May 19 2009*PEW PEW* GLUG GLUG: The Beer Gun

beer bong gun.jpg

As a man-child who's no stranger to chugging beers and puking on himself and then losing a shoe and cell phone only to find them both in the kitchen trash the next morning, I love beer. Like, love it, love it. But only bottles, not cans (cut me once, shame on you, cut me twice SHAME ON YOU AGAIN, YOU ARE A TERRIBLE LOVER!). Also, I really like guns because the very heart of George 'Sawed-Off' Washington beats inside my chest. So anyway, this 22 Machine Gun Glass stands 18-inches tall and is by far the coolest thing to drink out of besides boobies. *ahem* Ladies -- I'm a little parched over here. What? I WANT STRONG BONES!

Submachine gun beer bong, a weapon for those who must be forced to guzzle [coonessroundup]

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suck this whore

I have an ak-47 vodka bottle hanging from the ceiling above the bar, unopened & very attractive

ooops that was meant for yahoo chat, i meant to put i need one of those..... for my whore

I love when the PEW signal is used for something good.

Thanks GW

Pew Pew Pew!!!

Needs boobs...

Beer + guns + boobs = Shangri La

vodka is better, but I still love you GW

...and there's Pew³

thats awesome!

It'll be the biggest thing to hit Gangster rap since child support payments. Lets make a toast!

Do you have a "White Trash" label because this would fit nicely. Actually you could slap it on about 30% of all the shit here.

@9 obviously kicked out of his trailer for complaining all the time

Four posts in this one thread and a link to your Facebook. I think I hit the nail on the head.

@ 9

white trash? look at that picture -- its JEAMES BOND AND OCTOPOONTANG! all classy

havnt they already been selling vodka out of tommy gun bottles?

I live here Walter, it just depends on how busy I am. Regarding yourself, I also hit that nail

Walter, that link is to flickr... not facebook.

Naas, like the AKvodka. You and the GW should have a gun-drinking party. Just be sure to take lots of video footage. Somebody will eventually misunderstand that theme.

@ 6 - I thought the pic was great until I noticed that damn can of TAB and Mike's Hard Lemonade prominently displayed right next to the vodka AK-47. Now it just seems like that AK-47 is just a glimmer of awesome in an otherwise lame room. What were you trying to say with that presentation??? I was really dorky in the 80's (TAB), really dorky in the 90s (Mike's Hard Lemonade), and one time I went to Europe and found something cool by accident.

Looks more like a pee gun.

Hot chick + Beer + Gun = Win

Only way it'd be better is if she actually had breasts.

@16 I hear you on the Mike's, dunno WTF that's still doing up there. The tab is up there because it causes cancer. With the age of that unopened can it probably causes a head implosion. There was no thought put into the bg of that picture so I'll take the 'dorky drinks on the wall' award

@ 19 - Well taken. I thank you.

There is another brand of vodka out there in the shape of a tommy gun, interstingly enough called tommy gun vodka... you should get that and put it next to your other one!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max invented a beer gun so that he could do beer shooters in a new and fun way.

@21 Yes I've seen it & thought the same thing. Clearly another picture is in order once I achieve that

@16 ..forgot to ask what you found in europe, just in case we've found the same thing

This would have been a huge hit at Bay to Breakers this weekend.

nice! ive seen this before. it's a thompson submachine gun!

This thing looks like a urine receptacle for those that are stuck play World of Warcraft for a living ....


Come and join the short and easy game mybrute:

Oh yeah, I need to get me one of these.

I LOVE YOU GEEKOLOGIE WRITER!!! I'm all yours, email me baby <3

I want some breastmilk too!

That's no where near as cool as this tequila gun with a safey and a trigger!

check this out > > > > > >


Im not sure how expensive these things are, but we created our own "beer guns" with super soakers. Probably less expensive and more fun.

That's quite right,i only like beer in glass.

Give me an opener or i shoot!

Just refill this glass quick! Or do you want me to point a gun to my head?


Tequila is much much better....

I saw one of these at spencers yesterday. I considered buying it but... enough tequila to fill it might just kill me.

@37... except that tequila tastes like regurgitated ass. I'll take the beer

The chic in that pic + (beer+gun) = awesome

this was copied from this:

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