Apr 9 2009Bumptop: Your Own Personal 3D Desktop

3d desktop.jpg

Bumptop (which has been in the works for awhile) is a program that makes your desktop appear 3D and much more customizable and manipulable so you can resize icons according to importance and post stuff on the walls and all around have a jolly ol' time not being productive. It's a free download (for light, $29 for full), so go grab it and then show it off to your office-mates. Yell things like "BOO-YA!" and "FINGERBANGARANG!" while showcasing its features to let them know how superior your desktop is to theirs. But, if they're anything like me, they may tell you your desktop sucks and that their desktop is 4-D. At this point, you'll go back and forth 1-upping each other with ridiculous claims of 5-D and 20-D desktops, until one of you says theirs is actually Infinity-D . Then they other (you want this to be you) will insist they have an Infinity+1-D desktop, and that person will win.

Hit the jump for a video explaining all the fun to be had.

Product Site

Thanks to Belinda, the-iguana and Kyle, who have like googleplex-D desktops.

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if i'm frist, this is an awesome idea!

if i'm not, all those fristers are stupid! what's the effin' point?

It might be a good idea for Microsoft to make the software they have already released work well rather than invent more crap.

I'm still using the only stable version of Windows, which we all know is Microsoft BOB.

Check here, this is how I do it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2b1D5w82yU

this reminds me of the time that i stopped using windows, and started using linux. wow. look at that desktop go.

Eh. I'll pass thankyouverymuch.

29 bucks for a desktop? I never look at mine, that's like changing your bed sheets, or washing your clothes, its useless

This is gay as hell. If you want a fancy-pants desktop just download Ubuntu (FOR FREE) and install the Advanced Desktop options. This way you get the best of both worlds; you get a cool desktop with effects, AND you get to dump Micro$oft Winblowz all together.

Smells like meh...

the geekologie writer said my name for the 3rd time...
take that santa!

Now if it made your desktop background 3D, that might be cool.

Mine's currently the girls of "Death Proof" so Mary Elizabeth Winstead in 3D=yum/win

It's too complicated.

That's 'Fingerbanganorangutan"...


Nuff said.

hmm... interesting concept.
needs more work though.
I would really like to see a 4-D desktop :D

That's a pretty awesome idea;
Think about all you can do with it! :0


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max bought a biplane and went around the country doing stunts for state fairs.

@3 & 13: Geniuses - Microsoft didn't make this. A third party did. But yes, MS should pull their heads out of their asses and make windows not suck quite so bad.

I've actually installed this and played with it. It's a cool concept, and I'm all about finding a new way to represent the digital space, but do feel this one isn't quite ripe yet.

To the haters: Ignore the 3D-ness of it, and if all of you with the "What's the point, this is retarded" haven't looked at their video, you should (and if you have, then you maybe weren't paying attention). The 3D space is only part of it, and really a minimal one at that, if you ask me. There are some REALLY clever UI innovations here that linux, mac and windoze haven't thought of yet. As a power user of all 3 of those OSs, I can say there's some new stuff here, and it bears a quick look. Download it, play with it, give them feedback, and hopefully soon it'll be something really cool.

Mix that with a Leopard style dock, vista-sidebar/konfabulator style widgets, Linux-style customizeability and eye candy, and you'd have something really sick.

And Daisy, please, stop. No really. Stop. Not funny any more. At all.

There's only one thing that surpasses discrete infinity and that's the continuum! So, bringeth forth the continuum-D desktop and thou shalt be king thereafter!


I never thought so cool of a concept could look so gay.

If this were a mac commercial, all the mac hipsters would be creaming their pants.

@18 don't even start with Daisy, he's been here longer than you & he will be here longer than you fruitypants

♥ Daisy

Linux fanboys amuse me. "LAWLZ UBUNTU DOES THIS" not quite...You got beryl cube...a few nice little jiggles of the window...-cough- That's about it. Linux just isn't PRACTICAL for all users. Get your heads out of your asses. For example. I'm a gamer, and am about ready to upgrade my system. Know what OS I'll be using? Vista Ultimate. Wanna know why? For one, first person to say "XP EATS UP LESS RESOURCES" Pay attention to your page file. XP can 'run' off of 256MB of RAM...yet, it has to rape your harddrive for virtual memory. Vista Ultimate runs fine off of 2GB of RAM. Sure, it may not be PRACTICAL for ALL home users, but for someone who knows their stuff, and have a STABLE system, it's easy to run. Better, even, in the 64-bit environment. Better allocation and addressing. Why I don't use Linux? I'm sorry, but I'd rather not waste my damn time having to recode it, and yes, while Ubuntu is GUI friendly...I don't feel like having to run a box, or any type of virtualization, or WINE...none of that. Why? I'd rather run my programs within their NATIVE environment. NOW! To my point. I agree with 17. This has features that Windows, Mac, and Linux have not shown. It has a very sleek UI and is easy to use (testing it myself). Going to see how I can mesh it together with Stardock Fences

Your effing kidding me, rip off new mac OS style but don't even make it gosh darn compatible that's just like ploping all over your mom and you just know it would be in 4-D if it was for mac coz you'd be able to sync it with TimeMachine n get that extra dimension of sugary goodness.

You talking about snow leopard? Are you kidding me? Ignorance of kiddies amuses me.


You're not a gamer, you're a freak, the kind of freak that no one likes

I'm glad that they managed to get this out before the Microsoft version of it in Windows Seven or whatever the other one was called, was released and tramples yet another small companies ideas into dust.

@ 28: Don't worry, I'm sure Windows will steal anything good out of this and release it as their idea in the next update of Windows...

@24: You seem to have hit the nail on the head. Windows is, maybe unfortunately, the best option for most users. I'm sure all the nixers will accuse me of being too stupid to use Linux (in spite of the fact that I've implemented and fully customized several distros of Linux), but the truth is that the best combination of simple plug and play (with virtually every piece of hardware around, and almost every piece of software comes for PCs) without having to sudo apt-get a ton of shit to simply make your system work, Windows is it. And this is a really interesting and clever mod to Vista that makes the user interaction part of the UI (which, truth be told, is not very good compared to OS X, which I think is the best) and it deserves to be explored.

@26, no not snow leopard pretentious cheese butt

Wow just what I've always wanted , the ability to make my desktop look like a complete mess and make piles of desktop icons.

@27. Go join a script kiddy board if you're going to try a weak little 'bash' like that...even for that matter, bashing on the internet is pointless. Ranting...is fine. Trying to insult someone is a rather large waste of time. Now, not a gamer? Really?

Crysis Warhead
Doom 3
Burnout Paradise

Current games installed right now. I wouldn't consider myself the "37337" of gaming, but I'm not dirt. Why am I not a gamer? because I don't scream "FAGGOT LAWL" at people, and actually possess knowledge of computers? Come back to me with a decent response, next time.

@29. Yep. Plug n Play was one of the greatest innovations...people don't believe me? k, why don't you go into your BIOS, disable PnP, and then try troubleshooting...oh...can't find a drive? Can't even get your NIC to work properly? ;p. Linux, once the proper tweaks and programs are added, is comparable to Windows, but not the same. I'll most likely not be using this program, for the mere fact of the price tag. It's nice, I'll give it that much, but, it's not something I really need. Fences from Stardock helps my clutter. Even then, I don't like how this program looks with XP. Probably load it up on Vista when I buy my new parts. Only damn reason I'm not even running Vista is because of a faltering PSU...That combined with a 9800GTX+ during games...isn't a pretty sight.

I'm in private beta of that one. Not that good at all xD
Just messy ><'

Uh, oops. I meant it’s a great article.

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