Apr 11 2009Shhhh, Don't Tell Her: A Diamond Tester

diamond tester.jpg

If you're anything like me, you probably saved yourself a couple grand by going with a piece of windshield glass instead of an actual diamond in your fiance's engagement ring. Just kidding, I'm not really engaged. But I would consider safety glass as a diamond alternative depending on my fiance's vision. Unfortunately, now there's an easy to use diamond-tester on the market to foil my plans. The $200 device quickly determines whether a diamond is the real deal or Moissanite (silicon carbide). That's okay though, we still have options: namely, rewiring the device to always answer diamond to moissanite. Now, which one of you lovely ladies wants to be my bride? Diamonds everyday!

Determine if your diamond is synthetic or real in 1.5 seconds

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First bitches


Was there a lizard just chasing my mouse or did someone slip some LSD in my orange juice this morning?

Also, windshield glass, lol.

:[ dammit.

I sneak into your house, and steal your mother's feces.

Who the hell pays for a real diamond when you can get a fake one that looks real? I mean really, i know the thrill of wearing a rock that some African child clawed out with his bear hands and then was killed shortly after is hard to beat but come on, go fake.

Oooh too late for me

After being hit by a car, I did notice that the pieces of my back windshield were quite beautiful.

This will keep you from getting ripped off while buying a ring!

hmmm, now I am wondering if the ring I gave my fiancee' is really diamonds...

is it weird that i trim my ass hairs?


I will find my own diamonds babe, I don't need any. But I do need you to make my geek dreams come true.

so can I assume since there are no other takers that is a yes?

Why is this posted? Every decent jewelry shop uses this, it isn't new technology or anything.

I'd rock some fake ice for you GW.

@ 14 Sanky, your skanky.
why are you posting anything?

saw this a while ago in the background of this awesome movie....

I hate jewelry unless it's inexpensive and odd.

You cannot tell the difference between the fake crap and the real BECAUSE IT ALL LOOKS LIKE SHINY SPARKLY GLASS. OMG.

These kinds of chicks...we have NOTHING to talk about. and I know I know, they can all tell fakes from real. Awesome, now fack off.

I didnt even get an engagement ring because I would never wear it. Same with the wedding ring.

@ 12 & 13, i'll marry you. i do bitches!!


i bet bitches would go crazy for that shit.

who cares. this thing has been around for years!

whats next, oh look, a ring that changes color with my mood

old news.....

Do you guys know what a DICK DONUT is? I didn't either til I saw this, hilarious but NSFW!


@ 19
That works out because I am indeed a bitch.
and i smoke more weed than humanly possible

Diamonds are such a fu ck ing scam.

Their value is artificially inflated (they have warehouses FULL of the fu ck ers), are frequently mined by children, used to fund terrorism and human trafficking, mined using HORRIBLE chemicals that leech into the rivers, oceans and drinking water, and ARE FU CK ING USELESS outside of an industrial capacity.

Enjoy paying thousands of dollars for a worthless rock, idiots

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ha! I actually learned about this in class: A cool property of diamonds is that they conduct heat but not electricity. This makes them useful in electronics.

I'm sure someone could rig up their own gadget to test whether or not the stone is a diamond.

What ever happened to the glass/face test? You drag the diamond across glass, if it cuts it great! If it doesn't, you punch whoever gave it to you in the face!

The pawn shop I work at has used this exact model for years. Nothing more satisfying than telling a Naperville wanna be that her 3ct Engagement ring that her dead beat husband bought her is really CZ.

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