May 9 2009Konami Code Shows List Of Coded Websites

konami codes.jpg

Entering the Konami Code on this page displays a list of other known Konami coded websites. I tried out several of them, and they all do different things. One started displaying zombies, one broke into the 'all your base are belong to us' cutscene and others didn't do jackshit. So yeah, feel free to email them if you know of any others. Or, share them in the comments here. But don't go trying to trick me into visiting an adult website, or my mom will take away my internet. And then, no Geekologie. And without Geekologie, ______________.


Konami Code Sites

Thanks to This Is Me Posting and Adubbz, who once beat Contra without using the code. Just kidding, nobody has.

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Reader Comments


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie never back down where Max entered the Konami code into his cell phone and got unlimited text messaging.

Konami code in geekologie anyone? :D that would be awesome!

And without Geekologie, ______________.

....bacon would be boring.


....the shadows would always be right.

Fill in the blank competition entry no.1:
And without Geekologie, there'd be no geekologie!
Thank you, thank you... so what do i win?

And without Geekologie, what else would drown out the voices?

Click me or lick me...

And Without Geekologie, I wouldn't have had that affair with The Superficial writer's wife. Thank you :D

without geekologie, we would lose to the robots and no more PEW PEWS

And without Geekologie, ________.

....Robots would take over the world and dinosaurs would never exist.

Which one with the All Your Base Are Belong To Us ?
Just kidding (look at my site). ;-)

so why doesnt the konami code with your site yet gw??

your slacking. lol

haha. the facebook one is funny

As a team of music nerds that includes two former game devs, we just had to join in with the Konami Code fun.

Without Geekologie, the world not be pleasin' to me eye. Arrrr.

without geekologie... who would fulfill my geek lust?

And without Geekologie, boners would cease to exist!

And without Geekologie, ______________.

- robots would have long conquered us!

I love those ones:

Thanks for sharing!!
It made my day.

Without geekologie, robot destruction would ensue.

Yeah, I saw that site already mentioned yesterday in the comments of the Facebook Konami. Thanks, Lady Byrd.

BTW, added a lot more sites since yesterday. Nice!

And without Geekologie, I wouldn't have night terrors of zombies and people yelling FAKE!!! while eating bacon shaped and flavored cake.

Holy shit! Don't worry folks,there's nothing what matters.This is the way how i usually greet my fans!

If you've friends that doesn't know about the Konami Code and you show them the trick then you're pretty cool! Thanks to the Geekologie Site ofcourse! I bet the chicks and hunks will be running soon after you!

And without Geekologie, ______________.

i wouldnt be doing work at 10pm instead of 3pm when i get home

Is the Konami Code for free? Or is it only free for our Geekologie fans?

And without Geekologie, ______________.

I'd become a chronic masturbater. ?

geekologie has prepared us for the robot invasion....

Without Geeologie...
we would have a robot apocalypse. We would have to fight them off with the help of dinosaurs (of course). Then we would all go out for drinks and have bacon vodka to celebrate. :)

& without Geekologie, id probably get off my computer for once.

And without Geekologie, internet has no special powers.

without geekologie, I'd be stupid like Darth(26)

Without Geekologie.... no giant Star Wars Lego zombie bacon robot overlords.

man, im spreading this on facebook faster than the swine flu

Why doesn't it work!?! I do the standard UUDDLRLRBA ENTER and it doesn't work. I'm using firefox, can someone explain?

It's because you've accommodated too much cock Mr Pink. Stop scoffing willys and it might start working.

without geekologie, I would be more productive.

With out Geekologie. I wouldent have relised how much time i waste at work!

without would like penis.....and dinosaurs would turn to the robots for PEW PEW power, and all of mankind would cease to bow before bacon god......

omg what have i done... :(

Without geekologie......

...there is no safe haven for us

...we falter

...there is no massive alert system to the eventual takeover of skynet

...the awesome will have no home

This site is also Konami code enabled:

And without Geekologie, why would we need the internet?

And without Geekologie, I would never have been born...

And without Geekologie, the internet would collapse

And without Geekologie, I would never have been on a boat

without Geekologie id most likely still like men

i was just about to ask.

@ 4. lily

....the shadows would always be right.


without geekologie, we would go outside and see the real world

i can't get the Konami code to work on facebook, or anywhere else for that matter :(
maybe it doesnt love me ):

btw, i have a mac, if that makes a difference.

and without Geekologie, ________________

.... Man-eating teletubbies would take over the world!

And without Geekologie, i would have never developed this addiction to having sex with dinosaurs.

...the anti-robot world would fall apart from the lack of a powerful leader and we would all fall hopelessly to the iron grip of the fiendish robots. Ha...Iron grip? Robots? I make myself laugh. BUT SERIOUSLY! We would all die. =(

And without Geekologie, ______________.

I would put my junk in that Collider thingy...wait that doesn't work so thats not a threat. Id put it in a tray of weiners at a coney Island hot dog eating contest.

And without Geekologie, the terrorists would win.

And without Geekologie, I would have no fear of the Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disney World.

And without Geekologie, I would sleep - and that is just plain boring.

And without Geekologie, I would not recognize a total photoshop job.

And without Geekologie, I would not have known that "they" were trying to control my thoughts. ... Oh, my appologies - "they" are not...

Heh, now im going to try this on all the sites i commonly browse...

I cant get the Facebook one to work.

That was a good read (cept you @1)

never back down

Check THIS out >>

without geekologie, what would i do on lonely saturday nights?

And without Geekologie, _________
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A

...I neglected to add my input to the contest,,,,,


Yours truly,


Without Geekolgie, no more pregnant dinosaurs...THE HORROR

Without Geekologie.......I don't give a shit. Robots are awesome. They will always be awesome. R2, 3-CPO, Tobor, ect.... Get over it.

Without Geekologie... day would be more productive.

...the saints would cry.

And without Geekologie, I would have nothing to do at work.

Ditto to that Batman!
up up down down left right b a enterrrrrr...35 lives bitch.

And without Geekologie, ______________.

.... I can haz cheeseburger!

): sdrawkcab delleps eb dluow gnihtyreve ,eigolokeeG tuohtiw dna


var kkeys = [], konami = "38,38,40,40,37,39,37,39,66,65";
$(document).keydown(function(e) {
kkeys.push( e.keyCode );
if ( kkeys.toString().indexOf( konami ) >= 0 ){

And without Geekologie, ______________.

-we would not have dinosaur porn,
-we would not know when random animals are launched into space,
-we would have robots as sexual partners and not know it,
-the earth would implode and look like the "brown eye" of sauron from far away,
-I wouldn't need to wear a diaper to work due to uncontrollable urination from laughing so hard!

Without geekologie, I wouldn't consider Jurassic Park a pornographic film.

i dont get it

Without Geekologie I would never be able to tell whether or not something is FAKE!!!!

Oh the irony. I tried to post a comment on this the day it came out, and the site kept error messaging me. So I really do know what I'd do without Geekologie.

Without Geekologie: I had more sex with the boyfriend.

Burn Geekologie, Burn.


without geekologie, i wouldnt be able to count to infinity...twice...

I just added the Konami code to (a community website for free ringtones and mobile videos)

All of you that got this to work are dumb. You are using Internet Explorer, which sucks. On the other hand, you can get into this site, so...There is that. also works.

found it on too - not only unicorns but also a free mp3 download no way, big wiin!

I found one on ... you use enter for start btw

Try the konami code on my site!

Have your volume on :)

You'll find it in use at

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