Apr 30 2009I'd Buy One: The NES Controller Mouse

nes mouse.jpg

Sadly, the NES Controller Mouse is only conceptual. But, if there's enough consumer interest, I'll step forward and manufacture them myself (read: collect money for pre-orders and skip the country). Capitalism baby, gotta love it. Also, self-conscious strippers and breakfast cereal options.

nintendo nes controller mouse: when can i buy one? [technabob]

Thanks to Matt, Julian and RaDe, who know Count Chocula and Cap'n Crunch make the world go round. Illuminati.

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do want right meow.

i like it

left handed model??

why, is your right hand busy with something else?

Hey that'll go great with this
Just like those Datapalms from “Hackers”, only not stupid or in a totally failed movie. The DataHand Professional II looks the Nintendo PowerGlove grew up and had to get a job.

I hate the button on the L hand side of the mouse, had to pry it off on mine because my twitchy little thumb hit the damn thing all the time. It looks ghetto but works great

oh @1 http://static.open.salon.com/files/douchebagmotivator1236598639.jpg

Nice cereal reference there GW. I always love count chocula although he seemed a little faggadocious


Whoa, best mouse ever!

LMao I think I just submitted this article

ya, i just saw your link in the last thread...

Hell I can say "meow". I can say "moo", for twenty bucks I'll call the guy a chickenfúćker.

That is AWESOME!
I'd buy it


hey naas...


Eat Shit And Die.

Being a complete Geek and a guy who uses a mouse practically 24/7 and a guy going into media industry thinks that a SNES mouse would be better, the design would be able to fit in the hand better and have the ability to use it longer.


This is a complete photoshop job. Yuo can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was having a 3some with Vanna White and Baja and Baja's dad walked in on them. Max and Baja took the Bacon ice cream and left them to their own devices. Unfortunately for Vanna, that device was a garrotte, and after haviong his way with her he chopped off her head, and limbs. This led to an amazing dioscovery. Vanna white is a series 600 terminator. Due to a software glitch she was supposed to perform acts against humans, and ended up acting on TV for humans. Baja's dad figured that her titanium alloy endoskeleton would break the blade on his wood chipper, and he took off while Vanna was repairing herself.

Daisy your a waste of space its a concept read the article




this thing is awesome. i would totally buy one. and then play all of my emulator games with it.

@5 ...yeah busy not being my left hand

@16 ha that cracked me up, didn't doing that burn you?

Totally RADICAL weeawwawawawawwa! Totally tubular MANN! yea brahhhH!!!




Shut up and suck that.

@ 20...


Drink my semen b4 that hapens.


haha! the dude that made this is in my design class :D
if you like this one you should check out his website: http://mousevomit.com/

waOoo.. you're making fun of me ... but you're practically linking me. Yes i sent you a mail, and say you got it somewhere else, on your own... Yeah but you're linking technabob. And technabob is linkin ... Zeniouz... Hey that's my website ! oh yeah :)

So no i didn't see it on your sources :)

@9: Damn... Only off by 30min...

I want to buy this. Totally

I want to buy this. Totally too.

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