Dec 30 2008Using The Force: Lightsaber Nunchucks

Nice try buddy, but you're no Star Wars kid.


Thanks to Andy, who once beat Bruce Lee at nunchuck ping pong.

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Damn hear those woosh sounds?


That's obviously a photoshop job.
*Insert lame movie reference here*
Eat that Daisy!

And by that, I mean shit.

He would have melted his hands off...

That's alright, now we just need to see star wars nunchuck ping pong




#6 To Lightsaberify is the best verb I've heard this week.


Que agree con numero el fouro. La chica would melt off los manos por que real lightsabors.

El fake.

Not bad but j;afjk;lafjkl;adfjkl;adfjkl; like the time I jklaf;jkladfjkl;adfjkl;adfjkl;asdfjkl; jkdfjkdfjkerlsjr.

lsisetsil; dghigahio!!!

Actually the whooshing is waay off along with the shadows, there should be 3 times the whoosh'n at a higher frequency than what's heard. Daisy don't forget to mention poor audio scoring when calling this one out

I think the dude is french Canadian. Trust me, that explains everything.

#9 I hope someone was nearby when you had that seizure

@8 WTF is wrong with your spanish?
respect the spanish language!
el chico se hubiera cortado los brazos si fueran verdaderos sables de luz.
tahs what you meant, you gringo!, cheers to the english easiest language on earth!

#12: Don't worry, I was there and I stabbed him in the eyes to be sure he was dead.

Now that I think about it, it would have been better if I stabbed him in the heart.
Well, that's life!


Ne govorim angleško. Nisem američan.

@15 so you'r from slovenia, interesting now go and learn some english or spanish or any useful language!



Usted grammar es muy terrible.

Usted hable angleško?

no se dice ud grammar , se dice su gramatica, tampo se dice es muy terrible , se dice es muy mala o es terrible, y no, yo no hablo sloveno/angleško


This is exactly like that post that Daisy made.

This reminds me of the part where Daisy posted a comment about a guy making a lightsaber dildo out of LEDs and a Master Replica Darth Vader lightsaber.

I think im paying more attention to this bilingual fight to the death that has started. And yes, the melted armpits and diced limbs would be frequent if this were real but they're well on their way to perfecting the jetpack. Now all we need are dual laser pistols and then we can double PEW-PEW Fett style up in this biatch.

#20: This is so much better than the real stuff. You might even say that's the real stuff!

Hey, forget about melting his hands off, I don't care how much of a bad-ass ninja/jedi you are, you shouldn't let anything light-saberified (Thanks, Quasimidem!) that close to your 'nads!

ouch for his hands.

Hey Geekologie Writer. I love you and always will. I'd marry you and let you take my hand. I would be very pleased if you let me run with you under cerulean skies.
I would make you happy, like little chocolate turtoises in a balcanian wedding.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where it was Max's birthday, and Baja gave him a bacon alarm clock to wake up to, and then she took him to Del Tacos where they had a bacon chees roll, and then later they sat in a cardboard box and he ate bacon ice cream off her chest. I don't need to tell you what he wore that day,.

It was a glorious birthday indeed.

Correction:Spanish is not useful...learn the American language... ENGLISH!!!

Nice skills... Bad lightsaber

you guys are calling fake on something that is fake to begin with...

Anyone else make a Kevin Federline joke yet?

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It's been awhile since the Del Taco, bacon & cardboard box refrences were made Daisy, thanks for the refresh. I thought of you during the end of this song....

6. QUASIMODEM - December 30, 2008 2:43 PM





Reminds me of sword chucks from 8-bit theater..

Someone needs to do this to a Bruce Lee video...

@27. you say Spanish is not useful? I'm from Spain and have travelled to the US several times, and I can tell you that most of the time i went there I didn't have to speak a word of English. English may be easier to learn, but Spanish is a richer and more beautiful language. it's got more grammar, and the pronunciation is simpler. on the other side, English' grammar is really poor, you have very few tenses, your vocabulary is less specific (for example, the phrasal verbs, which are basically a verb followed by a preposition... for each of the uses of each of those verbs we have a different verb) and your pronunciation is harder to learn, as there are many ways to say the same thing... the only way to get a word wrong in Spanish while writing is mistaking b for v or g for j or not writing an h... how about English? I have seen several times people writing your instead of you're... where the hell does that come from? don't you learn grammar at school?

and also, English is not the American language. English is the language spoken on English-speaking countries. America is north America, central America and south America, and the US are only a small part of north America. i really hate it when people say that US is America... how about Mexico? how about Peru? how about Argentina and Brazil? the number of countries in America where English is not the official language is huge, so why do you keep saying that? it shows the lack of culture some people have... duh..

F*** you, eh. We in NORTH AMERICA speak English. Central and South can suck it. We in Canada have been trying to get rid of those French speaking assholes for years. We sure as f*** don't want any more of you el wienersuckers in our two countries. F*** you and your stupid funny talk, eh. Go Maple Leafs!

Those pants and that hoodie must be made from whatever they made vibroblades from!


