Apr 13 2009For When It's Cold: Sleeping Bag Coats

sleeping bag coats.jpg

Lippi Selk'bags cost $125-$150 and look like wearable sleeping bags. Because that's what they are -- sleeping bags that you wear. Any of you lovely ladies interested in sharing one with me? Awesome -- I get it on weekends!

Lippi's Selk'bag is made for mobility, comfort and a more recuperative sleep. Designed and tested in the Andes, the Selk'bag was named in honor of the lost Selk'nam natives of Chile who were known for their ferocity and ability to withstand harsh conditions.

In a recent comparison conducted by Consumer Reports, a Selk'bag actually ripped a Snuggie's sleeves off and defecated down its head hole. Which, you're right, would have made a great commercial.

Sleeping-Bag Suit Makes Snuggies Look Even Wussier [asylum]

Thanks to Stephen, who can endure temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius because he's inside a tauntaun.

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Reader Comments

Perfect for my work


Thirds....And Sweet :)


These Teletubbies look ready to fight!

This is old news. I've had one of these for the last year.

But they are ridiculously comfortable... no facilities hole though... you know, for doing sitting down stuff... and squatting. But they do have leg vents. Almost as good.


These are pretty sick. Too bad I live in Arizona D:

They're stylish and I'm sure quite comfortable, but definitely the last thing you'd want to take camping if you needed to keep warm. Putting your arms and legs into their own individual mini-sleeping bags won't keep them nearly as warm.

James, I disagree, this might be good for survival.

I wore it camping had no problems. Was toasty warm. They seal up fairly tight around the face, and the have little zips on the arms so you can put your hands out and do... stuff...

The only problem arises when you have to open the entire front to go to the toilet. And you have to be very careful with the shake in case you splash your chest piece...

But they are warm...

Teletubbies meet Michelin guy. Also, conceals your stash.

Where is mr.checkers!? :] jaja

Are you sure that tauntauns aren't rated to only -40 deg Farenheit? -40 deg Celcius seems really cold...

Maybe a little mod to get poopgate & wiss hose...

I would get one of those purely for the fashion.

It's sexual and violent

Definately the last thing you would want to have during cold nights. In survival techniques, you're taught to remove your clothes, right down to your sivies, before getting into your sleeping bag. You put your clothes into your sleeping bag with you at the botton. Then you wake up in the morning and you can put warm clothes on.

Have you ever fell asleep with your clothes on and woken up in the morning feeling cold? That's why.

Id get a white one of those and pretend to be the marshmallow man.

I know what im doing with the rest of my senior year!!!!! NAPTIME!!!!!

FOOTY PAJAMAS FOR GROWN UPS!! ... Cold grown ups...

if the snuggie smoked crack...

These are awesome. 100% Recommended. Very warm and comfortable. I just got a green one. I got it from this website: www.urbanjacks.co.uk.

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