Jan 28 2009Light Saber Umbrellas: Battle Sith Lords, Women And Wetness At The Same Time


These $40 Light Saber Umbrellas are the first to combine the coolness of staying dry when it's raining with the incredible sadness of wielding a nonfunctional lightsaber out in public. That said, I take mine everywhere. Wow, is it just me or is it raining lady-killer in here?*

*It's just me. Come get some, beautiful.

Hit the jump for several more pictures of the awesome. Also, when rain hits a lightsaber does it crackle and pop like a bug-zapper? That's what I imagine.

UPDATE: Bladerunner Umbrellas, not Star Wars. What, can you blame a guy for drinking?





Light Saber Umbrella - LED and rain protector together at last [redferret]

Thanks to Alexander, who doesn't need an LED flashlight to light up the night -- he glows because he was exposed to radiation as a child.

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Reader Comments


where is the green one?

that is fantastic
id kill for one

@2 GW smoked it

Not for $40...

This thing will likely battle ladies "wetness" as much as precipitation. Nothing dries up a chick faster than a lightsaber of any kind. Lightsabers, empty wallets, and riding a bus during a date.

I'm so torn here. The nerd in me thinks, cool. The guy in me who likes getting laid says.. "I like getting laid, how about.. no?". Decisions, decisions

kinda dorky... still useful on dark nights, no?

6&7, You are both correct.

@7 'The guy in me who likes getting laid says "I like getting laid...." sounds a little gay for a milkman. Good thing you didn't say that out loud.

Actually this is from the movie Blade Runner... http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/travelpower/9260/

You're dating the wrong kind of girl.
You're the wrong kind of girl.

They better not snap during a strong gust.

This could actually help you light up your way in a dark alley way, for instance. This is a very clever idea.

What about that red double-edged thingy that the red ugly bald dude was using? That would be really awesome to have a up and bottom umbrella. SWEEEEET. And then you can pretend to be a douched-out Merry Poppins that looks like she's lost and ended up babysitting a ghetto baby in the ghetto.

Geekologie writer FAIL

Oh you'll be battling women and wetness at the same time, that's for sure

12- You have No idea ;-)
6 is right about the broke, riding a bus to a date, but somehow having the cash to buy a $40 lightsaber umbrelly...
7 is right to be in a dillema...

Put a flashlight on an unmbrella, call it a lightsaber and mark up the price 150%

How Geekologie comments usually go...



@ 2

lol FAIL!


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell it's fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This looks exactly like that scene in Never Back Down where I was anally raped Max... And I enjoyed it.

@ 4


6 and so on.

I just came., I want one!, gay!!!, i hate black people!!!11!!, etc...

by Max*

With #11.
Lightsaber- no. Blade Runner- yes.

you're absolutely right.
I'm a girl and I'd love one of these


It's like you can see right through us...

i failed?


back to the work then

I absolutely LOVE my Blade Runner umbrella, and I'm a girl.

Not only is it incredibly cool looking, but it's much more convenient than trying to juggle an umbrella, flashlight, and dog leash while walking the dog on dark rainy nights.

the lighting would probly annoy me in the dark trying to see past it or something...unless you hold the umbrella behind your peripheral vision ironically enough, the extra light would make seeing a bit more difficult....
......besides youd still get wet swinging it around


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was a chimney sweep and baja was working as an au pair for an english couple. They hung out and did shrooms together one afternoon, and imagined that the pictures the kids drew on the sidewalk came to life.

Totally Sexy! Any guy who has one of these wil deffinatly get any girl.

wow... after seeing blade runner for the first time. Ive just been waiting for them to make those goddam umbrellas! THE TIME HAS COME! LET IT RAIIIIIIIIIN!!!

I've found that If you're not an ASSHAT women like the quirky things about a guy, makes him more interesting. I guess if you think you can buy "cool", chicks just won't dig you... They'll dig your loose wallet.
I've been waiting for a Blade Runner umbrella FOREVER! Now where's my trip to the Outer Worlds, where i can begin my new life on an off-world colony?

Good for unlit country roads at night. Like it :)

i NEED one of these things?
who will buy one for me?
*makes a cute pouty face*

Okay, as a 6'5" guy in Japan, I have to say this is a bad idea. Those things (umbrellas) present an eye-poking hazard as it is, you don't need an incentive to swing them around too!!!

Nothing new here. Blader Runner, a movie from the eighties, shows umbrelas just like these.

#12 you are right.
I am buying this for my man ASAP, and I have never seen Star Wars (yes you read that right) but he is OBSESSED. He is better equipt to deal with...wetness... when he's happy, and this will make him (and, thus, me) happy.

And #26, it's NOT a fake, I found 2 places that have these already, although one seller's site is entirely in Japanese and costs 34,00 yen. Think I'll opt for the $19.99 guy in California. At least I can rest assured that I will actually receive said item, and not, say, a light saber vibrator.

@8 It won't work, his armor is light saber proof.

'Light Saber'!

Geekologie has just lost what tenuous credibility it had for me by not knowing this to be from Bladerunner...

definitely BLADE RUNNER!

32 - HAHAHA hords of little japanese women will be stabbing you in the chin/ear/eye with their lightsaber umbrellas. I'm sorry... but I'm still laughing...

if i saw a guy with one of those, i'd definitely be interested.

#33 & #37 are right, this is straight out of Blade Runner. Shame on the poster for trying to make it some lame Star Wars fanboy idea.
*slaps wrist & wags finger*

Perfect gear for a first - and rainy - date. NOT! ;)

want to know the prices of 3 color of led umbrella

welcome to my video game

It's a good idea .Thank you.

To all the guys that are concerned with not getting laid if they owned a lightsaber umbrella. A) I am a women and B) I would have sex with a guy simply BECAUSE he owned one of these. Trust me. The opposite of lady killer.

Wow, amazing idea! LOL. Do anyone sells these type of umbrella? Or this is just a prototype model?


www.thinkgeek.com used to sell models like these, however it looks like their latest models are from a different manufacturer.


I really like this, it could make an awesome gift for someone. Thank you! :)

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