Dec 4 2008Toby Jones Stores Your Stuff On The Cheap

God, I wish he offered a babysitting service too.


Thanks to Jake, who's used Toby's services and swears they're legit. Well, as legit as $11 storage can be.

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I'll hire that guy for sure! Take that u-haul!

"Or find me on them internets"

Internets...his storage capacity is so grotesque he has transcended the one internet we know and developed another one!

Yeah, f u U-haul, you're the one I used to move all my shit from glorious San Diego to San Jose, the armpit of California, so I could be with my girlfriend right before the souless harpy said "it's not working out", f***ing cunt, and f*** you U-haul.

Sorry, it's that damn meth again.

I called the number... they actually answer "Jones Big Ass Truck Rental and Car Storage Facility"

F***ing brilliant!!





Do you know how big a bus is?'s about the size of a bus.


this is a fake commercial, it was part of a promo for the movie "Never Back Down" lolol no seriously though that guy is pretty cool sounds like a cool guy to hang out with

He sounds like the kind of guy that wants to mooch money off of you.

DAMNIT! I still can't watch vids at work...
And a F*CKING bad AVG update (followed by attempted uninstall) fried my home comp -bye-bye speciall DLL file that magically makes life easier- I won't have the damned thing up and running until tomorrow at the earliest... this is really, really, irritating... I think I'm going through withdrawals...

He looks like the type of guy that would empty my fridge.

@15 - Thumper, it's ok to say 'f***.'

Here, look: F*** f***ity f*** f***.


Now blow me.

Nice search bar... put &showsearch=0 in the embed to get rid of it.


Just go into FDisk and change some of the numbers.


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This is completely a take from the movie Never Back Down, where the cheerleaders arrived on buses and Daisy never stopped leaving comments forever and every and ever.


Now go buy a Mac and you won't have issues like that.

@5- thats awesome!

I wonder what this guys limit is? like if someone asked him to store a dead body? would he just hike up the price alittle?

These guys should get together to take over the world

this dude is hilarious give him a call he is very nice guy

These might be the only time I'll agree with you, but you my freng is still a bigger asshole than me and the rest of society.

"F*** Gaspar Gomez and f*** the f***ing Diaz brothers! F*** 'em all. I kill those cockroaches."

Shit motherf***! This video is hilarious.
BIG ASS TRUCK Rental! Hahaha!

I like the cut of your jib.

@#3 f***en hilarious.


Thank you for this.

the area code is the south side of Chicago, why am i not surprised?

Not quite as funny as Baby Safe, the #1 providers of sized (Thanks to KBC)


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max had to convince Mr. Roper he was gay in order to move in with Baja and her friend.

It's awesome except calling it a drunk special is a cop out.

I like the fact that if you go to the website, he says he's able to do it because he got the warehouse for a dollar. Except unlike Bart Simpson, he didn't leave Millhouse in charge.

damn! F***ER! i wanted that web!! that f***en sucks! and some of you that have answered the last retorical question may be wasting your lives but busses come in all shapes and sizes like women and your stuff when you get it back from jones. Well all i have to say to this is great quality. This ad is better than microsfts zune ad. I can see this ad coming up all over television on channels like nick.jr or treehouse imagine the look on the childerens face when "BIG DOG EAT CHILD" comes up at he end. after that the kids come to the dinner table and ask: "Whats an ass?" so then the daddy says "Its where im going to stuff this broccoli if you don't eat up!" so the children say "You're going to stuff it in mommy?"

Mac users fail at life.

F***ing tools... go sip your Starbucks dressed in your Old Navy or Abercrombie & F*** listening to your ipod talking to your butt buddy on your iphone while driving your leased Prius...

You got weed? I also will store anything you want.

This guy's name is Robert Hines. He's a great comic out of Chicago. You can catch him doing standup all over town. He was in a small indie film called Chasing Robert and is freakin hilarious.

I'd ask him to store the Pacific Ocean...but that would be too cruel...try the Atlantic!

this is a f***ing awesome dude.

this hurt so good. hahahahahaha

this hurt so good. hahahahahaha

@19... Can't get that far =( methinks I killed it... Well, if so, it has been a few years (over 10) since I killed one, that's a plus.

@21-GheyMacLover - cockmongering douchenozzle. nuff said.

@34- There is nothing wrong with liking Starbucks, Old Navy, or having an ipod. There is nothing wrong with liking/having them at the same time... if you're a chick. Oh, I do however, dislike the Prius, especially light blue ones with x-mas decorations...


I can't even hear him with all of that funky music and porno-moaning-noises in the background. Shitty, too; I was interested in this service.

I retract my last statement as my dumb ass had a porno flick running in the background.

I'm a dolt.

shit I live next to that guy. I have to do that to!
Call ME for Elmo's 123 I Keep Shit 4 U storage! Hurray!
1-883- Kissmyassjones- ext. 334

I totally expected to see this in the 312, the 708 is close enough

his name is robert hine's he's a chicago comedian. not sure where this is from but i'll ask him we work together

@ #31

Threes Company?

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