Jan 16 2009Optimouse Prime: The Mickey Transformer


Apparently this Mickey Mouse-Transformer mashup was on display at this week's Tokyo Toy Forum and is being manufactured for sale late next month. The morphing mouse will set you back about 40 pieces of cheese and is perfect for both Disney and Transformer fans. Plus, if you know somebody who's both, you can count it as both their birthday AND Christmas presents. Sure that would make you a giant cheapskate, but who cares, I already saw you taking extra hot sauce packets from Taco Bell. Haha, you thought I didn't notice, did you, you little cheapskate?*

*Bring me some Fire.

DeceptaToon: Mickey Mouse Transformer debuts in Japan

Thanks to Riche-con-carnie, who would probably taste great with a little extra hotsauce.

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That said.... my son would love this. Who am I kidding... I'd buy it for him then play with it myself while he plays with the stale pretzel on a string I got him for Christmas.


I guess so...

Optimouse Prime.

Sorry, I had to

yeah....no thanks


LSDiesel seems to be in love with Arcade Fire.....

lol i thought that was a real cake the first time i saw that ... a cake you can move the parts on...

Top ten!

@7, I didn't know pretty girls posted on Geekologie.

How sweet


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where the hallucinating Max climbed to the top of a scaffolding and then thought he saw a princess, and chased after her, falling on his cabeza. He then started walking around like he was a giant on a map, he finally stopped and ended up running on the top of a stone wall, jumping over the many gates. He finally made it into the back of a restaurant and rode the dumbwaiter up and down for a while.

WTF is this shit about toys. I thought this was a child porn link. Damn!!

I thought it was Optimouse Prime, not optimus mouse.

I want a Geekologie shirt dammit!

so.... pedo is short for.... pedophile?

Dude, dont steal LSDiesel's f***in idea!
You are too late

Does it come with "happy driving semi Mickey" AND "malicious, terrorizing city, piloting robot Mickey"?

Or is that Minnie driving?

RightThef***On!! This is kickass.

LSD- you're especially douchenozzly today - WTF?

@17, Sorry Thumper. I didn't start the day off right. Ever since I lost my semen recipe cookbook. I just haven't been in good spirits.

Ummm.... Is it me or is Daisy's comments getting much MUCH longer???

Oh yeah and that toy is mine!!!!


So are they going to make a Donald Duck Megatron?

just received this as a christmas gift

i love it!

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