Jan 19 2009Mom Unplugs XBox, Kid Assaults With Taco


The latest in a string of culinary assaults, Zachary Moir (now to be known as the taco tosser. Or, if he ends up doing time, the taco salad tosser) assaulted his mother with a delicious, meat-filled tortilla.

When he refused to stop playing his X-box and come down for dinner, Dena Moir says she went upstairs and unplugged the game, that's when she says Zachary pushed her and called her a bad name...A few minutes later Dena says she was in the kitchen cleaning and cooking tacos for dinner when Zachary showed up. That's when she says he slapped her arm and threw a taco in her face.

Wow, Zachary, I can understand you not wanting to eat since you're already so full of fail, but tacos are delicious you freaking idiot.

Big Shot Allegedly Throws Taco at Mommy for Unplugging Xbox [gizmodo]

Thanks to Frostee, who almost threw a churro at his grandmother for having the television volume up so loud, but ate it instead.

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Think of the starving children in Africa!!

^u know u wanna

That little bastard would've "accidentally" gotten the hot grease pan dropped on him... but hey, maybe it's just my mom that wouldn't put up with her kids' stupid bullshit hissy fits...

That kid's Dad better be dead or in the hospital for something, otherwise there is no excuse for that kid to still be breathing.

Thumperchica.... that's awesome!

Beat his little brat face...with an xbox

^u know you wanna

Top ten!

Taco assault is just funny, no matter what the circumstances, what the situation or anything. To tell someone without lying at any point in your life that you were hit with a taco or destroyed someone else with a taco is FTW

@3 and 7
I enjoyed very much

LOL...moron... I want that taco, now no one can have it... Way to go loser, but I'm sure master cheif would want it too so look at that, his mom is a good person, keeping the tacos where they belong, away from the chief cu you know the story, it starts with the cheif who needs extra for cortana, then the arbitar wants, soon you have to give to the grunts

GW, you gonna ban PORN...? I mean, don't get me wrong, it's my favorite subject. But I'm pretty sure those sites probably lead to some of the lesser-quality stuff that fails to get me off no matter how many of my credit card numbers I give them.


BTW- What? No witty "Think outside the bun!"ish pun for us? At least the hamburgdiddlyurgler had "Eat fresh, bitch!"...

Lot of over reaction in the comments, it was just a taco. Big deal, this kids an angel compared to those kids who actually kill their parents.

I'm in Africa, an' I'm freakin starving… enough to eat a child. Anyhow, CHURROS!! All that fatty twisty sugary deliciousness, makes me wonder how your country can have such harsh immigration laws against the Mexi-cans.

Poor kid, he was probably about to save, and then *power down*… can he do time for this? (I mean jail time, not time sitting in the "naughty chair"). In any case, I know what to do with this kid: Naga Jolokia! I'm busy eating one as I type this, and i't's like purgatory in my mouth…


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max is on top of the eiffel towerr, and realizing Baja was making fun of his beret, he flings it over the railing. Some old Lady's poodle chased it like a frisbee, and plunged to his death.

I'm glad meatspin is getting the publicity it deserves.

If there was ever a face that says, without words, "nigga please". That mug up there would be it.

And why is this on news?

This is what spankings were made for! Parents stop listening to all those experts who don't even have kids! Beat them when they need it.

Because there ain't shit else going on in Orlando.

Put this man's face on a can of stew!!!

#20 is that like a big ups to your homie Dj Lil Whitey?

Wait a second. So he threw a taco at her,and she actually called the cops to report that he had "assaulted" her?

What a great mom...

I like how he has a mug shot! If it was my kid, it would be one a mortuary shot. Little f***er acts like that I'd beat his face in with a taco. Maybe my parents just didn't put up with that shit?

@ Ollie. I'm in Orlando, and there are certainly better stories here to report than this. Like the green diarrhea my boxer just let go out of her ass. Now the yard smells.

I'm confused by a few things here...
1: Why is this news worthy? Blog worthy sure but the actual news?

