Jan 25 2009Vroom Vroom For Six, Please: A Racecar Limo


This street-legal racecar limo is actually available for hire and can allegedly reach up to 300MPH. Of course your sissy of a driver will probably never top 65MPH, but that's because this whole idea is stupid. Unless you get a couple highspeed track runs before going to you to the dance, in which case, maybe. All I'm saying is if I had gone to prom in that mother, I most certainly would have gotten to touch a boob. And by touch a boob I obviously mean cop a feel. I'm thinking the old "sudden braking" reach across.

Street-legal open-wheeled limousine aims for 300mph [dvice]

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wow, i can't believe i got it. (afterglow)

ninth!!!! bitches

What the f*** is this first bs. First to do what? Shoot a load among your friends during a jerk off contest? Make it stop.

imagine the regular high speed crashes, but with more people, looks like fun

lol look at me in that pic aint i so cool

Cupholders? I don't see no cupholders!

I love that Gw is posting on the weekends now.

@7 King Of The Hill lest I'm mistaken?

P.S. I am nevar mistaken.



what a piece of crap..that is nothing like an Indy car.
300 mph?...yeah maybe if you drive it off a cliff, or strap a jato rocket to it and then fly into the side of a mountain!

Pssst...why not steal some stuff off of the Popular Mechanics or Popular Science website, I hear they have a really cool amphibious airplane that can fold up and fit in a 2 car garage.

8- Only if it has a zero degree turning radius...

I have one of those!
and it's made out of Legos
and it's sitting on top of my tv


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie never Back Down where Max and his friends were on double secret probation. After a particularly good party they are evicted from their house, and in order to get revenge decide to get revenge during the homecoming parade.

#5 FTW! and also...... I will get into thumperchicca's poop chute someday

Dairy, open your eyes!!!!

This is absolutely real, what shadows are you talking about? I am a photo recovery consultant, basically used photoshop for 15 years, this is real.

Very interesting and funny thought to make race on limousine.

Racers are cool, the race is very exciting

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