Feb 24 2009I See Your Brain: Fish Has See-Through Head

fish head.jpg

The barreleye (Macropinna microstoma for you ichthyologists) is a deepwater fish that has a see-through, fluid filled head in which it moves its eyeballs. And that, dear reader, is freaking awesome.

Barreleyes, just a few inches long, are thought to eat small fishes and jellyfish. The green pigments in their eyes may filter out sunlight coming directly from the sea surface, helping the barreleye spot the bioluminescent glow of jellies or other animals directly overhead. When it spots prey (such as a drifting jelly), a barreleye rotates its eyes forward and swims upward, in feeding mode.

What a freak! Reminds me of a girl I used to date that had a wandering eye. My God that turned me on. When she was looking at you it was like she was looking through you. Well, with her good eye anyways, the other was always wandering over your shoulder. Damn I miss that eye.

Strange Fish Has See-Through Head [aolnews]

Thanks to Pat, who has eyes in the back of his head that he can't use because he needs a haircut.

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Reader Comments

cant see any brains in this head.....

this is awesome and i am first again! maybe


That is freakin awesome

Dude, FAKE???
F ucking 2 Liter soda bottle.
Get real.

I'm going fishing for one of these this weekend....

Quick Robin! To the Batmobile, we're off to PetSmart!

first thought - wonder what it taste like?

@ 8: You mean the fluid or the whole fish? I wonder about the fluid

almost thought its brain were angel fish...like it was a fish-fistank

check out this HD video of that crazy barreleye fish http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RM9o4VnfHJU


seems too gewd to be true girl.
girl you know its true

chris dane owens will rape your womenz and burn your homes.

obey him or that fish will die by his hand.
tonight we strike there is thunder in the sky.
together we fight! some of us will die, but we'll always remember that we made a stand.
and many will die by his hand.

*I'm not...
*Shit, I keep forgetting about that.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was pledging a college fraternity and was forced to shoplift a bunch of stuff for a party from the local grocery store. He also invited the checkout girl to the party, who got drunk and fell asleep in his room. He delivered her home in a shopping cart.

he looks sad

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I see boobs in his head
But hey, why take my word for it.
We all have a mind of our own

Sadfish is sad.

looks fake to me

Holy F-ing Crap!!! That thing is REAL!!?! If my head was see-through you wouldn't see anything right now b/c my mind is completely blown away! I thought that sad little thing was for sure a Fake (maybe the next Pixar film), but that video (@11) makes me think otherwise. Wow. Nature, man, nature...

"Penny for your thoughts Sadfish. Oh wait.... there they are."

Video of this fish here:


Ugh, this is getting WAY too out of hand...everywhere that news vid appears, people start duking it out on whether this is "proof" that god exists of not. Like, seriously at one another's throats over something so ridiculously stupid.

Ah, the internet...the true breeding grounds of asshats, twats and morons since the early 90's.

This one screams fake!
Has anyone ever seen transparent bones, especially a skull? I think not. There are many transparent fish but you can always see bone...including a skull... Also most fish have side articulated eyes(except flounder of course)...

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