2: Why are people acting like he beat his mom with a tire iron then raped her corpse to the sweet soulful tunes of barry white? wtf he threw a taco.

3: So... wait... so was this taco already made on someone's plate or did the little jackass actually go down and construct a taco just to throw it at his mom? Because if he did, then by god you gotta respect that determination.

Is this how gamers treat their mothers these days?
I've been reading all these articles about videogame-addicted kids being violent towards their parents. I was even more shocked when I read this article about a kid in London who killed his parents for not letting him play his video games. This is is just plain pathetic. These things never occurred back in the days of NES, Sega Genesis, Atari era.

I guess this kid never had friends to play with or at least play video games with. Get a job or something that will expose you to the real world. It's insane how these kids turned out. I'm not saying all kids - around 13 to 18 - do such repugnant behavior, what I mean is that video games have different effects towards the youth today. It's very appalling how they're consumed to these things. My sons come home from school and goes straight to their bedroom to play their PS3 or whatnot. It's crazy. And all they talk about at the dining table are Halo and video game crap.

I guess the only question is; why the f*** are these things happening. We can all trace it back to the video game companies. It has nothing to do with efficient parenting nor censorship. Companies such as Microsoft, Sony Playstation, and Blizzard. I've done a couple of researches about these companies and their enticing branches. You'd be surprise to see how little do they take importance of customer satisfaction and feedback. So much of that information, I think it's best if you - yourself - judge how these companies would do anything to buff up their product sales and marketing stunts.

I love video games and I have nothing against these next generation video games. I just think these things are just getting out of hand. Play your games but not to the point that you think your in a game. That's all there is to it. It's not that hard to understand. You see, it always comes back to self responsibility. I hope these "kids" would think like that. But what's screwed up is that the media is always putting fuel to the fire instead of controlling it.

I hate to see these things happen to my children and your children. 95% of children in America play video games. There's no telling what's gonna happen in the future and what future these kids has to come. This thing is bad enough to even worry about Global Warming and World Financial breakdown.


I'm not reading that f***ing novel. It's a comments section, not a cut-and-paste for a f***ing essay.

I think Peter's overreacting, just a tad. sorry, I saw the five paragraphs and decided not to ready pretty much any of it.

In other news, I ate a taco today. What a synchronicity that turned out to be!

im really sad to see that Daisy continues to post. not that it really matters because aside from this comment she is generally ignored. i just hate seeing that same lame ass comment over and over again with every post. i mean, it wasnt even that funny the first time. i guess its an even bigger shame that there are people like Daisy who have no friends at all and nothing to do all day except make pointless comments that nobody even cares about or reads anymore. why not try doing something productive Daisy? just as long as its not procreating, god knows we dont want another one of you running around trolling other boards.
anyway, this kid (the taco tosser) is obviously a giant douche bag who deserves to have his x-box smashed over his head. anyone who treats their mother with that kind of disrespect should be beaten every single day. his dad should knock him out upon seeing him, everytime he sees him.

Of course this is in Orlando...Jesus why does Florida and Ohio have all the stupid people? Almost every time there is some outrageous, ridiculous news story it's in Florida or Ohio. My mom would have knocked me back to pre 360 if I did that.

As if this kid wasn't going to be finding out what dick tastes like before...that picture pretty much guarantees it.


Matey, if you treat your mums like that, your not getting tacos anymore. Not now, not ever. If I were your mums, you're a goner! Bloody buttons on a dinghies! You need a little bit of spanking, don't you?


Do they even serve taco's in England, Australia, or where-ever-the-f*** you're from? What the f*** is a dinghie? Whatever it is, I'll buy two.

I like turtles.

29. James AND all of the rest of the people that think it's not a big deal.

Yes, it's just a taco, and yes, if you threw it at your friend, little brother, or even at a school teacher it might be funny. But to push your mother, slap her arm, and throw food in her face is f***ing pathetic.

