May 8 2009Man Builds Scrap Massage Chair For Wife

who wants a body massage.jpg

Lin Shuseng, too cheap to buy his wife one of those $4 battery operated personal massagers (or one of the more expensive ones that looks like a wand that women use to, you know, stir the soup), decided instead to spend 8 years building her a scrap metal massage chair to soothe her painful joints (she suffered in the meantime). Wow, Lin, that's real love right there. Also, the chair from Saw. OMG YOU'RE GOING TO KILL HER!

Chinese retiree uses scrap to create steampunk robo-massage chair [dvice]

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I see no steam...

Eat it Bitch! Chase is First

2nd saying first, not so epic, but still a FAIL. Sorry to let all you douchebags down!

Man Uses Garbage to Create Junk

smart guy

Looks like crap...
He could have sold that scrap metal for a pretty penny and bought one

what in the world.... is that guy alive in that chair? His mouth looks like Robocop's. I wonder if this fits in with the rest of their furniture, I surely hope not


The only douche bag you've let down is yourself. Sucks to be you.

You wouldn't catch my ass in that chair. Looks like it'll kill you!

It's supposed to relax you, right?
I can't possibly see it possible to relax when you are sitting in what very closely resembles a torture device.

You've gotta think though, it was made by the chinese, and yes, it *looks* uncomfortable and creepy, but in fact, if you look at the way it's built, it's probably really fricking comfortable. But I agree with everyone else, however comfortable that may be, I'm not about to go sit in it. (There's a chance her husband wanted her dead after all those years of complaining...

That looks like the virtual reality sex chair I built, except mine had extra massagers for where it counts.


ok you tell me that the chair is for comfort, WHY THE HELL IS THAT THING ON HIS EYES??????
what is that for anyway? WTF??
well he really looks like hes about to go either:
into space
to pleasure himself since pain is the only pleasure he likes
to be in saw 6
to go back in time
to fly off his house and trough the roof
to meet pinhead in hellraiser

Looks like you need make sure you are current with your tetanus shot before getting the ol magic fingers from that baby...

That's no massage chair! That's the chair from the classic NIN video, Happiness In Slavery!

Is i just me or with theta thing covering his part of his face and that bald dome doesn't he kind of look like a pervy version of yule brenner? Also with his legs spread like that and that thing virtually massaging his boobs this guys expression says it all. There's probably something we can't see also massaging his balls.................Also he looks like a child toucher. Just saying, I wouldn't let him watch my unborn child.

*and I obviously need to proof read before I post shit.

It looks more a time machine to me than a massage chair! It's probably able to massage the brains as well with 240 volt!

The Spanish Inquisition would have been jealous on this chair!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max built a high powered roller lawn mower and used it to attack all his enemies.

That thing is scary

looks like a shitty trap from the shitty movie saw

I can smell tetanus already.......

Lol!! now this is a virtual gameboy or a suicide booth from futurerama!

thanks for making pupils for me :)

I'm sorry. Did the photographer catch him in mid foreplay with his 'wife's' chair?

IF YOU CHECK under his leg, there are those ball things going all the way up to his butt, maybe thats why he looks so happy

You do NOT want to see the dildo he made for her.

He realy hates his wife, doesn't he? Noah Lieske

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Horrible !!!
That is not a massage chair !! that's a 'SLOWLY killing chair' :D
Is he hate his wife or what ???

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