May 14, 2009

at at cake 1.jpg

This is an amazing AT-AT cake created by Jennifer Luxmore (and friends) of Sin Desserts. It took 60 hours to build and would typically sell for around $5,000. Stale.

The legs and base [of the Star Wars AT-AT cake] are wood, covered in gum paste and the cake is the head and body. I was in charge of baking, covering it in fondant and covering the legs with the gum paste.

The cake was a new cake for us... the Guiness Cake. and the background was hand painted by Joe. All of the people involved in the cake are artists of some sort and it took (everyone combined) about 60 hours (background painting, leg and body cut outs, covering, cake/covering, assembly and painting) so we figured the cake to come in some where around $5,000 at the low end.

Hit the jump to see a few more shots, as well as some shots of a ridiculous Millennium Falcon cake that Jennifer also made. Then, cry about how you can't even bake cupcakes without burning them. YOU WILL NEVER MAKE A GOOD WIFE!

Now hit the link and forget you were going to call me a sexist pig in the comments. *waving penis* This isn't the writer you're looking for.

at at cake 2.jpg

at at cake 3.jpg

falcon cake 1.jpg

falcon cake 2.jpg

falcon cake 3.jpg

Flickr Gallery (with a ton of in-progress shots)
A Star Wars AT-AT Cake [greatwhitesnark]
Millennium Falcon Grooms Cake [greatwhitesnark]

Thanks to HeathN and Tank, who got drunk and sat in on a wedding yelling 'OBJECTION!' until they were beat up by a group of groomsmen.

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