Mar 15 2009Hands Down: The Worst Advertisement For Israeli Missiles I've Ever Seen

This is by far the most painful advertisement for exploding projectiles I've ever seen. Apparently Israeli missile-maker Rafael thought it would be a good idea to feature a traditional Bollywood song and dance number to drum up some incendiary business in India. They played the video at the recent Aero India 2009 in Bangalore. Was it successful? I sure hope not. And not just because I've been pitching my advertising services to Rafael. Tell me what you think of my latest commercial idea:

Wide shot of a desert quickly zooms in to a tight one of a lone watermelon on a folding table. Another quick zoom to a medium shot of the area surrounding the melon and table. Far off in the distance, a rumbling PEW PEW!. Soon, two missiles are seen cresting a mountain. As they approach, the camera man realizes he's been had and, dropping the camera, begins running. You see him fading off into the distance until *KA-BOOM!* he disappears in a massive explosion. As the smoke clears, you see his smoldering shoes. Then, at the bottom of the screen: "Expect the Unexpected. Rafael Missiles: Now with heat-seeking technology. Rafael -- When only the PEWIEST PEW will do."

Bollywood Missiles Ad Destroys My Ears, Eyes, Faith in Humanity [gizmodo]

Thanks to Martyn, who doesn't have to advertise his missile because the ladies already ask for it by name.

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Yea Just Copy Paste other sites

Starts with

then 72 hours later on gizmodo

then finally GW picks it up a week late

and yet here you are anyway...reading AND commenting.

don't worry GW, I still love you.

I am number 3

hey punks, my internet was disconnected for like a month... is it just me or is there a new GW?

well i still think that the jews as well as other asian and russian influences will still wipe missles and exactly two point turns while injected serum of coronary heart disease with zombie flesh contacts are immediate danger.....

i did my best to seem like an idiot....just like paris hilton!!!!! or that stupid ass teen usa girl thing


I don't really think it's about the speed with stories are posted on Geekologie, but more what you can expect it terms of recurring subject matter. E.g. bacon and cosplay :)

He is my favorite.
But he wrote that he felt lonely on his bolg on ____seekamillionaire com,_____ which is for wealthy singles and celebs.
Also he posted many his hot videos on his blog.

@7 lol, you mentioned on a page about (possibly heat-seeking) missiles!

but the part where they go dinga dinga do and then go side to side switching back and forth proves they are in love.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell tis a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max stole a monkey for a test lab, and then got pursued by Ron Burgandy.

I liked it.

So, that's what Adam Ant has been doing since the '80's...

My brain hates you for the use of that song.

to anyone lucky enough to read this before they watch the video:
Don't watch the entire video, they just keep dancing and singing.

where they just dancing round missiles ?

also at 3:10 i love how the missile is bang in line of the fat one who im going to call Daisy

My looney bun is fine Benny Lava.

...yeah but that one girl has huge boobs...sure a little extra everywhere else too, but that's okay...

Somehow after seeing that I want to go to a hookah bar & bomb India - & I don't even hate India. I don't get it either, I know

I wonder what they are trying to sell with this one:

I can't believe this is real... *shaking head*

And #1, you are a douche. The GW is a million times funnier than those other sites. At least you get a good laugh whenever you read his posts. If you don't like it, go to another site.

Anyone else think the beginning of that was like a surreal Never Gonna Give You Up?

give me my 3 minutes and 25 seconds of life BACK!

Why, you would have just wasted them anyway...

not impressed

When but oh when the lousy arabs will stop putting lies and fake things in this site.If instead of sending missiles into So.Israel they would stick them in where the sun never shines we would be better in this world.I really like your idea but it must be footprinted "Paid by Hamas for general world consumption".Loved it.Go and buy the melon,I'll put the missiles.


Worst porn ever.

As poor as the Scary movie franchies

here's an idea: write about geek technology and not try to find any excuse on Earth to blast out your stupid Anti-Semitic diarrhea.

Obviously fake. Rytheron, Rafael, BAE and other military industry companies are far too rich to make such a lousy video with shitty singers, ugly dancers, poor light.

It's not a bad commercial, you're talking about it arn't you? Commercial -> get attention. I'm a supporter of Israel myself, it's a great country,
God said (Genesis 12:3): “…”
“I will bless those who bless you,
and whoever curses you I will curse;
and all peoples on earth
will be blessed through you.”

@24 -
If only Hamas could put all it's bombs in the hole where the sun doesn't shine and then blow themselves up, that would be a better world, yeah I know. But that's not going to happen lest we go after them! That's why we go to war in Iraq, because Sadam was a terrorisst who once attacked Israel. Fight what's wrong! Attacking Israel, either verbally or otherwise is wrong, according to the quote above. Another thing that's wrong that has been bugging me is false rulings made by American courts pertaining to the issue of child support. These rulings are often based on falsities and are unfair, such shouldn't happen in civilized countries, oh while I'm still on political issues, to sumarize I'm against democrats and other commies, feminists, people who support teaching Darwinism... I'm against wrong! I hope not to judge, but to be able to show the right way. Everybody got to be against court rulings deliberately based on falsities!

Yeah! The only right way is war based on fairy tales and superstition! You tell 'em softlicious!

*rolls eyes*

I think we need some kind of anti-creepy filter on the posts..

What's with the fat dancer

is dinga dinga dee Indian for ink dinka doo?

only the jews could come up with such sick advertisement the sickest yet though it the one with the Israeli children signing and sending messages to the lebanese children on the missiles they were sending...and they wonder why they are not welcome anywhere in the world...

@24 you must be one of the dispised jews...that is exactly why you are not wanted by any nation actually that is why your people were given Palestine, no other country wanted the hatred and selfrichousness you people execud but what a crime you have committed against the people of one will forget nor forgive your barbaric actions..pen thousands up and then blockade and bomb least you people were liberated by others when you were in the same concentration camps, but please 60 years and the Palestine's are still caged...



So that's where some of the $13 billion we US taxpayers pay to Israel every year goes... selling fugly porn, belly dancers, and missiles to the poor Indians. Watch out India -- Israel is out to get you. Cha-ching! One more customer.

Buuuuuu !!!

manele is suck !

I'd love if this was the Israeli Eurovision entry for 2009.

Not an add. Somebody made a poor job of faking this crap.
And wasn't even smart enough to do it well.
But apparently fooled a lot of idiots anyway.

Just shows that any crap will find believers.

dinga dinga dinga dinga dee dinga dee


#35, funny you say that, because Islam was spread in Africa through murder, intimidation, and rape. READ ABOUT IT, BECAUSE IT IS FACT, is still going on by the way. Atleast the Jews aren't using machetes to teach others about their religions. Muslims carry the quran and an AK-47 to spread their faith.

Worst advertisement for Israeli missiles you've ever seen? Can you give us an idea of what the best advertisement for Israeli missiles you've ever seen might look like? How about the best advertisement for Iranian missiles or Russian ones?
Here's an idea:
Narrator: Is this country a problem? (Picture of country)
(Mushroom cloud)
Narrator: "No Country, no Problem"
Text: "Shihab 3 - whenever a country is a problem."

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


I'm sorry but this song would sell condoms better than it does missiles.

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