Apr 20 2009Largest Model Rocket Ready For Blast Off

model rocket.jpg

I did absolutely zero research to determine if this 36-foot tall, 1,600lb model rocket built by Steve Eves is, in fact, the largest ever, but that's only because I've already won numerous prizes for investigative journalism and figured I'd give somebody else a chance. I jest -- I'm just stoned to bejesus.

The mini-Saturn V is powered by nine rocket motors including 8 13,000ns N-Class motors and a single 77,000ns P-Class motor.

The single stage flight should reach an altitude somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000 feet, and at apogee the rocket will separate into three parts and return to Earth via the assistance of various parachutes. In the end Eves estimates he's invested about 1,500 hours into the project with a total budget of around $25,000, though that will actually be covered by various sponsors come the April 25th launch event.

Nice. Reminds me of the time at Space Camp we built model rockets and launched them off with crickets as payload. I remember my cricket (Chirpy McHandicapped) only had one back leg. Well, before liftoff. After liftoff he had one back leg on fire. R.I.P. Chirpy, say hi to Space Bat for me.

Largest Model Rocket In History Is 36 Feet Tall, Weighs Over 1,600 Pounds [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Stephen, who once put a rocket's fin on crooked and the rocket went all crazy like PPSSSSHOOWWOWOWOWWOWWSSSSSSSS *pop*

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Reader Comments

It's huge! I don't think that qualifies as a 'model' anymore....

my name links to video of it blasting off! awesome!

2nd b!tches woot

waste of time... my penis is bigger

So how do I book a flight for GW on there? I'll pay to strap him onto it!

Jesus H. Christ, that is one big ass "model". I think 1's right, that's not just classified as a model rocket anymore. That's what I'd classify as "freakin sweet", and "I want one".

Can't even break a mile vertically? Pfft, I could fire a round into the air and will go higher than that rocket for a lot less that 25000. Pew pew pew!!!

@3 FAIL bit ch hope

I'll be impressed when he rides it.

I hope that thing is pointing to the sky the day of the launch

@2 ....you suck....your game sucks.... I hurt

jet packkkkkk

That's freakin' huge! (that's what she said)

We used to duct tape scorpions to mortars and fire those off. hehe

hey kids, now you too can make your own north korean taepodong 2 rocket model and launch it!!!!

Awww, I miss Space Bat.

thanks, Frank B
I may now say- FIRST

Hope he's got serious insurance and launches it in a remote area. That thing is a disaster waiting to happen with the wrong winds and a hardware failure.

good post.

There comes a time in every model rockets life, that it gets big enough to qualify as an ACTUAL ROCKET!

At what point does it go from being a model rocket to being just a rocket?

@3 & 8 - It's bitch. It's not blocked... You bitches.



It looks pretty realistic! I'm wondering what payload this one is going to carry.

what can i do for you

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_b4WzWFKQ20 > This

Pretty sure once a rocket gets to be that big you can't really call it a "model" anymore. I have to say, that's pretty impressive! With the number of hours you've invested in it I really hope it works out for you.

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