That's his f***ing Mother, that little prick has no right to be that disrespectful. Did it hurt her? No, probably not physically, but mentally I'm sure it did. I'm sure it really hurt her feelings to know that her own son doesn't have any more respect for her than that.

She raised that little cum stain for 19 years, and what does she get for it? A f***ing taco in the face. Pathetic. That guy deserves to have the f***ing shit kicked out of him. I can tell you one thing, if anyone even look at my Mom the wrong way I would be inclined to kick their ass.

....long sentences....

#31: Ollie, ditto. Anyone who read all of Peters rant please summarize.

#33: read what #31 had to say. So you don't like Daisy BFD join the rest of the Daisywhiners and don't post such long comments

Never Back Down!

I don't think there is any possible way that kid could look like more of a douchebag.

A "dinghy" a small boat made out of strong plastic material. You can git them for cheaps. What a knocker, ain't it? Cheeky if you call it. Them dinghies can only carry one nancy or it will sink.

If he was playing Pong, he would have hit her with a 2x4
If he was playing SuperMario, he would have hit her with mushrooms
If he was playing Resident Evil, he would have hit her with a raw steak
If he was playing Tiger Woods, he would have hit her with a 5 iron
If he was playing PetVet, he would have kicked her in the pussy

The possiblities are endless!

@42. To summerize #30;

Wah wah wah, my kids play video games too.

Wah wah wah, don't blame the parents.

Wah wah, something else.

He shoulda made a run for the border!

Thanks #46 :) Typical rants, aren't they

Did anyone say that yet, or did I miss it? For shame!

i hope this little shit reads these comments and maybe he will realize how much of an f***er he is and should have his ass beat with a bar of soap in a sock until he is in a coma then have his mom kick his ass again in the hospital then pull the plug

No Moose, I think you were the 1st unless it was in one of those stories. Great job


You Brits and your crazy talk! I wish I had an accident. :(

52. Ollie Williams - Don't worry, you can pretend to have an accent online, no one will ever know the difference! Give it a shot!


This is a compalte photoshop job. You can tell itsa a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max goes to sleep at his co-workers house. This guy sleeps in a car-bed and goes on and on about how cool it is. Later Max can't sleep, and takes a Lara Croft doll into the bathroom to beat off to. His friend's mom walks in and Max ejaculates on her.

"What you in for?"

"Threw a taco in my bitch-ass mama's face for shuttin' off my xbox!"

"Here's my pocket boy..."

Daisy is definitely not sleeping under the desk right now


What is up with all these fools, Get a life it is only a game......

Clarence Seedorf was the best at Real Madrid.

she should have slapped him back with her own personal taco. now that would scar him.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Tender Dracula where Dracula's father whips some gypsys and has a heart attack.
Dracula reminds him that whipping gypsys and turning off an xbox machine when I'M ON THE LAST LEVEL is a fatal mistake.

What a douche, I f***ing love tacos!

*stomach goes garblegarble*

God, a taco? Who throws perfectly good food?

Alright, this one looks prime for management at the local Taco Bell opening up right down the road from his house. Whenever those darn things, I think they're customers, show up and crap all over your day, just throw a taco at their stupid ass!

Mom should have 'accidentally' thrown the george foreman grill directly into this idiot's face. Oops! Thought you wanted to heat up that taco meat, bitch!

As a concerned father, I just have to say, I hope this 19 year old is homeless soon. If not, then the mother is just failing again at her job.

Well, I would have at least taken a bite of the taco, then thrown it, for a more comical effect.
If I had been gaming for x amount of hours, just to have my Mom destroy everything that wasn't saved, and all because I wasn't hungry for a taco, I'd be pissed too.
I say, GO . . .kid, since I forgot your name already.

@33 Regarding Daisy -
You completely miss the point. I LOVE Daisy!!! Sure it's annoying, but it all becomes SOOOO worth it when some newby ready reads her comment and
goes off in a tyraid about how it "NOT FAKE you dumb b^%#!""" I LMOA every time. Totally a fan of Daisy.

ok wow... I totally slaughtered my last post. Note the correction.


