Feb 4 2009Lightning Hits Cow, Cow Lives To Moo About It


The cow featured here, who we will refer to as "Well Done", was struck by lightning and lived to chew grass and moo about it, which is apparently rare.

When lightning hits the ground, current flows through the earth in a wide area around the point of impact. This is how a lightning strike can kill a field full of cows - the long wheelbase of the average cow means that a nearby strike induces a significant potential difference across the ground spanned by the cow's front and back legs; current flows through cow, cow dies.

For those of you who aren't science-minded, let me break that down in layman's terms: basically lightning strikes a cow, and makes it delicious. I smell barbecue! Or a cow on fire, same difference.

The path lightning takes through a cow [tywkiwdbi]

Thanks to towhee monster, who attracts lightning like she does men -- with witchcraft.

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Reader Comments

Holy shit!! Also eww.

I bet now that stomach window shit wouldn't seem so bad to this cow...

poor cow. look his flesh is hanging off! that's so disgusting! how am I supposed to make shoes with burnt leather? this is a tragedy.

OMG! Thats so sad!
I feel bad now.

wow flame grilled and alive all it needs now is a giant bun and some ketchup

The cow must have had black magic to survive such predicament.
I'm starting to think it's Kazam.

Daisy, what do you think?

Well done and rare?



THATS IT!! Daisy is a COw!!! mOO. And she was hit by lighting as a warning.

This could be the new style for livestock, that cow has it going on.

What other cow on that farm looks badass like that & can say I survived a lighting strike & all I got was my picture on geekologie linked from tywkiwdbiwtf Not your cow rogan... Remember the debate everyone had over pierced pets?

Wait until you see the messages that can be seen from airplanes when 1/2 burnt cows are lined up across farms everywhere displaying messages like 'suck it', 'zombies did this' or 'never back down'.

What's the big deal? The lightning wanted a hamburger and failed. I suppose we could name that lightning bolt after Ollie Williams.

the failing part. Not the hamburger.


I think I love you

sweet jesus, that cow looks gnar

.....another cow.....
Actually I think that was the same one.

Holy cow!

ow, i hope the cow is ok . poor thing got zapped


This is exactly like dividing by zero


It's Flash the cow! Mmmmm toasty!

Eating any form of meat is wrong. Those who do are immoral and will burn forever in hell.

@19, So does that blowjob you gave your father count as eating meat?

Such a witty retort.

That Blowjob does count. You got me. I am no longer on the morally correct path of not stuffing my face with dead flesh. Now I can officially eat your future or current babies.

Holy crapper, that calf looks like an electric mole-crazy eel on acid exploded under it skin! Goeie poes!~

@19 - So is it wrong to eat fish?

Babe the White Ox?

Looks like Michael wanted some extra toppings.............


* Please pull out your copy of Douglas Adams' "Restaurant at the end of the Universe" and find the part where the cow walks out of the kitchen and describes it's most delicious parts then heads back into the kitchen to shoot itself. Them imagine I had access to that text and wittily put that in place of above and left out the explanatory note.

its Harry Potter, bow to your overlords!!!! but that looks terrible, the cow shouldnt have been left to go on with those injusries

Don't be so ignorent of course its not ok to eat fish. They are still made of live flesh and meat are they not?

Cow's don't have wheels and therefore can't have a wheelbase... unless they're breeding with machines.... NOOOOOOOOOO

Man that cow has got some wicked street cred with that scar. All the other cows must be in awe.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max's mom got hit by lightning before gibvin birth to him. Later he finds that he is a magic albino.

Looks like one of those Death Metal band's logos.

oh god!!!! poor moo cow!
this is so depressing I could--
...does anyone else smell beef roast???


NBD is exactly like dividing by zero

God hates cows.

man don't show PETA they might sue God!


read the bible and realize that you are going to be the one burning in hell for not using the resources God told you to!

I would sneak up on him with some A-1, oh yes.

Shit man, that's got to hurt :O

Please visit my blog :)

I was certain when I clicked on this it was one of Banksy's cows.

Well done? Bull, that is one rare cow!

I agree with catherine.
People that are saying "Mmm Barbecue"
Are nasty fuckers.
If this was you, you would do a hell of a lot worse then the Cow, you would be crying and running to your mommy and or daddy, so shut the fuck up.
Atleast animals deal with the suffering, and are so used to stupid faggot hunters. I can't stand hunters. You all will burn in a hell if there is one. No wait, tortured before let being burn.

So i am going to burn in hell because i eat meat. Well not only is the human body made to eat meat through the process of evolution it is also not that good at digesting most plants considering that all plants that we eat contain cellulose which the human body doesn't digest at all (reason that almost all laxatives are made of concentrated cellulose). However don't get me wrong we do need to eat fruits and plants to live a healthy life considering the contain certain vitamins and nutrients that we cant get from meat but the same thing goes for meat, you cant get things like iron and zink from plants. Meat is an essential part of diet as is vegetables. Know not all hunter's just kill animals for sport some actually do it to live try telling somebody like lets say an Eskimo that he has to starve to death because its wrong to feed your family meat considering that theirs no plants in the arctic. So ya killings for sport is wrong but so is blowing up oil rigs to prove a point.

children are forced to eat veges
why is it the case?

because man is an omnivore by nature

that's what i cal "awesomeness"

it could not surprise us either only if we had free hearts.recently it happened
that somewhere,people were cooking for a great feast under a cloudy weather.guess what! lightning flashed,thunder rolled,huge ball of fire chased
the owner of the banquet,the pots were also found empty.

AFRICAN TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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