Feb 25 2009End Of The World Perspective Street Art


Edgar Mueller is a 3-D street artist like Julian Beever, except he works in paint instead of chalk. This is one of three massive, street-filling pieces by Edgar (other two after the jump). Oh man, just look at that car in the back -- that thing is going nowhere! . Also, what kind of parents let their child play on the edge of a precipice like that? Awesome ones, that's who.

Hit the jump for two different ones and a 'making of' video.


i can fly.jpg

Edgar Mueller's Official Site (with tons of more pictures)

Thanks to Pesche, Liam, and DanieJo, who once rowed a boat off the end of the world but lived to tell about it bang aliens when they landed on Venus.

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Reader Comments

whoa, trippy!

booyah... furst?


damn it.

Ha ha!

I feel it is horrible.
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Damn, that IS trippy...wow

Now you post about a poor depressed lunatic that only find solace by vandalizing streets and parks in an attempt to give people heart attacks when they come upon it. For shame! For shaaaammmmeee.

now that shit is "true" graffiti art!
this shit can't be legal, though?
or is it?

@roman F A G


This guy has always impressed me, though it sucks that they only look good from one specific angle...

I love this guys work, it's nice to see him getting some real room to create his scenes!

real impressive! But little bit outstanding and illogical. For example in the first graphic for people in real world is actually impossible to get so close by a volcanic lava because of the temperatures. They are still around, even walking :))

I wonder if he does the tunnel through a brick wall gimmic... like in the roadrunner cartoons ..or would that be more of a liability?


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Tender Dracula where one of the drunken overdubbed make up artists made one of the drunk french actresses look like she was old. Noone was impressed and there was no point to it at all. She looked young again in the next scene.

Where's Daisy? Did I miss something? Who is this Spam Artist character? Are they one in the same? =0 Dun dun duh nun

Spam Artist is the "Dean Koontz" of this blog.

I wonder what it looks like from the other side of the street.

that's kinda scary..


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is like the time in Never back down when a spam artist pretends to be a daisy than ends up falling into a pit of ice and lands on NUTZBABIE where they find out that they are just a painting made to look 3D



This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

What's the name of this song?!?!!?

meh....I have a ground mural like that on my driveway, its not beeg deel.

Why has this "art" to be so ugly? Phantasy-Bullshit.

Amazing. The lava one is kinda cheesy. I prefer real lava. As for the waterfall, I prefer a fake waterfall.

Love it!

Where's the gay midget amputee riding a Zelda modded sybian?

Like it :)

Naw.. the end of the world is in Vancouver. It's where there's a Starbucks across the street from another Starbucks. Stand in between then and Time stands still.

@30 that stupid joke wasn't funny when Lewis Black told it 10 years ago. And Canada is for buttholes.

@ 15 that was halrious and if he doesn't, he should. as any self respecting perspective artist should.

this is the shit, oooh watch out for that cliff!

How fitting, what with the deadly chemtrails in the background up in the sky.

Otherwise killer pic!!

I've seen some pics yesterday in the newspaper.
I like this form of art :D


I take it you have no sense of humor, I guess that's why you hate canucks.


I'd like to see some writers try this with 3-d wildstyle letters on walls

gonna paint my drive way like that so nobody can park their car on it

WOW. I assumed it was photoshop
@15: hahaha brilliant

pew cubed: that was effin' hilarious. You just totally made my day.

That being said, i like Julian Beever better. ::shrug!:: However i am very impressed with the "crevasse" one... yikes! And a tunnel into a wall *needs* to be next.

The pictures are obviously photoshop, it's clearly visible that the "people" are simply strange breed of apes able to fit in human suits...


That is so fresh. Damn!

I've seen bigger.

The space bar is a great fu cking tool.
And the GW is a fu cked up cu nt


I'm not actually sure if "Never Back Down" had any bottomless crevases in it. But I've never watched the movie, so I may be wrong.
However, this IS just like that scene from the Road-Runner when Wile E. Cyote tries to fool the road runner into running into a brick wall by painting it to look like the road behind the wall; classic.

haahahaha how metaphorical of edmonton. black hole sucking in its youth. awesome.

wild. I like the idea.

Wonderful street art!!

it's absolutely real
I can tell because I live in the town where the first picture was drawn
just great

Okay to all you idiots that say its not real... does the video above not show a fast frame recording of it actually being carried out?? uhhh... YEH i think it does. so whats your problem? is it that you feel the need to discredit peoples work because you cannot think of anything positive to contribute??. Grow up and stop posting 'ITS FAKE' comments when you dont even have proof.

nice one

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