Dec 11 2008Oh Snap, There's A Zune Phone Coming!


Or is there? I don't know, I'm not good at speculation. But I am good at making shit up. And also, making out. Ladies?

According to Trip Chowdhry, an analyst at Global Equities Research, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will announce a Zune-style mobile device during his keynote address at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, on January 7, 2009. In an article in Barron's, Chowdhry claims that the company's new centerpiece will combine the best features of the Zune media player with the hardware design of Danger's mobile Sidekick, in addition to "motion enhancement features," like an accelerometer.

Basically, this means the device will come with a physical keyboard like HTC's G1 and will likely feature a larger screen to accommodate heavy multimedia elements. And since we're all here copying each other's mobile phone features, we'll be shocked if the Zune phone doesn't feature multitouch capabilities.

Wow, way to make my new-phone boner shrivel like a century-old prune. Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft. Did you not learn anything from yesterday's lesson? Are you trying to drop hints about a new phone or not? If so, this is how it's done:

Steve Ballmer: Zune phone? Who said anything about a Zune phone? Psyche -- gimme them digits, bitches! BA-DOW!

Remember Microsoft, I'm still available for hire.

Rumor: Zune Phone Is Coming to CES 2009 [wired]

Thanks to Ain, who doesn't need a cellphone because he has two tin cans and long piece of string in his treefort.

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Reader Comments

Just awesomenesssss

PS: Saying "FIRST" all the time is GAAAY

..which means YOU for trying

PS - I love GW (T-shirt coming soon)


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene from the movie Never Back Down where Max made a phone call on his shoe.

I can't wait to find out what scene from Never Back Down this is like.

Pew pew pew

I'm going to rush out and get a zune phone tatoo!

Too late.

Daisy is ON it today, love it =)

PEWing - - still terribly gay

WRONG! ...sorry geekologie, but do some research..

This is old news. The geekologist writer should take a page from gizmodo and do some more research. The original news was speculation, and then people started to make crap up, and then it was said that there will NOT be a zune phone at CES, but rather, a Zune platform for windows mobile phones! Jebus......

.3 Daisy. Which shadows. God damn it. Which f***ing shadows are you referring to? And the only lame ass movie were someone talks in a shoe was Get Smart, and it was a peice of garbage and had no respect for the original. your comment angers me as much as LSDiesel's and Ollie William's stupidity!

oh, and yeah, this photo was never an official release. Duh it's photoshop... ya buncha idgets... ;P

@8 the article linked from WIRED was written yesterday, so maybe its happeninga after all. WIRED is usually up on their shite

9: Get a clue already, Daisy comments on EVERY post about photoshopping and the uncanny relevance to your favorite movie Never Back Down just before making the reference to the movie by using an example from another movie. Got it yet?

@12 - I figured it out. Trolled is the same person as the daisy imposter with the del taco, cardboard box and bacon ice cream.

13: Then why can't Trolled post more stories about bacon flavored ice cream (off of Baja's chest mmMMm) in cardboard boxes at Del Taco while the wheel of fortune chatroom blows up instead of.....that?

What, no TokyoFlash post today? I figured GW would need the beer money...

I am totally naming my first kid Trip Chowder. I didn't read anything past that guy's name.

Good call Thumper... Its not too late though..

Oh and pleeeeeease tell me this means the enema art guy is going to be the spokesman/ass. Who said art was dead!

@13. Nope. Thats not me. Pretty funny shit though tying all the relevance of recent shit together. I thought THAT person was the real Daisy. I was kind of hoping for posts including the spare tire joke but havent seen any.

I love how it says phone. Because honestly, I've bought it and good heavens am I confused by all these numbers...


IF this is real, it is the gayest thing I have ever seen. Why cant microsoft come up with their own ideas. First they copy Apples I-pod with that gay zune bullshit then vista which everyone knows rides the balony pony, now this fagaty phone. God be creative and come up with your own shit like a microsoft camara.

That looks like a great idea, absolutely top notch innovation on Microsoft's part. Honestly, who else but Microsoft could think of using an MP3 brand name to sell a phone? I think that it stands a good chance at being as successful as the Zune. Hell, I think it could sell even better! They could sell 4!

Like most people, I hate Microsoft, but I have to admit, having owned both, the Zune kicks the iPod's ass all the way around the block two or three times.

And where Daisy is concerned, click the link on the name, it's hilarious.

This has been known for a while, it is just Windows Mobile 6.5

supposedly going to be released by Feb '09

@ 22,

Windows Mobile has been around for many years, and manufactures such as HTC have been producing PDA Mobile Phones for years, when Apple released the iPhone, they just had the money to back marketing, hence the success.

Silly #24 - have you actually _used_ the iPod Touch or iPhone? Doubt you'd feel that way if you did

and silly #26 - yes marketing is ALWAYS key, however having the most advanced (by a looooong shot) mobile OS (essentially an optimized OSX, not dumbed down (windows mobile) definitely helps. Again, I'd say try one out and live with it for a while - I borrowed by friend's iPhone while he was vacationing, and it's sublime. Unlike anything else.


If you think the only reason the iPhone was successful was because of marketing, you're a moron.

reply @3 DAISY!---
Of course it's photoshop you tit!? do you think that MS would show you what one looks like EXACTLY this early in it's inception. In marketing and design we do a little thing called planning. The investers like to know what something is going to 'look like' before he puts $$$ up for it. Not to mention the market research they will surely being doing to get the best product funtions and final look, so they can sell alot.

This is thing IS GOING TO be wicked!!!

So iPhone-esque!!! It looks better though I'm going to ask my daddy for one for xmas!


Distance makes the hearts grow fonder.

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