Dec 8 2008'Tis The Season: For A Sexy Cosplay Gallery


No need to thank me folks, I ambushed Santa at Wal-Mart (the one ringing the bell outside) and stole his present bag. Inside? A bunch of cosplay pictures -- the bearded old man's a perv! Anyways, I've decided to share them with you, since it's the season of giving or whatever. There's a bunch more video game chicks after the jump, most of which are more scantily clad than Zelda, but none sexier. Are you still reading this shit? Hit the gallery already, this is just filler. Oh, and follow the link for a lot more, in higher resolution.

Push the button and receive a boner.

















Amazing Cosplayers [knuttz]

Thanks to Spikey, who did every single one of these chicks except the ugly ones.

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Not bad ladies, not bad.

I'd hit it.


First to say First!!!!!!!!!

Double Damn. That stuffs hot

Apparently, part of the fantasy attraction to engaging in cosplay is pretending you have the endowment to look like the animated character. Sadly, that's not the case in many, if any, of these models. This could be a good outlet / niche for the Playboy franchise. Then we'd at least see something approaching the goal.

hmmmm Im not a big fan of the slit eyed population

very nice... were the repeats errors or just the girls gw really liked? would have been better if they were all naked heh pew pew pew

FAKE! Obviously. The shadows are all wrong


@10 i hope that was an attempt to be funny and not really how you spell that...


i JUST had A boner, for the first time since my sexual transplant! Yes!



But not a bad selection, I do admit.


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie NEver Back Down where Max goes back to the 1950's and plays the guitar at his parents high school dance.

Checked the site.

That's a dude...

The nightelf needs to have glowing eyes. Until that point, I will not accept her.

Not fake, but they're photoshopped, no doubt.

Anyway, gotta f*** them all... at the same time!!! ^^

mmMmmmmm tasty girls




It's just soft "nerd porn".

Jesus, I'm just waiting for Daisy to die before I come back to reading this site.


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene in the movie lolita where the girl dresses up as the little mermaid and Harry Osborn jacks off to a lamp.

sex wee

boner recieved

Did one of your reader's just say "slit eyed"! I'm sure any part of the population possessing a vagina is not a big fan of his. Please go back to jacking off in front of your computer.

(rolling on floor pooping my pants)

actually though!
im serious guys!

ewwww chickenbeaklittlefeet .... that is sooo gross

@ #7
Too bad the "slit eyed people" are the one that developed and made most of these games.
dumbass biggot.

Yeah, I'm not a fan of racist **wipes myself.


Troll uses JAPANESE HATRED on Weeaboos.


I totally jerked it to these pics.

Someone beat me to it but it bears repeating.

Bridget is supposed to be a trap.

I think I see taint on Mai Shiranui.

Anyone else want to invoke Rule 34. ????

Misa from Death Note is just plain cute.

hoooooollllllllllllyyyyyyy sheeeeeetttttttttt dddddddaaaaaayyyyyuuuuuummmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! world of warcraft bitches, don;t get any better than that shit..... no seriously, OMFGWTFBBQ i can't leave my desk now.....

THUMPERCHICCA+any of these outfits= me getting big huge boner

tifas hot
and she is the best cosplay of her ive ever seen

misa amanes cosplayer should have done the movie

That Princess Zelda looks better in real life than the drawing

who fapped on bridget?

They are so hot I just pee'd my pants a little.

Dude... Theres some real hotties up there. Anime dressing up is usually gay, but these girls look fantastic. Lady from devil. May cry up there is just itchin to say pew pew pew. Pew.

cannnnn youuuuuuuu sayyyyyyyyyy

ohhh yeh.



Holy Shit...

@7 - No worries, I'm sure you're just more of the Southern boy Bubba persuasion...

@35 - It seems as though Rule 34 has already been invoked...

@38 - No one wants to see that, not even you...

You're an asshat, plain and simple.
If you can't appreciate the beauty of asian women then theres no hope for you.

I loves me all flavors of women....yummy yummy.

ok, that last part was creepy

@48 totally agree with u on dat one


f***in epic!

i bet if you repeat it enough on here it'll catch on like daisy and all her fakes

The hosebag has a favorite costume - its the stay puft marshmallow man. Basically I strip her naked and roll her in powdered sugar, and put on a little sailor hat. She loves it, and it makes her taste sweet.

Awesome pics...

This post had yellow fever.

So do I move to Japan now or what? Japanese chicks like husky white guys right?

