Dec 12 2008NYU To Offer Video Game Degree Next Fall


NYU will be offering degrees in the design and development of video games starting fall 2009. Load up on Mountain Dew, kids, it's time to get your learn on.

The NYU Game Center, launching in fall 2009, will make NYU the first New York City college to offer such a degree, and one of the few in the country.

"It will do a lot to attract new students to New York and raise the city's profile as a center for gaming," said Center for an Urban Future deputy director Tara Colton, who recently called out New York City for lagging behind its competition in tapping into the videogame market.

Drawing from a private $1 million contribution, and a $200,000 Rockefeller grant, the center will initially be modest in scale. NYU plans to offer ten to twelve students the chance to choose from 70 courses in game design and development next year, with a two-year masters program set to launch in 2010.

Cool. I mean, I'd probably still fail out, but at least the subject material would be cooler than the stuff I learned. Which was nothing. Well, that's not entirely true. I made bongs and shit. And also, radiator wine. You know, by setting bottles of apple juice on the radiator in front of the window for a semester. You ever done that before? My f***, it gets you some drunk.

NYU Launching Videogame Degree Next Fall [shacknews]

Thanks to Alexandria, The Reigning Queen of Nerdopia, who just earned herself an honorary doctorate in awesome from the University of Geekologie.

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Reader Comments

dreams do come true.

what!!?? I'm quitting my job and moving to NYC

Hmmm...might have to try some radiator wine. Then pour a little in the bong


Daisy might wanna sign up for this.

Though it's not in the same country, my alma mater is offering Computer Games Option in their CS programs, too. And in fact has had Computer Games graduate programs for a couple of years already.

(And it was a pretty good school, too.)

sign me up.

I'm currently attending an online school, getting my bachelor's degree in game software development. It's cool that they're going to be offering a master's program, so I'll have somplace I can go to further my education in this great field.

Why are the students in that picture dressed like Oompa Loompa's?

Next step, degrees in actual gaming. Courses include: single hand controller operation dexterity training, bladder control, sleep deprivation, Smack talk 101, plus the advanceed degrees: acquiring girlfriend whithout sacrificing lifestyle, and maintaining concentration while girfriend whines for attention.

@8 I'm giving you the benifit of the doubt, and assuming you're joking about mistaking the proud rebel fighter pilots as oompa loompas.

fighter pilots.

Whats the big deal ? UK universities have been running degrees in Computer Game design and development for years. get with the Program, the C++ Program

@8 - Don't feel bad, I'm still pretty sure they're Oompa Loompas...

This is actually pretty damned cool!

It's a class on thermal exhaust ports.

I'm not sure I understand this article. It seems to be summarized as "University offers degree in legitimate field of study, joining dozens of existing schools offering same programs".

Seriously, WTF? so what? Degrees with emphasis in game programming is not new, it's just new to THIS school. If tomorrow I decide to stop using a horse and buggy, will there be an article about "local man discovers new mode of transportation"?

Getting stuck at a social event talking to a group of smelly, greasy, NYU gaming grad students is one of my worst nightmares.

Is there a group people that have a greater discrepancy between size of ego and reasons to have a large ego than gaming nerds?


This is a complete photoshpo job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was playing Dr. Mario on FireNes, and exclaimed "Baja, with scores like this I could get a scholarship to any medical school in the country.


That's right biatches, I got a Bachelors in "All your base are belong to us" followed up with a Master's in PEW PEW PEW!!!

I love video games as much as the next guy (plausibly girl), but a "video game" major is just stupid.

I took a Digital Gaming course last spring at Old Dominion University. I would not have pursued a major in it.

USC, Carnegie Mellon, and MIT are the top 3 schools right now (not in that order) for video game design. NYU was pretty predictable... any university with an engineering school and a fine arts (and a cinema/television program) should get with the program and start offering video game degrees. It's a huge industry and needs some sort of academic backing for it to get a more legitimate reputation.

GW ... I have to hand it to you ... that photo is awesome. Right you are Moose Knuckle.

Damn I taught it was NIU

"20. Hunter - December 12, 2008 6:29 PM

I love video games as much as the next guy (plausibly girl), but a "video game" major is just stupid."


The major is in video game PROGRAMMING, not video games. Dumbass..

I remember getting excited about a video game programming software title when I was a kid. Of course, I got to Best Buy and they were out...

Anyone here tried the Uberman Sleep Schedule? Visit my blog.

Looks like a room full of Oompa Loompa's.

My school offers video game programming and animation as two of their majors, and they have several other game design related ones, not sure of the names of them. I'm actually majoring in the art side of it (the animation side), and paying about $25,000 less per year than someone would at NYU. I think people are a little confused about what a "video game" degree is.

this is not one of the first or few colleges to do this.

The Art Institutes have been running Game art and Design majors for a while, which I currently do. Im not a programmer and wouldn't want to be, but even if it is a new program offered, i pity the new students.
programming for games is not something you should learn from a college for games, go learn computer programming, and master in the IT field.

if you want to make games, go learn animation, modelling, and that process

Full Sail and SAE in Florida have been offering the same degree since 2003.

I have a friend (not a life partner) who did a Computer Game Development course here in the UK. He now works as an actor. So that just goes to show...

I love courses like this....except they never teach the students what they wil really need to how to take my order. ba dum tish.

#8 said it. it's weirder than the degree.


That's a complete PhotoShop job. You can tell it's a fake because all the shadows are wrong.

This looks just like the scene in the movie "In Hell" where Van Damme speaks to a diarrhea dump he took recently and found it it could play video games which gave him the idea of creating a University which teaches other diarrhea dumps to do the same.

I'm currently taking video game development at Durham college in Ontario. Screw new york :P

#31 has an interesting point. I attend Full Sail University in Florida (for Recording Arts mind you, not game related) and I've seen a lot of projects the video game students put out just before graduating and they're pure crap. There's just so much to know, I think the general idea is that you understand the fundamentals and have experience with the software is what these videogame companies are looking for in new hires. Once hired in you will be taught the specific information you'll need to do your job.

Job placement IN THE INDUSTRY once graduated from Full Sail is rather high but perhaps it's not like that everywhere. Lastly... don't even think about signing up for this program unless you are A GIGANTIC NERD, I swear whenever I walk around the halls near gamer courses I feel like the biggest douche just for being there.

The University of Qu├ębec in Chicoutimi (Canada) has been offering an undergrad in video game development for a few years already, and are going to offer the grad degree next year. Past students have been known to work on some big name games, even the latest Grand Theft Auto.

SeamEdu is an insitiute in India which is offerring various courses in game design and animation using latest technology softwares.
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Eu quero um onde consigo ja tentei entra no site mais nao consigo

this is cool, but it's not the first. they already had a video game department at USC, and they're talking about creating one at calarts, where i study animation.

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