Apr 2 2009Good Stuff: Remakes Of The Peekaru Picture

vest 1.jpg

Remember Peekaru, the $80 vest that makes it look like a young mutant is bursting forth from your bosom? Yeah, well the folks over at Emptees have a huge gallery of Photoshopped versions. I've included a few of my favorites after the jump, so check them out. Then hit the link at the bottom to see the entire Emptees gallery, which is slightly NSFW because there are two with boobs. But honestly, I barely noticed them. And I definitely didn't print them out in color. And I definitely didn't forget to go pick them up from the print....uh-oh.

UPDATE: What bullshit, printing out a picture of a boob IS NOT sexual harassment. I swear, some people. Oh well -- anybody hiring?

Hit it, toots.

vest 2.jpg

vest 3.jpg

vest 4.jpg

vest 5.jpg

vest 6.jpg

vest 7.jpg

vest 8.jpg

vest 9.jpg

Snuggie Baby [emptees]

Thanks to Jeff (who made the Carrot Top one), and Thomas, both of whom have actually seen babies burst out of women's chests and surprisingly describe the event as "DO NOT WANT".

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Reader Comments

I didn't see any boobs....



I just did a double-pits to chesty on my bmx

ha that's great! Love it GW

Where are the titties? I almost got happy for a second. I call bullshitery on this blog!

i just double-pits to chestied in my pants. and on my chest. these were hillarioux

He said hit the link ding dong.

Speaking of dong, watch out, there's also one with a giant dong hanging out of her chest..... unless you're into that.... Which you are. Because your going to look.... I know these things.


All the pictures are blocked. Work sucks.

Those are fücking shumway great hahaHAHAstill.laughing!!!

I can't believe GW didn't post the boobies either but a sneak peak at sack-o's little weenis, moderate fail. Shamwow, Bruce Lee, Michael Jackson & Brittany are the best imo!

ahh bummer shum, a lof of the ones from the link are pretty good. As you can tell the whore & I enjoy photochops

For some reason I'm hornier than normal today. Anyone want to call my office for a little phone sex?

good stuff

@12 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-iQpwT0T7E

(please done tell me you can't watch youtube links also, this will take care of you)

I actually LOL'd at a few of these! Although the Carrot Top one is going to haunt my nightmares forever...
GFS & naas- I can't hit the link either, for pics or youtube, or check on my vacation plans, or play games... No wonder I'm bitchy by the end of the day...

OMFG! great shyt!!!!

@ LSDiesel

Whats your number, babe?


wow this is hilarious!

LSD- Are you still working at a bank? If so, please finish off on some c-notes and spread that wealth into circulation...

@19, no I'm actually working Here



Please fire your web developer.

TC I know, you still work at that same place =/

fight the system, tell them you want to play in the media playground

@17, did you see my comment just for you on the sack boy post? I had to re-type it three times because apparently verbs like **** and ******** and ******* while doing the ****** with a ****** is inappropriate.

So please go read it and tell me I'm funny because it would help me get through the day if I knew that someone on geekologie approved of me.

We still have to make babies.

@11 Indeed, we're practically the same!
@23 hahaha!

@21, still haven't given up being an @sshole I see....


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a gfake because the shadowe's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene ion the movie Never BAck Down where Max was being pursued by Ricky Bobby dressed up as a cop, and Ricky Bobby burst into a movie set thinking that was where Max was and ended up shooting a hole clear through Mooby the cow.

I don't know who photo shopped all this! But some look really scary! I hope you understand that kiddies do watch this too!


Seriously? STFU.

You can send us your complaints! We always hit back!


That's not going to change man, I am who I am. And seriously, that site exhibits everything that is wrong with shitty Flash development. It serves no purpose other than to have "cool" rollovers and unnecessary animation that can easily be done with a few lines of javascript and CSS. Not only that, but the entire site isn't w3 compliant, and half the god damn page is CSS variables that should be put into a separate document and linked back.

End rant.

Here's a slideshow of them that loops, made on flash:

@32 Where's teh titties?

By the way, bookmark the site, as they are continuing to add new ones.

YT, YT, YT - this site Blows


You have been replied to ;)
And yes, I approve of you... greatly....

@ all
some people have way too much time
way cool

Is anyone planning on seeing the new Fast and Furious movie this weekend? I've heard really good things, mostly from my buddy Dave! (hahaha) But seriously, I'm pretty sure that it's going to be the best Fast and Furious movie ever.

On a nother topic...these pictures are pretty sweet...are you guys changing them in paint shop? I've been told on many an ocassion that I'm a paint shop master...but I don't like to brag about it.

Alright everyone have a great day...Hugs



What. The. Hell.


"I'm pretty sure that it's going to be the best Fast and Furious movie ever."

Really? Are you basing this on a sliding scale of suck? Last time I checked, those movies are fücking retarded. Seriously, they receive a check from SSI every month for being mentally handicapped. Now BE GONE SPAMMER!



I was kind of expecting a IMA CHARGIN' MAH LAZER one. I'm disapointed.

The Bruce Lee one is the best.

teho rly one is teh best

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Glad to see that Emptees has made it's way to Geekologie! Definitely some entertaining images on there.

Check out my version. QUATO LIVES!!


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