@ 9 & 21

So true, so sick of Daisy taking the time to post FAKE!!! on every effing post and trying to say its like some shit that happened in some pos movie like never back down when its all from other movies. See what she did there, thats hilarious.

Wish they had used the Witch Elf instead of the sorceress...

Ahh cosplay, one of the reasons I majored in history and east Asian studies back at college...and I'm a huge geek, meh

Driving me to the brink of insanity!

Cmon, man, let's get some larger pictures in here! This ain't 1998, we don't need no stinkin 400x200 thumbnails in here.

Great costumes, but I have to say the cleavage doesn't really match up (of course, if the women weren't always drawn so impossibly endowed in the first place. . .). Great job just the same, though!

When I visited Japan a couple years ago, I was amazed at how many people I saw dressed like anime characters walking around on the streets. Don't think any of them were as hot as these though...

These are very well done!
I like the shots from FF: VII & DOA

Man, I stop posting for a while, come back and Daisy's still at it?? Cheese and rice!!

thats it ive seen enough *runs off to japan*

fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap 2 secs of my life!

..what the...
They're all pretty, .. i think most of they are asians....... right?


Thank you. Thank you very much.

Damn. Why can't these be NORMAL everyday wear for girls.
I take that back. I know why.

Damn Fatties.

@67 - cut the fatties a break, you might send us off running to our favorite comfort food in an unhealthy "eat your emotions" kind of way.

After checking this out again, I'm officially jealous. I should really consider working out... nah...

Eva all the way... (i iz mgs3 fan)


Sorry to say this, fella, but the asians got it all over the whiteys. With the exception of Zelda and maybe Dark Elf Mage, most of the white girls look pretty ... well ... lame.

And Bridget's not a dude!


like i said before, i want to see thumperchicca in all these costumes...... NOW!!!!


What is going on with that daisy girl? Is she like trying to make a forced meme? When did it all start? Was there a time when this site was daisyless? Discuss!

Just as your about to get laid by a sexy cosplay girl...

TOAD! "I'm sorry, but the princess is in another sack, now screw my tiny mushroom ass or I blow this shit!"


What silly immature fanboys. hee hee hee. I'll bet none of ever saw a real life vagina before.

The Japs are wierd, they like schoolgirls but pixilate their p0rn0. Go figure.

Couldn't the ppl abusing the pretties have a sense of beauty? Cosplay is an art work, show your respect to art! guys.

Too bad these girls are most likely paid and the real "beauties" that are into this rival thier pastey chubby male counter parts.. keep living the dream tho fellas.. I'm sure these girls are just waiting to you brave the sunlight and rescue them!!

ruuuuuuuuu that's lady from DMC 4 not DMC 3

"These girls are all VERY hot but you missed out on SO many!!! Check these out:

The least you could do is keep the original filesizes.

Oh and I wish those who posted comments here to die horrible deaths.


Pretty well designed, but a lot of them are too flat for who they're cosplaying.

Wrong movie again Daisy.... (@14)

You're thinkin of Never Back to the future...

That link doesn't seem to work anymore. Anyone know where to find these?

Most of these Costumes are really cool. The only problem that I really had was with the Night Elf, her ears weren't quite right. Other then that I commend these beautiful young women for dedicating so much time and devotion into getting the details right on the costumes. ^_^

Oh yeah and I'd say the Best one was the Dark Elf Mage
I had to look at that one like a few times... It looked like digital art it.
Anyway, buy my freaking shwag...

Oh yeah and I'd say the Best one was the Dark Elf Mage
I had to look at that one like a few times... It looked like digital art it.
Anyway,check out my geeky shwag ^_^

I want them all in my bed now!!!

@7 wow... u fail at life.

Indeed, the compositions of images were made by me. I lost hours to looking for the best cosplays... The remaining of this is here (
Anyway...doesn't matter.

Lillyxandra, the amazing cosplayer who did Zelda, also did Sophitia Alexandra from Soul Calibur, and Maria Renard from Castlevania.

I really appreciate your help.Thank you very much!

No wonder why people go to cosplay :3

wow, really nice cosplay collection ,i like the ff ones most ~~

I have a little problem with cosplays, one of then is that I never participated in one, and two I love how girls look is that kind of event, damn bro!!! I mean just look the one disguised like Tifa, simply beauty.

hi, in my personal opinion all the girls in the pics are goddess, like magicthegathering

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