Dec 22 2008Wow: Man Breaks Knee Playing Guitar Hero


Some guy broke his knee playing Guitar Hero. Well, it wasn't actually the game that did it, he was trying to do a Rockette high-kick or some shit for extra style points. He failed.

I was face to face with my Arch Nemesis/Very Good Friend/Roommate Craig. It was time to see who could out rock each other while playing Texas Flood.

We were neck in neck in points... I had to do something special. I needed STYLE points. I breathed deep, my rock meter was maxed out and I was going to make this audience feel it. I twisted to the right and threw my guitar in the air! Instead of a roaring audience I heard a loud snap! My knee slid to the outside of my leg and my leg bent sideways as I fell to the ground.

Half the people in the room were concerned the other half called me a pussy. One guy, the Geekologie Writer, spilled a drink my couch and then puked everywhere. It was projectile. He left without cleaning it up.

Ha, and don't you ever forget it. I don't just puke, I PEW PEWK. (complete with grody picture section)

Thanks to Jennaiii, who once broke my heart during a game of Rock Band.

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I feel greatly ashamed of myself.

Sorry. -_-

I hope the guy gets better too.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was in a cargo plane that crashed in the ocean and he remained sane by drawing a face on a volleyball and talking to it like it was a person.

@3 No, wrong movie That was Never Castaway Down you're thinking of.....

This guy is smart.....

Sorry, bud. It could've been worse, though—you could've bust your knee playing Vag*na Hero…

@5 - I've busted many a nut playing that, much to the hosebag's delight, but never a knee.

I don't need instructions on how to rock man, I just rock out so f***in hard I break my leg. You should see the hole in the floor I stomped in before snappin my femur!

Sounds like she wrote the story then broke her leg. Godamn if only all nemesi could be roomates!


NICE bone chip... And the 1st 2 doctors didn't see it...

Looks very painful.

and they think that a few pieces of tape it going to hold his knee together...



Two words:

'Nuff said.

Guitars are cool
Guitars are neat
I like to play
In my backseat

If you want to
We can play
You can suck on my toes
I'll suck on your gay

@14 - Sharpie?

the worst I get... is a hand cramp haha

Are you kidding me. This story is from back in July of 2006!!

I don't normally care if its old news, but common, the dude has been walking and healed for years now!

Pew Pewk...haha that's awesome

Hello my friends! Thank you for posting my story of international and internet lore.

Let me address a few of your lame/cool comments:

Daisy - Fake? I think not! Please tell my insurance company this was fake so I can get my money back! I think you my friend, could be fake.

Thumperchica - Douche nozzle? Wow. 2001 Fark called, they want their old, worn out phrase back..... douche nozzle.

Known - You know whats up! I don't need instructions to know how to rock! Fetch my Winger record!

The Holmes - "She"? What are you a dummy with no eyes? I'm totally a dude, dude!

Sharla - I love your weird fetish blog.

Matt - You're right! This shit is old news! I am walking and healed and loving it. I can walk at LEAST 20 feet now without getting winded.

I check back again later to defend myself from your lame holier than thou attacks and give high fives to those who know how to keep things real.

I'm just wondering if he got the extra style points and beat his mate in this painful guitar battle ???

He deserved to win ! ... ;P

"..spent the 4th of July in a lot of pain and was able to go to the doctor on the 5th. After an x-ray nothing looked broken and I was sent home with pain pills. I return to the doctor one week later with the same pain and was told I needed an MRI. I received an MRI on July 13th and was again told everything was fine.

On July 18th I visited the wonderful doctors at OmahaOrthoSports who after an x-ray told me my previous x-ray and MRI were misread and my knee was indeed broken. I had knocked an inch and a half piece of bone off of my femur under my knee. I needed knee surgery the next day."

What the hell?! How do you "misread" an x-ray with an inch and half piece of bone broken off? Freakin idiots.

"Thumperchica - Douche nozzle? Wow. 2001 Fark called, they want their old, worn out phrase back..... douche nozzle"

Did they page you to ask for that lame assed 1987 joke back too?

Thumperchica - No, but I believe the jerk store called and they're running out of you.

Also, I slept with your wife/husband/gf/bf/whichever is more offensive.

Jimmy, this whole thing was an elaborate lie to get out of having to dance at my wedding. I know it.

Jimmy, no, don't bother getting up to find a funnier comeback, you might hurt yourself... maybe not as much as you would playing a plastic guitar, but still, your health matters to me...

Jessie - Yeah! But I still did! It was 2 days before I found out it was officially broke. Then I made Amy feel bad forever for making me dance with a broken knee!

I only remember being surrounded by Collinsi while dancing, your gimp moves are apparently forgettable. ;)

If I came home and my 15 year old son Snowflake broke his leg and told me the quoted tale, I'd break the other leg.

Dear Jimmy,

You have an awesome future. Seriously. From here there is no telling what kinds of bones you might break for attention. And you paid for your own url.


Pardon my trifecta but I must point out the word "man" in the headline.

That is all.

Proteon - I will break whatever bones it takes to keep this name in the headlines. Well the 2006 headlines. Well, July of 2006 headlines. Anyway, yes, I bought my own URL and I am richer for it. Thank you for pointing out my manliness. Lets wrestle.

old post is old

to all:
jimmy is so extreme not only did break his knee doing this, he was also smoking two cigs while this happened.

I feel his pain... well not literally but I did almost break my ankle playing Singstar, I tore a ligament or 2 and couldn't walk properly for a while. I was being called a pussy as I writhed in pain on the floor...


i dont understand.. how did he break his leg? he threw the guiter into the air, and when he lifted his leg, did the guiter fall on his leg?

Guitar was too heavy.

Keep reading this blog-thingy and in time you'll feel priviledged you were included.

@everybody posting here (yes GW, including you)

Daisy. You rule. Period.

p.s. I posted:


Think it'll work on geekologie too??


I thought that everybody should just know about this guy's awesome commitment to... awesome...ness... so I don't care if it's old news =)

Jennaiii - you did the right thing by posting this story. Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. This happened with Guitar Hero 1 and with Rock Band, Guitar Hero and that other cheap knockoff its bound to happen again!

Daisy - Wow, you really think this is fake. Who has time to photoshop all that shit? Not I my friend! I only have time to scan it and post it to the web and create a basic message book. Oh, so maybe I would have time.... but I don't have the skills! Booya!

c45j - The way it happened was I was twisting and I just twisted my knees in the wrong place at the wrong time, boom, the end of my femur snapped off.

Jon - I feel your pain. Hold me while we remember together.

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