Mar 8 2009Yikes!: Scary Robo-Kid Is No Child Of Mine

The iCub is an iStupidly named robot-child created by the RobotCub Consortium in Italy (not to be confused with Opus Dei). He was designed to have the movement and learning capabilities of a three-year old child and a face only a mother could love. A really loving mother. A blind one with no ears or sense of feeling in her hands.

The iCub is able to crawl and walk, make human-like eye and head movements and recognise and grasp objects like a toddler, scientists say.

'It's hoped the iCub will develop its cognitive capabilities in the same way as a child, progressively learning about its own bodily skills, how to interact with the world and eventually how to communicate with other individuals.'

Oh man, it seems like only yesterday I first learning about my own "bodily skills". Awh yeah -- you know the one I'm talking about: I can pull my thumb back all the way!

Meet iCub - the robot that moves and learns like a child [dailymail]

Thanks to Remo, Annie, Justin, Kyle and The Random Factor, who would never give birth to this thing.

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second biatch!

Sweet child of yours. not mine.

cool, the rarely witnessed, yet highly anticipated weekend post.

at the end of the video it looks really pissed off

looks like casper the friendly ghost

Looks like the robo-ghost of richie rich

Wow, fame at last!

AHHHHH!!! its a 3 year old... wait, no... AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! its a robot!... um, yeah, ef this thing, its the hug robots we need to look out for

@5- no duh, look at around 1:10, its eyes and mouth turn red, its fricken angry!


Technologic ,Technologic, yeah yeah, ye, yea, yeah yeah

Poster #6/7 is a douchebag.

Are your tired of playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero World Tour? Have our brand new robot do it for you!

That robot is obviously Caucasian. It has no sense of rhythm.


This is a complete photoshop job. YOu can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Bck Don where Max didn't want to go to school so he told his mom he had a bit of a pain in the gulliver.

I actually clicked on daisy's link.
Holy s hit, what a bunch of retards.

it looks like Casper the friendly ghost!!

Holy shot that thing is creepy! It's a good thing they have it stuck to the wall or it could suddenly get curious about what your insides look like..

I never really shared in your robophobia before, but that video made me into a believer!

6/7 when your asinine post is so long that it warrants skipping numbers, you've failed on 8 levels.

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Beep! Be aware this robot isn't legal of age robot-freaks! They shouldn't show his innerparts! Boop blop!

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