a PC. Those things might as well be stuffed with cotton.

Recon d for second?

Mm.. I could sure use one. Heading off to work right now XP.

looks too much like a Mac for my comfort though..

Yeah looks like a MAC, this means it is sure to contact apple every 5 minutes, like Itunes does, and stream Steve Jobs video of you sleeping naked.


Still no sign of gizmoduck?

Tards still posting lame links to fight each other?


Check you guys later.

fail @3


This si a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max thought he was a ppirate and ate several bacon cheese rolls at the del tacos. He then went to the movies and they wouldn't let him in with the hot dog on his shoulder, that he thought was a parrot. He got into a big argument with the ticket booth guy and he attempted to capture him so he could keel haul that scurvy dog and tie him to a yard arm.

Eat shit and die #8


Wait! They haven't posted shit about the fighting crap today, yet. Stick around, Gizmo might blow you later!


Prolly only gets soft porn


Looks like a Mac? Are you high? Have you even seen an OS X, or hell, a Windows desktop? Let's see.. start menu, Windows, task bar on the bottom, Windows, split task screen ON the start menu, Windows. Maybe the desktop background threw you off? God knows they don't make white PC laptops. Get the eff out of here.



its a Mac using bootcamp

oh snap, you are right Ollie, my bad, it has two buttons under the mouse pad thing, Macs dont have buttons, just an extra space bar or whatever under the pad! MAh bad! it won't send naked video to Steve

+1 for trolling out the Mac fanboys. Ah... It really doesn't take much, does it?

It's handy for the job.If your boss walks in you'll be busy with 'typing'.And after he's gone you can rest your head on it.

Was this photo taken at the Geekologie office?


There is a difference between a fanboy and common sense. That pillow in no way looks anything like a Mac, other than it's white. You're a moron.

Poodles, apology accepted. Let's cuddle on the pillow laptop. You can be the big spoon.


@22 Now i'd understand why you're suddenly enthusiastic lately about soft touch screens!


a pic of that pillow is being used here in Mexico for the Pepsi kick advertising... :)

Some of my friends definitely need one. Good idea! Noah Lieske

Yeah that's def a PC.

hahaha...good idea, but you still need pil for "antivirus"!!!

for more click on my name

How can buy this pillow?

Where or how can I buy one?

FCUK!!! its a pc!!damn :(!!

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