Apr 21 2009How To Mount A Tire Using Starter Fluid

This isn't a new concept so you may have already seen it done. And if you have, congratulations, you just won a Geekologie t-shirt. Just leave an 'OLD!' message and your home address in the comments and I'll open a checking account in your name get that right out. For the rest of you, this a video showing how to mount a tire on a rim using starter fluid. And according to my calculations, it has the perfect fire:danger ratio to make it worth trying yourself. But remember: there's no such thing as too much lighter fluid. Or, place like home. *click click click* Wow, forgot how much I hate it here.

Flickr (different video)

Thanks to Michael, who once rotated Optimus Prime's tires in exchange for a ride.

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OLD!!! 262 Great Gregorie, Lee Chapel South, Basildon, Essex, England, SS16 5QT . .. . . Bring on the Shirt!!! WOOOOOOOOOH!!

eeerr I can't see youtube at work.

Kinda funny how the tire isn't even mounted at the end when he picks it up, but yeah, I used to work at a used car lot and that's how they would get a misbehaving tire to mount. Except they used starter fluid instead of lighter fluid where I worked.

P.s. anyone who wants to send me anything, go ahead!

Actually... REALLY old.
It's probably the first time I've seen a Video of it, but the guys at my dad's shop do it whenever they're pressed for time and trying to rig a car for a shoot. : /

Neat trick. Too bad it ends up being an EPIC FAIL.

Might work for a tire but I wouldn't suggest it when trying to mount a woman... unless she's into that kinda thing.

Are there really Geekologie t-shirts? Because I would totally rock one.


@4-good eye, i missed it the first time i saw it. but yet even when i missed it i was impressed. i would rather kill wasps with b-12 carburetor cleaner it kills them good!

"OLD" 1701 Burnett Waco, Texas 76706 USA.
Woot Free tees

Now, where's my geekologie t-shirt? Email it to me plz...

nobody said it so i am going to


(see how stupid you firsttards are?)

@14 WHY??

You can't do something dumb and simultaneously make fun of it. That doesn't make it ok. You just couldn't help yourself, had to bring that stupid mess into this set of posts. We can't have nothing nice around here!!!

You're not getting a shirt, retards. You just posted your home address for all to see on the internet. Congratulations... Looking forward to seeing you at the Darwin awards!

@16 ... i dont know if i made an iron on and sent it on a fruit of the loom i bet theyd report it to the GW and then youd get a post about it

"geekologie viewer sends shirt to another one because thye were dumb enough to post their info"

"insert picture here"

see dreams really do come true


@16 Darwin was an EPIC FAIL too? I always suspected.

@16: Oh, they all ready sent you your invitation?

See? Everything's better with science!

Some Icelanders did that in a Top Gear episode, going to North Pole... it was pretty cool, and the truck was kickass... naturally.

fail the tire falls off the rim at the end.

I hate to be the one who says Attodoso, but Attodoso, I fockin Attodoso

OLD! But great.
1939 N. Argyle #39 Hollywood CA, 90027

Doezumertocht 15
9863TE Doezum, Holland


Send T-shirt to:

Billy McKnucklepunch
28092 Oakton Rd
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318 Coddington Court
Suwanee Georgia, 30024 :)

I had no idea you could do this. But I'm definitely not trying that!

i just hope that these guys are just "trowing" random fake adresses... :|

what the hell i've got nothing to lose....
erik kelley
stubbanveggen 2
7037 trondheim

23 Parkwood, Aliso Viejo
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old 2426 8th ave council bluffs iowa zip is 51501

Old!!! and FAIL!!

703 S. Main St
Star, Idaho 83669


1/121 Victoria RD, Punchbowl, 2161, NSW, Australia......

please send? :P

it did to mount!!! mounting a tire is just getting it onto the rim not inflating it you do that with a compressor / i have the adress to my old house! 14050 poplar hill rd waldorf md 20601 usa

what can i do for you

Joshua G
601 Chappel St
College Station, TX 77840

that shits crazy

OLD! First saw it on the Top Gear Polar Special.

41 Cottrill Gardens
Marcon Place
Hackney Downs
United Kingdom

T-shirt FTW!

@Mothafeezel, a Bas Vegas inmate? How's it going over there? =) I kid, I'm an Essex boy too in all technicality.

OK guys, how many of you posted your ex-girlfriend's address? C'mon now, tell the truth...

Watch this shit when you're high.
By the way,
Mike Hunt
2349 W. Bendover St.
Cokinmoth, VA, U.S. of A.

OLD!!! 713 Caliente Dr. 92311 Barstow,CA

dude, he pulled teh wheel up and you can see after you watch it

he's holding the tire with half a wheel hanging out, all he did was make it mad

Am I the only one who put in a fake address that actually is something funny on google earth?

I just have to sit here, or risk missing part of the movie. If I have to scroll back to where I was, the whole process starts over again.

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