Mar 23 2009Epic 30,500 Piece LEGO Star Wars Ship

star wars lego 1.jpg

I know, it looks like the toy you found in your girlfriend's sock drawer, but trust me, it's not. This thing is like half that size. Thomas Benedikt went and made Admiral Ackbar's command ship Home One (not to be confused with going all the way with a lady) out of 30,500 LEGO pieces. It took 11 months to build, lays just short of 7-feet long, and cost $5,500 to complete. It even has LED lighting effects throughout (hit the jump for a picture). Good looking, Thomas. Next time I need a scale model of a Star Wars ship made I know who to go to. Or do I? Maybe I'll take my business to THIS guy. Now, I want you two to fight.

Hit the jump for a bunch more and a link to an even larger gallery.

star wars lego 2.jpg

star wars lego 3.jpg

star wars lego 4.jpg

star wars lego 5.jpg

Home One - Mon Calamari Star Cruiser
7 foot long Lego Star Wars cruiser is epic in its awesomeness [dvice]

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Reader Comments

first sukkas

first maybe?

Yea! Penis!

This is legen...wait for it......dary,legendary!!!

u mean, yea a graat big gray penis with bumps all over it......... kinda like michael jacksons

NOT even 1/2 the size..... HA!

I wish I had that much spare time to build lego megaships, I spend all of mine commenting on geekologie

I love the # 1 #2 # 3 contest. haha the winners and the losers.

What a waste of time.
He totally could have leveled his Night Elf Hunter to 80 and got some epic lewts.
Sad really. What a geek.

#4: SWARLEY!!!

allow me to be the first to say... IT'S A TRAP!

@10: SUIT UP!!!!!

....Marry me.

Good looking indeed. But I like the red-white-and-blue galleon in the background better.

Damn. So is this what people with no job do? Or is this what programmers are really doing while things are "compiling"?


So when you take the time to build one of these, do you like make a room for it? Paint it dark blue/black, put little stars on the wall? Paint in some little planets?

Or does it just sit in your livingroom between the fireplace and television?

I always wanted to make rad stuff with legos. Turned out I couldn't even build a good looking house... or fort type thing. suck.

wait, is that Noah's Arc in the background?

this guys made the same kinda thing as that other guy you mentioned. so if you were gunna hire someone id go for this dude!

look at the other shit he's made

@Amy: Sorry,but you know me.I´m not made for marriage.....poor little thing.


Ah, poop. Well then, how about a night of wild, unadulterated sex instead?

THAT´S what i´m talking about.......But after that,i need a picture of you for my scrapbook.
But maybe you have a sweet sister for my secret phantasie of the tricycle ;-)

I do have a sis, but she's married and four months preggers.

Babies: The Anti-Swarley.

Mhhmmm,tricycle,pregnant and sisters,three more points on my list. High-five!!

amazing... but too obscure to appeal to the masses

they should do a star wars exibit at legoland...that place is the shit!

So that's what Vader's Cock looks like....

HA! Barney totally got a full on robot chubby over Amy... Pity she's a MAN. (or just a really ugly gamer chick)
You guys just keep looking for eLove douches....FAIL

It's a trap!

Pretty awesome.

Looks great with the lights on.


u paid for this?

But. Why does it look like a giant whaleturd?

Hey #30, yes I am totally a dewd. I am in no means a non-ugly female gamer. Nope. Not me. You got it right on the nail. You Perry Mason, you.

wow i would love to build that because i have built 10ft models before

i have it now i can't wait until it is done

Effective today, all firsttardsshall be eradicated.
Thank you, and FOAD, firsttards.
Have a nice day~

#30: Hey most gamer chicks are hot, so can it! Oh and the Home One is an epic win, on question about it good work, now make a Star Destroyer like that and you'll have to epic wins.

Is this REAL lego? dont see any studs and i have been building lego for years.
This new studeless lego isn't me coup of te but i like your construction.want to see my simple stuff watch crashman434 at youtube.

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