I'm gonna go dunk my head in a bucket of die-in-a-fire now.

how can you say that america is north america?, have you seen a motherf***er atlas ?, US is the ONLY country in the world where america=north america, but I must recognize that english is indeed the most usefull language in the world, but you have to recognize that the spanish is by fare more rich and beautifull

that was awesome! cant believe its the first time iv seen it

Swordchucks reinvented

The numbchuck is nothing special- what's cool is the lightsaber-proof jacket that's saving the guy's limbs.

Stupid idea...hands and arms would be sliced off. Leave the lightsabering to the pros man. Now come up with something useful, like lightsaber smile!

good luck keeping your hands and arms in one piece. :P

at 35, get over yourself

at geekologie writer, you wasted a minute of time in my life that i'll never get back. Dont tempt me with lightsaberness unless it has some actual payoff

you got to hand it to him, nice skills and a nice effect

I'm fairly sure Spanish is the second most widely-spoken language behind English, isn't it?

Just saying.

I'm not talking about Spanish from Spain... I'm talking about "spanish from south Texas..... There's a HUGE difference. Slurred and mumble jumble

yes i agree with the bajillion comments about lightsaber limb loss "if it were real"...

and by "real" we really mean if it were fake but true to the cannon physics we all agree to be standard in lightsabers...

if lightsabers were real id have awesome statues made out of all the rocks in the neighborhood as well as some quick and easy landscaping done to the dead trees behind my house and a french door setup in the walkout basement (the ability to cut concrete like butter would be very useful)...

*is probly the only one who puts home improvement on the top of the lightsaber to-do list"...dont get me wrong im sure to hack off the limbs of my enemies eventually

actaully i think with the vast population i think chinese would be the most spoken

show up to work an hour early and get a half day? sounds like a f***in great deal to me.


@47. of course, ANYONE could have guessed you were talking about Spanish from south Texas, it was SO obvious. if you compare the proportion of people who speak Spanish worldwide and that of Texas... how much would it be? 0.5%? i don't mean to be rude, but it bugs me when people

@36. canada's population is so damn VAST... there's more than 500 million people in south and central america. in canada there's than 45 million, and not all of them speak english. and you say i speak funny? that's because i am 16 years old and learn english at school. go back in time and try to speak three languages the way I do while trying to get the highest marks you can at all the other subjects, you idiot. vete a tomar por culo maricon de mierda, que se ve que no tienes ni puta idea de otro idioma que no sea el ingles. la economia del mundo se esta yendo a pique por culpa de estados unidos, y qué haceis vosotros? rascaros las pelotas. vaaaaamos anda...

@51 Touche my friend. I guess I wasn't very specific about which spanish was bad.

hey, quit talking mexican. you dirtbags.

@51 This is why spanish sucks

it vetoes to take by ass fag from excrement, that sees that you do not have nor puta idea of another language that is not the English. the economy of the world this going away to resentment because of the United States, and what haceis you? rascaros the balls. we go walks


@53 - Do you realize that neither of them are Mexican? That is why this is funny.

what a retard! you can't grab lightsabers. everybody knows that. i move that he be expelled from any kind of geeky group he's in, and all his friends reject him.

I think I saw him cut off his arm several times, his fingers, his hand, and his satchel.

I turned my cock into a lightsaber and fought your mom. I had to stab her repeatedly with it. In the va-jay-jay.

Wait a minute, is that the light-chuck shadow on the wall? How is that possible?

Guys! I think this video might have been altered!

Meh... kinda weak really. I mean kudos for the "effects" and everything, but kind of weak subject material.

Nice work lame-o.
Dr. N

i would think that his hands would have been...well....cut in half? or some burnt stumps maybe?? what ever really happens when youre dumb enough to grab a lightsaber by the glowing part that no one else is touching.....
ooh and i also liked the wooshihng sounds.
what would have made it better is if he was battling someone else at the same time!!!!

To all the genius taint-lickers who think they are the first one to comment about slicing my hands off; No f***ing shit! Oh and to the super sleuth that "thinks it's photoshopped" see it's not a photo it's a video so it's not photoshopped. I used Adobe After Effects to layer the light saber effect over a real set of nunchucks. I'm glad all you purist Lucas dick suckers got your f***in panties in a bunch over a simple video. It's something thats not real based on something else thats not real. To anybody who appreciated the video merely for it's visual aesthetics, I thank you for your comments.


I am Canadian, and I totally disagree with you. First of all, in all my years of living in this country I have NEVER heard a Canadian say "eh" ....unless they were joking. That is just something outsides assume we say, and I HATE when I hear that stereotype used when portraying Canada.
Second, we are NOT trying to "get rid of" the french. The "french" (if you mean Quebec), are trying to leave us! They don't want to be a part of Canada, not the other way around.


You're right, USA = "America". Although I do live in North America, I NEVER refer to myself as "American" because I do not want to be placed in the same category as a USA resident. Besides, if I do any international touring I think it would be safer to admit I am Canadian than to call myself an "American". I think even the Spanish separate the two countries...."gringos" = Americans (USA) and "weros" = Canadians ....I think.

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