Yeah...that should about do it. Now let's see how many texting grammer freaks post up on the obvious.

Don't worry big guy, you fixed it. If someone tries correcting you after you've already done so, they're just telling you that they're intolarable whiney bitches & need to feel authoritative about something.

I laugh too when some newb doesn't get Daisy either


@30: No. Listen carefully:

"This is is just plain pathetic. These things never occurred back in the days of NES, Sega Genesis, Atari era."

You're right - the technology available at the time didn't exactly scream "immersion". But you know what did? Dungeons & Dragons, which was blasted with similar criticism because a staggering MINORITY of players had trouble maintaining the boundary between fantasy and reality. I mean, come on, those are just books. But I'm sure these things never occurred back in the days of wood etchings, right?

"My sons come home from school and goes straight to their bedroom to play their PS3 or whatnot. It's crazy. And all they talk about at the dining table are Halo and video game crap."

If you think that's a problem, then take some responsibility before they hit YOU with tacos, Peter. Your sons aren't carbon copies of every parent's child or children. Maybe the reason that your sons jump for the PS3 as soon as they walk through the door is because, oh, I don't know, they haven't been told otherwise? You are the father, right? Your house, your rules?

"I've done a couple of researches about these companies and their enticing branches. You'd be surprise to see how little do they take importance of customer satisfaction and feedback."

This may startle you - I'm sure your research was very thorough - but the ESRB, responsible for assessing the content of video games and rating them accordingly for the benefit of the general public, was created by the industry itself in an effort to deter criticism and create awareness. Now, I've shared with you something constructive that the industry has done; why not share with me something constructive that irresponsible parents have done? I'll give you a hint: using the industry as a scapegoat every time your offspring slip from your grasp doesn't count.


Peter, I sincerely hope you return to read this, not just for your sake, but for the sake of your kids. The last thing I want to read about is another f***head teenager ruining video games for the rest of us because he thinks he's Master Chief or something.

Oh, and to clarify: I'm 21, a long-time gamer, and I've played some of the most violent, socially unacceptable games imaginable. Plus, I drink, take the odd drug, listen to metal, and don't subscribe to religion. And I'm fine. Of course, you have no reason to trust that, but based on the arguments I've just presented, you should have the idea that I've at least done some homework on the subject. Why? Because... I care!

this reminds me of another post on here with a play station 2 or 3 with similar circumstances.. either way the kid should get the living piss beat out of him for doing something so fking retarded.. I know if my kid ever tried any crap like that they'd be lucky to wind up in jail since much worse would cone to them for doing something so foolish. it's both the kids and parents fault in most cases though for letting the kid get so spoiled on sht like that. the whole lot of them deserve what they get.

YAY TACO!!!!!!!! BOO!!! to the little taco throwing nazi.

72 nd YAY! taco!!!

Not gonna lie, I only read the comments that are between 1 and 3 lines of words. Go post your own blog somewhere else, not in the comments section of this one.

Why won't someone invent a console where pulling the plug doesn't wipe out the game?

@69 - huh?

Whats this with the article day? Is GW taking the day off?

First of all, I want to be Daisy for Halloween.

Secondly, @ 69, when you say you've played some of the "most violent, socially unacceptable games imaginable", I hope Soldier of Fortune is on that list. I played the shit out of that game upon its release, when I was like 13, and I think it really desensitized me to just about anything. That and goatse, tubgirl, bme pain olympics, does the list ever end?

How do we know he was throwing the taco at her over the video game versus tossing it at her because her cooking is really bad.

f***! Today was taco day at the chowhall too...I bypassed it and went for the driest chicken breast sandwich ever. Damn taco story mocking me...

I want some of Thumperchica's pink taco ;)

Lotta comments over a ruined taco...and retarded kid

What a f***ing brat.

repspectfully Thump...lol

what a stupid and spoiled kid.

Timbo...What Taco??????

