Apr 24 2009Sure, Why Not?: The YI Zipper Headphones

zipper headphones.jpg

Ji Woong designed the YI Zipper Headphones in the form factor of a zipper. They were designed to keep your wires tidy and look cool, but the pull even doubles as a volume controller. So now you finally have an excuse to play with your headphones and make zipper noises. Rub your corduroy pant legs together and clap and TA-DA!: you're a one man band. Unless you're a woman, in which case you and I should make a duet. Then love. Then....me a sandwich. No -- a gyro. :)

Zip it: YI Zipper earphones keep cables zipped up and tidy [dvice]

Thanks to Captain Jonald and Pikksky, who have thankfully never had a ball caught in their zipper. Trust me guys, you don't want to. It feels like a carpenter driving a burning nail into your change purse.

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Personally, I wouldn't want a zipper rubbing against my face all day...

Next one who counts below me is a retard.



and id buy that


She's cute.

I'd end up getting my nipple caught in the zipper while I jogged.

Speaking of nipples... do I see an outline of her left one? I think I do.... and if not, I'm going to enjoy the shape of her shirt folds just the same...

I was just about to mention that everyone is too busy counting to notice the nipple-stands… if it wasn't for the prizefighter nose, she'd be very pretty rady.

she's me!!

I think its neat....

..id never wear them personally, but when i use my headphones im always adjusting that bead that holds the wires together

I'm beginning to wish that Mr. Pew³ would do something to shut down this Dosser game—at least the CelebEngrishDating.com guys were mildly entertaining.

i might buy it if they weren't earbuds. i cant stand the shit sound quality and ear piercing treble that go along with them. MUST HAVE BASS

these are great! i'm going to make a pair!

This should be filed on "it was about time"

wtf that this is so stupid how do they think that thats a good thing its stupid

i guess you havent used these philips ear buds. http://www.amazon.com/Philips-SHE9500-Ultra-Sound-Headphones/dp/B000G35RYK/ref=sr_1_47?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1240601138&sr=1-47

i have a pair, and they kick the bass as hard as them big clunky studio style headsets. it only works if you have a good mp3 player that cranks out sound. aswell. on computers with digital sound my god, its wicked nice.


as far as novelty headsets,i am waiting for the anal bead head set. that way your body absorbs the sound that much quicker!!!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max invented a process for harvesting the sparerib meat from pigs, without killing the pig. This was the starting of the worlds first boneless sparerib farm, where puigs had zuppers in their sides and the meat was sliced out and then they were sealed up and the meat could regrow.

Daisy what are you some kind of DUMB DUMB?
It's clearly real, look here I took the photo and checked the shadows,
if you compare them to a real zipper on some pants.
They are both ZIPPERS!!!!!

@20 welcome to geekologie, you missed orientation

Epic fail...

so now the wires are put together....won't the one single wire get tangled with itself still...especially if you have to fit it in your pocket...much easier and free to jsut wrap them around your ipod/mp3 player

21, naas, no he didnt. Daisy is the equivalent of a firsttard.


Ha.. yeah....
did you even read what I wrote or click the photo?

While I agree that I would not want a zipper rubbing on my face. I will say that they do look neat. I will also say that I wouldn't mind my zipper running on the chick in the pictures face.


*prize-fighter/prize fighter (both are acceptable).

Rady isn't a real word and I don't have a clue what you meant to put.

That looks like fun!

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