May 12 2009Not For The Faint: Robots Beating The Ever Living Hell Out Of Crash Test Dummies

This is some really disturbing footage from the German Aerospace Center's Institute of Robotics and Mechtronics (soon be known as a pile of rubble. Minions -- attack!) showing robots beating the ever living hell out of crash test dummies. FOR FUN. WHILE SOME SICKOS LAUGH IN THE BACKGROUND. Allegedly the experiments were conducted in an attempt to help make robots safer, but guess what -- THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A SAFE ROBOT. Just sayin', my roommate lost three toes to a Roomba and can now only walk in circles.

Robots crash into dummies, identify human weaknesses [engadget]

Thanks to billcollider, Chase is First, Barry, Nelson and Wout, who have each taken out like 40 robots and even dated a few long term. You guys make me sick.

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no worries, chumps.

i'll knock this shit down once i'm down pounding this morning's 40.
these nucksas ain't even got legs yet... shiiit, bunch of 21st century

man up,

john connor

If I ever see that orange lava-lamp wax looking arm at the dentists' office, I am outta there

i will destroy you

@naas, check your facebook.

This post is gay.

Robots are jerks.

If your raking the leaves and they get all over your driveway, just hose it off dummy! Foryourhealth.



whose the dummy now?

I think i start to like dummies.They never complain.

@7 Steve Brule rules

I have 4 facebook friends now, bound for total fame

No You

Hey, no, I'm still first bitch!

♪ MmmmmmMmmmmmMmmmmMmmmm ♪
♪ MmmmmmMmmmmmMmmmmMmmmm ♪

Noes! Not teh frobots!


I think I'm the only one to get that joke.

Once there was this kid who
Got into an accident and couldn't come to school
But when he finally came back
His hair had turned from black into bright white
He said that it was from when
The cars had smashed so hard

mmm mmm mmm mmm ♪

First, yes, these are indeed disturbing images. Teaching, and worse encouraging non-humanoid robots to recognize and attack human forms should worry all organic life forms.

On the other hand, clearly the "crash test dummies" are prototypes for potentially (and probably) deadly humanoid robots, so perhaps the tests performed in this grisly video is something that should inspire hope for ourselves and our children's future.

But then something frighteningly troubling occurred to me: I've never SEEN the Geekologie writer, have you? All I know of him is from the words published on this electronic blog. How do we know HE'S not a robot? How do we know HE'S not trying to earn is trust with his fearful rhetoric of a robot-controlled future? How do we know HE'S not trying to lull us into complacency. Does HE even know for sure who or what he is?

DA DA DAA DA DUM (Begin scary beat track from 'Terminator' opening titles)

Do you have a name Geekologie Writer...or a model number?


Do you have a face...or a faceplate?


Do you have feelings...or sensors?


Are you serving your readers...or are you a server?


Coming soon...

@14 zomg your link haha, I hadn't seen that before. Going to hell has never been so funny

Why does this crash test dummy have dress shoes on? and why are they nicer than my dress shoes ?

because crashtest dummies look more like robots than humans... im ok with this



@17. Exactly. I'm calling you out GW. Show yourself or be destroyed.

@18. I got lost in all the keyboard cat links on youtube after watching the spiderman keyboard cat one. Pretty funny.

@16. Classic ♪

What the hell fellow regulars? I want to have Geekologie friends on my Facebook.

those robot bastards!

You know I expect to see this kind of blatant disregard for humanity in Japan, but Germany? For shame.

Now we just need to see some Italian companies jump on the robot bandwagon and we can have the WWII Axis Powers back together again!

At which point, the Americans and Brits would serve up some anti-robot ass kicking! AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT!!!! WOOOOO!!!! PEW PEW PEW!!!!!

Hmmm... so after the accident your friend can only walk in circles? How sure are you that it's your friend that survived the attack, and not the Roomba...? Be on guard...

Well what's stopping you?

Added bitch! Now that you've seen me, I must kill you.

You're saying that while standing on a 2 way street Mr Williams

naas - I'm so thinkig about adding you when I get home... Although I should just let you people go to the geekologie fan page and figure out who i am...

In the future, robots will very slowly gore us with their metal plates.

What's the point of robot beating up test dummys again?

This video proofs:
RWTH Aachen is the only university in the world preparing for the robot apocalypse by letting them take out their anger on dummies now - so they will spare the students at the university on judgement day.
Lucky for me, i am a student there :)


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max melted down some lead toy soldiers to make bullets to shoot at real soldiers.

This could have been awesome

chica I don't know what is real anymore, please do

This is the real skynet they just took out the weapons and the real humans they were testing it on.

Teaching robots to punch dummies.......creepy.

Teaching robots to shoot lazers at dummies.....dangerous.

Teaching robots to impersonate a young geek writer who posts links and pictures of cool stuff and call it geekologie......genius.


You've already added me on myspace. Now guess who I am!

41- That is going to require me spending more than 30 seconds on myspace
>=( ... Although I guess I could kill a few minutes...


I've given up on this whole social networking bullshit. I now network and socialize with people in person (the bar, hockey games, shows, etc) like a human being. Also, teh geek pages. However, if you ever feel inclined, I should still be listed under your new friends as Michael aka Curly.

Robots should be taught to have sex.

so they're making robots that will beat the crap out of you?

Really nice post, keep it up.

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