Quick Fix. Lets just allow beating of our kids again.
What this will solve:
No more of those f***ing annoying spoiled kids that I want to beat the shit out of.
Long Term Problem... Buncha people going to therapists because their drunk father beat them.
Eh. Oh well. At least I was blessed to be born in a family where they didn't beat me for dumb reasons. Guess it would just be luck of the draw.

wait a f***in' second. he's 19!? That faggot can just stop living in his parents house then. Kick his ass to the curb!

@78 - I want all of it, repeatedly too.

PS, Its best when slathered in a creamy sauce and served warm.

American kindergarden-rubbish!

How come my mom never makes tacos for dinner?

Have you considered that maybe there's more going on here? They probably had problems that go deeper than this. And why is the mom never at fault? Some people seriously don't know how to raise children.

88 - She did raise the douchebag to think it's ok to hit her, so she has some responsibility. This "kid" however; is 19, old enough to make his own decisions and take responsibility for his own actions. We all have our back stories and f***ed up parts of our childhood, becoming an adult is about learning to overcome that and grow the f*** up. He failed, he hit his mother, he went to jail. Welcome to reality.

FSN- Is there a respectful way to call a womans gentials a taco?
LMFAO - OK, I can't even pretend to be that uptight... You must be tired of Japanese pr0n or something...

86- Um... nevermind...

Tacos RULE! Eat them & throw the tofu instead! :-p

@75. cash4gold - I remember the first time I saw tubgirl, it forever changed my life. I could no longer drink my favorite beverage without getting sick: chocolate milk.....

If my child hits my wife with anything, taco or not it is absolutely f***ing over for him. That shit cannot be tolerated in any form.

i rememebered the one time i talked back to my mother. she slapped the shit out of me. and i tell you what it never happened again. that shit HURT!!!

i think the reason, kids are beating their parents is exactly that they dont have friends. back in the day when kids had the tedency to beat the shit out of something it was a friend. so remember kids assault your friends not your parents.

true story: one time my gf threw a taco at the ceiling fan because she was pissed at me. I kicked her ass to the curb. I love tacos.

#92 eeeww tubgirl. I remember seeing that for the 1st time also..... It's more like chocolate milk with mustard paste

Wow! I have this weird, uncontrollable desire to just slap that smirk off his xbox playing face!

I'm not a violent person. It's just plain weird I tell ya!

Any child who disrespects his/her mother like that deserves to be electrocuted and hung (not necessarily killed...just taught a lesson about manners and respect.

Any child who disrespects his/her mother like that deserves to be electrocuted and hung (not necessarily killed...just taught a lesson about manners and respect.

one hundredth NEVER BACK DOWN

Yeah, I'm a little pent up, what can I say...they blur that shit!

who throws tacos?

Damn, my mom would've shoved that taco down my throat... then again I wouldn't act like a little pussy and have a hissy fit.

@89 I think both of them have to share the blame, too. But he probably figured it's alright to disrespect her, given that she pulled the plug on something important to him (although admittedly trivial to the rest of us). Hence, in his mind, she disrespected him and therefore deserved retribution. On another note, I'm not an adult yet, but thanks for the advice, although you might want to go easy on the profanity.

104- The foul language is something I've yet to overcome... hehe.

another problem which could have been solved with slap. plz white people, hit your kids.

You guys are all terrible at life.

did anybody even stop to think how that taco felt...anybody? probably not....lets look at the real crime here...the bastard THREW a TACO...

I'm gonna f****** hunt that f***** down and beat the s*** out of him for throwing a perfectly good taco!

If she was still cleaning and cooking dinner "a few minutes later" when the kid arrived downstairs following the turning off incident, why was she so desperate for him to come downstairs already? It seems as if all he would have been doing for those few extra minutes would have been waiting around...

I'm not saying I condone his actions, but it does seem like there are two sides to this... If he knew that dinner wasn't yet ready and was just trying to reach a save point or something, it was pretty unreasonable of her to just come up and turn it off like that, though his response was not the best reaction to it.

Ah well, people eh?

My dad threw a bagel at me onceO.o
dont worry i ducked:)

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