Apr 17 2009A Whole Bunch Of Inky Sadness: LOLTATZ


LOLTATZ is like LOLCATZ but instead of cute animals there's a bunch of questionable tattoos. Obviously some people don't recognize a Metroid when they see one, but that's okay. I posted a bunch of my favorites after the jump, which you should definitely look at because most of them are hard to fathom. Like the fact that we've been to the moon. THE FREAKING MOON, MAN. That shit looks so small at night. You know what I mean -- like when you think about the universe and how tiny man is but how big we are compared to mice. What? I'm not stoned, you're stoned. Ice cream sandwiches. Jinx!

Hit the jump for a bunch more and a link to the website.









LOLTATZ (some NSFW material)

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2nd whore

were there even any games that used the konami code on the first gameboy?

The Game Boy tattoo is hot.

i hate emo kids, soooo much, soo much, stupiditity with emos, should put them in iraq see how they react to that, whole squad of emos, emo warriors with guns that cut them selves,

Now imagine, just imagine, you are a terrorist right???? right right
and you see that Franken emo kid sitting there with a rifle, and he is all sad looking and cutting himself with a dirty razor blade.

wouldnt you as a terrorist start thinking back on career day and think man maybe there is something else i could be doing because there is no way im going to and waste a bomb on that crazy ass.

@5: Did you just say stupidit-titty?


Operation C

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan

Raging Fighter

yes, i like titty

They just killed Pacman :(


w t f

Sweet! a hidden evil dead reference!

Wow, these are a great examples of bad decisions .

PacAss is funny as hell.
Frankentard is retarded.

Perhaps people shouldn't let their 5 yr olds design their tats?

all of these make me sad.....

....ok that finger one is flat out AWESOME

...the rest still make me sad


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down wherer Max was on the beach, flying a kite with a little kid, whose alarmed mom came by. As he walked off the kid started looking into the bag Max forgot. When max came rnning back it startled them both, but he then pulled a live crab out of the bag explaining why he was scared about her looking into it.

Did I just see an ass?

RORCATZ looks like it has downs sydrome


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie I whistled for a cab and when it came near the Licensplate said fresh and had a dice in the mirror
If anything I could say that this cab was rare
But I thought now forget it, yo home to bel-air

imagine the old folks home these poeple will live in... in the future we will need no carnivals

think of it... home of elf eared, perferated faced, tattooed, branded fogies as far as the eye can see...

ever try putting a catheter in a "octoschlong" or a prince albert? i bet it is just as amusing as it isnt pleasant

just like the dumbass white kids that get tribal and samoan tats

if you look like rick moranis... you shouldnt be sporting that crap

nom nom nom is the best one out of those.
must get a PEW PEW PEW

Awesome tats! Can't believe people really do shit like this to theirselves. I love the little lawnmowing guy shaving the bush of some lady

Yes, the finger stub is maybe the best tattoo I've ever seen.

The rest, fail, so hard.

Especially frankenfail, wow, what an idiot.

The captions are utter balls.

@23 you're momma failed.

Since no one else called it.....


All comments can start, officially, here. So if everyone would line up and repost their comments after this, official, first one...that would be great. Except the dude that called titties stupid. I bet he hates bacon-pron too.

Agree with Catch22 and Boost, that finger one is actually pretty cool.

Poor old JuggsDog.

I wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself.

@26: Your English teacher failed.

"not all games are fun"
Is that someone's ass? or someone's old boobs?
I can't tell! Cripes!

LOL @ 5 you have a great point , they would go well with the Redneck squad

It must be shitteh tattoo week, those are terrible. Ok the stump fingernail one is interesting in that creepy sort of way.
@24 agree
@27 douchefail, what a lame idea. I bet you're full of those
@30 me too, with blood
@31 hahaha

nomnomnom! and fingernail stump had me cracking up but the rest are ass



OMG Fingered is toooo whack!


It's an HP Lovecraft reference, you moron.

It looks pretty freaky!

@30 AWESOME!!! That´s the best idea ever.

The stump finger is freaking awesome!

There are new pics on the page now, as well as a hollaback to us!
I saw a boobie! :)

what can i do for you

Freddy got fingered.

No boobies...

crying at night

It looks pretty freaky!


thnaks for share....

If you have a tat you are not happy with go to Brandeis Medical on Wilshire Blvd for laser tattoo removal. I paid $5 per square inch with a $99 minimum per treatment. After 6 treatments the tattoo was gone. Don't walk around with a tattoo you are not happy with

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